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#TCC4Vets Holiday Donations for Veterans Village

After an exceptionally quiet and safe semester, we will be putting together a non-feast very socially distanced #TCC4Vets holiday delivery on 12/10.

Asking for multiples of just a few things: new large white bathtowels, men's bedroom slippers and laundry pods/dryer sheets.

Please sign up if you feel called to shine some light and show some love with us.

#TCC4Vets Fall 2019 Calendar & Signup Links

We will be serving #TCC4Vets dinners and delivering 50-100 bags filled with "One Day of Food" at Veterans Village ( 1280 Kissimmee Street) on the following Thursdays this this Fall:

August 29  @7pm
September 12  @7pm
September 26 @7pm
October 3  @7pm
October 17  @7pm
November 7    @7pm
November 21 @7pm
November 28 Thanksgiving @1pm
December 5  @7pm
  • (December 26th TBA)
If you can help, please sign up! 
Feel free to share the info with your friends and classes etc.

 Link to sign up for #TCC4Vets Dinners (including Thanksgiving!)

Link to sign up to help with #TCC4Vets One Day of Food Project

Conner:Serving the veterans helped me gain a bigger picture of the world

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” by Audrey Hepburn. The last part of the quote “one for helping yourself, the other for helping others”, speaks to me. Like the quote said as I get older, I understand more about this society and wanting to help out more people. Even through, there WQ millions of people that need help, but I can start helping them a little at a time. At the veteran village dinner, my main job was to fill up each to go boxes was beans and Mac and cheese, and serving them to the Veterans. I also took the trash out afterwards.
Before the veterans village dinner, I wondered why Dr. Soldani is willing to feed the veteran for past couple years. But after the dinner, I reflected on the experience and found the answer. Serving the veterans helped me gain a bigger picture of the world, I learned that this world ain’t what it seems to be. I am glad that I was able help the troop once protected our country.
The experience I had at the Veterans Village dinner changed my mind. People should be encouraged to help out others, without expecting getting anything in return. Helping the people that need help will make this world a better place.