Sunday, May 3, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL:The one with a Quinceanera and Bathroom Renovations

(From student journal AMH2020 Spring 2020)

Believe me this time off from work has helped me a lot! So much reflecting on my life was done, in order to help myself out. The time I spent with family was more than amazing especially when coming from a united family.

Day uno: March 13, 2020 - On this day, I recall receiving the news that students in Florida would not be returning to school after Spring Break. It was literally breaking news for everyone because we got told that we would not be coming back to school until March 30th. Mind you I was just about to get off work at Betton Hills School. Everyone with who I worked with was also excited and shocked because we were pretty much getting another week of vacation time. Although of course some of us were going to miss our little ones and there amazing spirts. At this time COVID-19 was something a bit still fresh, not everyone was taking it very serious at this moment I would say. Especially out in the public.

Day dos: March 14,2020 - Of course on this lovely Saturday all I could think about was the two weeks I was going to have off. This weekend was like no other, little did I know things were going to make a quick turn.

Day twelve: March 24,2020:   Although it was Tuesday it was a very exciting day. Why? You make ask yourself… Well it was because it was the day before my sister's birthday. Although we had all this chaos because of COVID-19 as a family we were determined my sister birthday, because she deserved it. So, we got to moving things around and bring things to decorate my aunt house to have a surprise birthday party. You might also ask yourself why we were doing the party at my aunt house instead of parents. Well the reason is because my parents live in the city and at the time gatherings of people of more than 10 people were not allowed in Gadsden County. So, we had the surprise party at my aunt home because she lived on the outside of the city limit, basically in the woods. Which meant less cops around and a bit more privacy to enjoy this amazing day for not sister, but also for everyone else because we got bless with another whole year with my sister. We are very close each other, so when it comes to family birthdays, we always try to go out big and memorable. This day turned out to be amazing great food, drinks, jokes and family time spent together with many more memories made. As a part of our family tradition we took a family picture right before the sunset went down to remember another birthday celebration with family.

Day Thirteen: March 25,2020: I unexpectedly got called into work at my second job. Which is a convenient/ liquor store. Unbelievable how people were still coming into the store I would say. Every two minutes people were walking through the doors. It was like the only thing that people could do was buy lottery ticket and scratch off as well. Honestly, I felt like it was busier than the usual. People staying home was like it meant come to the store more often is how I took it. This twelve-hour shift was just complete chaos and irritating and trust me it takes a lot for anything to bother me! Overall, I made it through my twelve-hour shift, without getting triggered by one of the customers, because SOMETIMES it happens.

Day fourteen: May 26,2020: Another exciting day has come even while COVID-19 was getting even more serious. Even though things were happening, we were still going to celebrate this very special day. Which was my little sister D**'s birthday. This year she turned fifteen, which for us Hispanics meant so much, because it signifies the growth of a girl into becoming a young lady. When I tell you, she was more than excited for this birthday you would not believe me and although her party got cancel, we tried to make this day a very special one for her. We started her day by making her breakfast and afterwards getting her hair and makeup done by one of our cousins that is a makeup artist. I continued to help her out by finishing getting ready. When I tell you, she looked stunning she did! She looked like a whole princess from any princess Disney movie just beautiful! As we did for my big sister, we also did it for her. We threw her a surprise birthday party at my aunt house. Everything was beautiful, especially when using some of the decoration that were already ordered. Overall, my little sister quinceanera turned out amazing!

Day Fifteen: March 27,2020: Overall was a chill day, just relaxing around the house cleaning up. After that I  called my significant other and well because things were beginning to get a little bored I looked into certain areas in my parents’ home that need an upgrade or retouch and decided that my significant other and I were going to help them out by redoing there guest bathroom. On this day we went to get some of the supplies. Not only did we decided to do this for them because they have supported us much throughout our relationship but also because they always would mention to me or any of my older sibling how much they dream to redo/ fix up their home. So basically, this day we surprise them by telling them we were going to redo their bathroom and at no cost, basically it was like a gift from us to them.

Day Sixteen: March 28,2020: The renovations of my parent’s guest bathroom begun. We threw out everything that we knew we were not going to need. After clearing the things, we called over my big brother because he knew a little more about flooring than we did, so he gave us a hand. With my parents’ guest bathroom, a lot of progress was made in one day, but there was so much to go. After working on it my significant other and I took my parents to Lowes to pick out their bathroom paint color and the tiling for which they wanted for their bathroom. Everything worked out nicely picked out the things we needed for the following day and called it a day.