Last Wednesday of October

 Today is a day to hit a proverbial home run and stroll the imaginary bases. 

Start WW1, end Game 2, order catering for the #TCC4Vets Veterans dinner tomorrow.

Plant rows of connection, harvest bouquets of honesty, fertilize generously with kindness.

Today’s exercise: carrying stacks of books in the hallway and up the stairs weaving in between people who are on their phones and oblivious to my plight

Today’s food: $1 cheeseburger, no pickles, eaten in my car while listening to the radi

Final Monday of October.

 Today is a day to float through. 

Show up, let others practice leadership, daydream politely.

Plant rows of stories, harvest bouquets of ideas, pick ripe juicy evenings.

Today’s food: coffee and a hug 

Third Wednesday of October

Today is a day of improvising. Play history games, let learning happen, stay as quiet as possible until asked for help. 

Plant rows of cold medicine. 

Harvest bouquets of Kleenex. 

Plow through this virus. 

Today’s food: spicy chicken tortilla soup with little crunchy tortilla strips

Today’s exercise: restraint

Third Saturday of October

 Today is a good day to make good choices. 

Get vaccines, do laundry, sit outside and listen to the breeze ruffle the leaves, nap. 

Plant rows of pleasure, harvest bouquets of peace, plow through chaos.

Today’s food: hash browns

Today’s exercise: painting enthusiastically 

Third Tuesday of October

 Today is a day of surrender. 

Accept gifts, acknowledge borders, revel in peace. 

Plant rows of wisdom, harvest bouquets of anecdotes, plow through ignorance.

Today’s food: 1/2 Turkey sandwich with avocado and bacon on the good bread

Today’s exercise: getting into and out of the jacuzzi tub without slipping

Second Tuesday of October

 Today is a day of parties and farewells. 

Cheer on friends, bring cash gifts, do everything possible to stay awake. 

Plant rows of notions, harvest bouquets of elation, water all the plants

Today’s food: hibachi show food, steak, shrimp, extra veggies instead of noodles (who eats rice AND noodles in the same meal??? ) 

Today’s exercise: mental acrobatics 

Second Monday of October

 Today is a day to get shit done. 

Do all the important things, check all the boxes, print and file.

Plant rows of carrots, harvest bouquets of zucchini, chop onions but don't get them in your eyes.

Today's food: chopped salad

Today’s exercise: the triumphant tango tangle

First Tuesday of October


Today is a good day to be helpful. 
Lend a hand, be encouraging, send pet pics.

Plant rows of ideas, harvest bouquets of potential, plow through limiting thoughts

Today exercise: after the Mexican American war lecture and before dinner

Today's food: Enchiladas

First Saturday of October

 Today is a day of wonder and enjoyment. 

Roll around under blankets, sip perfect coffee, accomplish many small important things.

Plant rows of skewers, harvest bouquets of kabobs, plow through fake borders

Today’s food: vanilla caramel coffee 

Today’s exercise: the patient snail