4th Monday of November

 Today is a day of uncertainty. 

Just tried to wake my son up for school and there’s no school this week.

 I have classes to teach, even though my students scattered out of town last week. 

Somehow work will get done, creativity will triumph and I’m not sure how yet. 

Today’s food: cheese and cracker’s

Today’s exercise: patience

4th Saturday of November

Today is a day for questions, answers and bonus points. 

Have fun, be direct, win and move on to the semi-finals.

Plant rows of boldness, harvest bouquets of befuddlement, plow through errands

Today’s exercise: washing the car

Today’s food: corn casserole

Third Friday of November

 Today is a day of great potential. Make good choices, get test results, lean into the future. 

Plant rows of coziness, harvest bouquets of goodness, plow through perceived impediments. 

Today’s exercise: soaking in the jacuzzi tub

Today’s exercise: opening the mail

Third Thursday of November

 Today is a day to practice things. 

Cultivate peace, stretch in silence, plan the future. 

Plant rows of helpfulness, harvest bouquets of ecstasy, plow through hurdles.

Today’s food: yellow rice with fried egg

Today’s exercise:  bouncing on the yoga ball while binge watching Sex and the City

Third Monday of November

 Today is day to have fun, tell stories and enjoy the view; only two Mondays left in this epic amazing semester. 

Also today we find out about new contract at work that many expect to be insulted by but will probably ratify anyway. 

Plant rows of creativity, harvest bouquets of laughing sunflowers, plow through craziness.

Today’s food: crispy baked chicken thighs

Today’s exercise: the excruciating slow warm up 

Second Friday of November

 Today is a day off work filled with of unpaid labor.

 Move furniture, go to the grocery, mop. 

Plant rows of patriotism, harvest bouquets of gratitude, plow roads to democracy.

Today’s food: chicken noodle soup with extra crispy crackers

Today’s exercise: Long hot shower

Today’s TV binge: B Positive

Second Wednesday of November

 Today is the day for pleasure.

Teach the juicy parts of WW2, plan games, give gifts to veterans. 

Plant rows of cinnamon, harvest bouquets of sunflowers,  plow through troubles.

Today’s exercise: curiosity

Today’s TV binge: Never Have I Ever

Second Monday of November

 Today is a good day to want to stay in bed but get up anyway. 

This week is only three days long, so make the most of this Monday and bravely  get out of the warm soft bed and face the cold room and the cold world. 

Wear socks. (Find socks, then wear them)

Plant rows of treaties, harvest bouquets of space heaters, plow through the pain.

Today’s food: bacon egg and cheese biscuit

Today’s TV binge: Homestead Rescue

Today’s exercise: Waiting for the bathroom to warm up. Also, trying to find socks.

First Tuesday of November

 Today is a day of suspense and surprises. 

Play history games, win history prizes, answer questions, answer more questions and then repeat the entire process in all five classes.

Plant rows of uncertainty, harvest bouquets of improvisation, plow through resistance.

Today’s food: granola bars and bags of chips in class, because I now bring them and have become a vending machine but a failed one because I give it all away for free

First Monday of November

 Today is a day of beginnings.

Take initiative, set the agenda, lead.

Plant rows of niceness, harvest bouquets of toys, gather good things and share them.

Today’s food: frozen meal cooked on high for 5 minutes, no matter what the directions say

Today’s wine: Pinot Grigio in a coffee cup