Sunday, May 3, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL:Today is the day that I am supposed to hear back about my trip to Philmont in New Mexico later this summer

(Student submission Spring 2020 AMH 2020

D ay 1 - April 6th:    

I have been stuck in the house since my birthday back in spring break. I cannot go

anywhere or do anything out of the house. Since my dad works at a nursing home, we cannot risk spreading it to him and then him accidentally to his residents who are elderly and at high risk.
Although this is very unfortunate, I do understand the reasoning and respect what must be done. As of today there are 59 positive cases in Leon county, although I am not associated with any of them. My school has been mostly the same, however. Since I am dual-enrolling at TCC, I am still in high school and taking many high school classes. Three of them, AP Calculus AB, AP Biology, and Spanish, were already online with Florida Virtual School while physics had been with a small group of homeschoolers at a teachers house and now moved to zoom. My other three classes are at TCC and are continuing online with much less busywork.

D ay 2 - April 7th:

There are 9 new cases in Leon county today, although I still do not know any of them.

My mom brought home another load of groceries and whatnot to stockpile in case the shelves go bare. With ten people in my family, you know it was a lot of food. I disinfected all the surfaces and put the food away where it goes. In the evening I was actually allowed to hang out with one of my friends, sort of. We took my dog on a walk and stayed six feet apart. I still spend the majority of my time with school, but I do have free time to play some video games or watch a

movie at night. The news really seems to like blaming the lack of masks, test kits, and other medical supplies on Trump, no matter what the reason is for the shortage. Other news about the news, all the funny stories I used to find in my feed have been replaced by coronavirus this and coronavirus that. I used to enjoy finding funny stories about people doing stupid things.

D ay 3 - April 8th:

There are four new cases of people still unfamiliar to me in Leon county today. My dad

has now started taking very high precautions against bringing the virus into our house from the nursing home. He takes off his clothes and puts them directly in the washer and then immediately takes a shower. I had to walk my dog alone tonight because my friend was unavailable. My dog is really wild; she can never really be calm. That is the young one at least, we have another dog about three years old who is very well-behaved and shy. We have to keep them in a separate part of the house or else the wild one will start chasing the trained one everywhere, which gets very loud and destructive. My entire family is also taking a lot of vitamins and this weird juice stuff called elderberry syrup that my mom home makes out of elderberries. Supposedly, it boosts your immune system, but it tastes really weird, but not bad.

D ay 8 - April 13th:

There are thirty new cases today in Leon county, very alarming. So much for it on the

decrease, or so it seems. Anyway it’s Easter Monday today, and a rather uneventful one. I couldn’t go anywhere or really even do anything because I got stuck doing homework all day. Despite being homeschooled, even before the quarantine I would at least go to TCC and work for my Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule, but now I am just stuck at home. A lot of my friends still work or hang out with people because nobody in their family is at high-risk or around anybody with high-risk. I was planning on inviting some of my friends over for my birthday, but since we’re now in quarantine I cannot do that anymore. That is a big deal, we almost never get to invite friends over to our house, even on our birthday. The last time that happened was maybe four years ago. My parents say that once this passes over I can still invite them, but now I don’t even know if that will be before my next birthday.

D ay 9 - April 14th:

No new COVID-19 cases today? These days are just a roller coaster of ups and downs. I

had another physics class over zoom today, which was very unhelpful. My teacher just reviews the notes for two and a half hours when it could easily be done in less than thirty minutes. I heard some interesting news from the College Board recently. AP Exams will be online this year and only forty-five minutes long. Furthermore, they are exempting the last quarter of the material from being on the exam, so my AP classes, which are by far the most time-consuming, exempted all the assignments that will not be on the AP Exam. This is such a huge relief and it means that with classes like AP Biology, I am almost done entirely. Even better, the AP exams will be
open-book, however there will not be any multiple choice. There will only be free-response questions, but I am not worried about these with all the experience I have had.

D ay 10 - April 15th:

There are five new cases in Leon county today. Today is the day that I am supposed to

hear back about my trip to Philmont in New Mexico later this summer. I got sponsored by our local council to go at an extreme discount from the regular price scheduled for this July. If it were to get cancelled because of the coronavirus, it would not be the first time something like this happened. Back in 2018, wildfires burnt through a large portion of the property cancelling all trips that year, including mine that I was supposed to go on in June. However, I did eventually end up going in June of 2019, and I am planning to go again this July, as long as it does not get cancelled. Later in the day Philmont sent out an update stating that they would remain closed until April 30th and send out another update then. If I had to take a guess, I would say that they are not going to be holding any trips this summer, but I hope they do.