Sunday, May 3, 2020

How to Become the Grandparent with the Juicy History Stuff

I asked my students to keep 21-30 day journals chronicling how COVID-19 was affecting their lives. 

Here is the exact prompt: 

In the future your favorite grandchild – maybe the one that is named after you, maybe not – is going ask what it was like to live through 2020.  You will be prepared for this moment with the journal / time capsule you created for AMH2020 in 2020.   Aim to impress them with your details and hard workHow long should it be? Three or four pages is probably not a robust description of living through 21-30 days of rampant changes, and maybe (probably) your grandchild’s OTHER grandparent(s) will lure their love away with a more impressive journal.
 After reading over 100 journals with 20+ entries each, I can definitely tell you I see some patterns I want to bring your attention to, but lets discuss that later. 

First I'll be posting pieces of student journals over the next few hours. 

Although they had the option to submit this work as a video, few students took that offer.

Here's the one we will start with ----