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Second Monday of November

 Today is a good day to want to stay in bed but get up anyway. 

This week is only three days long, so make the most of this Monday and bravely  get out of the warm soft bed and face the cold room and the cold world. 

Wear socks. (Find socks, then wear them)

Plant rows of treaties, harvest bouquets of space heaters, plow through the pain.

Today’s food: bacon egg and cheese biscuit

Today’s TV binge: Homestead Rescue

Today’s exercise: Waiting for the bathroom to warm up. Also, trying to find socks.

Dr. Upside Down Triangle: New Class, New Names

My Leadership class started today. It meets in a building I've never taught in before that is line with helpful signs to keep students from getting lost. After a restless night worrying about oversleeping and the million things that could go wrong, I get to campus hours early and find the classroom. Whew. Then I found the building where I needed to go to pick up a key, and headed back to the classroom.  This time I got lost and followed the helpful signs until I found the right staircase and doorway.

Once I got to class, I unlocked the door and waited. And waited.  Finally they showed up and, well, the rest is between us.  

I did give them a minor pretest, and -- like the rest of my classes -- I let them name me.

Here you go!

Loud Lady Ms. Express
Dr. Solandi
Professor Soldani
Dr. Soldani
Dr. Upside Down Triangle
(answer erased)
Dr. Melissa Soldani
Professor Lemon
Ms. Lamon
U a Teacher
Dr. Solidano
Mrs. Sumthin
Dr. Saldoni
Dr. Solani
Spunky prof who reminds me of my therapist
Cuban Professor Crisis
Auntie Brenda
Hyper Professor
Dr. Soldani
Mrs. Green Shirt