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Saturday, August 26, 2017

No clue. After 1880s?

Pretest Question #4: What country did the US win our independence from? When?   

62/150 students did not know the answer to this question.

 I have many theories on why they are lost, but that's for another time.

Here you go:

Africa; I have no idea
Bahamas, after a war
Britain, 1400s
Britain, 1500s
Britain, 1500s
Britain, 1530
Britain, 1600s
Britain, 1668
Britain, 1868
Britain, 1976
Britain, 1970s
Britain, before George Washington’s time
Britain, during WW2
Britain, in the 1900s
Brittain, 1862
Brittin, before 1900
China, 1900s
Colombia, July 4
Cuba 1854
Cuba, 1800ish
England, 1600s
England, 1650s
England, 1840something
England, 1856
England, 1875
England, 1890
England, 1400
England, 1400s
England, 1700
England, 1800? Time is an illusion, not linear
England, 1800s
England, 1840s
England, 1850s
England, during the Hamilton era
Europe, before the wars
Europe during the 1800s and 1900s
Europe, 1762?
France, 1700s
France, 1800s
France, before I was born
France, July 4, 1752
France, mid 1700s
German, before the 1850s
Germany, 1824
Germany, 1800
Germany, during the 1900s
Great Britain in the 1900s
Great Britain, 1800s
Great Britain, after 1400
Mexico, after the Civil War
New England, 1776
No clue. After 1880s?
North Korea
Russia, 1794
Spain, 1840
Spain, after 1700s
USA, 1901

Monday, May 1, 2017

Grading: The movie Star Wars had just come out, so Nixon used it for his campaign.

Identify: Star Wars/SDI

Reagan created a program that would catch missiles, figure them out, then send them back.

The movie Star Wars had just come out, so Nixon used it for his campaign.

Something the government put in space to spy on us. Cost billions.

I missed a class and we covered Star Wars?

We gave money to Afghanistan.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Pretest Question #8: The Soviet Union is a union of countries. And we are going to war with them.

Question #8: What is the difference between the Soviet Union and Russia?

I was genuinely surprised by how many students didn’t know the answer to this question, and am pleased with their alt-history alt-geography creativity under pressure. 

 Incorrect responses in no particular order:

  • The Soviet Union is Germany.
  • The Soviet Union has the authority to go to war with Russia.
  • One is friendly, the other are a**holes.
  • The Soviet Union used force, Russia uses less force.
  • The Soviets wear funny hats and they’re evil. Russia is the country the Soviets live in.
  • One likes pie and the other has horrible mermaids.
  • The Soviet Union is our ally, Russia is not.
  • With democracy the Soviet Union became Russia.
  • The difference is some took control while the rest went to war.
  • ? different places?
  • Russia has Stalin and the Soviet Union is well some place near Russia I guess.
  • The Soviet Union is like Russia’s step-sibling that they don’t talk about any more.
  • The Soviet Union has all the communists in their army. Russia is a country.
  • The Soviet Union was all the communist bastards, and Russia is kind of cool people – not communist.
  • Russia is the real name.
  • The Soviet Union is part of Russia.
  • Russia is the place, Soviet Union is the government.
  • Soviet Union is the old Russia.
  • The Soviet Union was a communist army, Russia is a free country.
  • Russia wanted to change their name to look more Unified.
  • One was before the war.
  • Somewhere in Europe.
  • The Soviet Union is democratic and Russia is communist.
  • They don’t agree with prostitutes.
  • Soviet Union wanted to take control of everything, Russia is peaceful.
  • The Soviets are a group and Russia is their land.
  • The Soviet Union is the communists and Russia is the whole country.
  • The Soviet Union is diplomatic and Russia is not.
  • The Soviet Union is a union of countries. And we are going to war with them.
  • The difference is that war is crazy in Russia, but the Soviet Union is not involved in them.
  • The Soviet Union was a group of trained mercenaries that fought for Moscow.
  • Soviet Union is communist.
  • Soviet Union was around Hitler.
  • The Soviet Union has more people but Russia has better battle techniques.
  • Soviet Union is communist Russia. Russia is just Russia.
  •  The Soviet Union wanted to take over the world, Russia just wants to drink Vodka.
PS Don't worry, after the pretest I went over the correct answer to this quite carefully. ;-)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

AMH 2010 Study Guide for Exam #4 - Textbook Portion, Chapters 11, 12, 13

AMH 2010 Exam#4  - Textbook Part

Chapters 11, 12, 13  --  April 7 in class for those you NOT doing this work on Inquizitive*

Format: 5 of these will be on your exam, you will answer 4 @ 20 points each.

1.    In what ways was southern society diverse? Explain how certain unifying factors tied the region together into what is known as “the South.”

2.    What roles did religion, folklore, and family life play in the lives of slaves?

3.    Discuss the concept of honor in the Old South and what role, if any, violence played in everyday society.

4.    What made the Old Southwest different from other parts of the South? Why are those differences important to understanding the antebellum period?

5.    In which territory—Texas, California, or Oregon—was America’s claim best? In which was it worst? Explain the reasoning behind your conclusions.

6.    Why were many Americans opposed to the Mexican-American War? How significant was their opposition?

7.    Explain the transcendentalist movement. Describe the ideas and contributions of Emerson and Thoreau.  

8.    Trace the reforms in prisons and asylums in America. Include the major changes in the treatment of prisoners, the disabled, and dependent children in antebellum America.

9.    Describe the southern defense of slavery before and after 1830.