Sunday, May 10, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: When my nana do come I make her put on two mask with a jacket on glasses and gloves, yeah she looks like she going to rob Walmart but safety first right?

(student submission Spring 2020)

My life during this population control virus has been crazy, a lot has changed but on the bright side I still have a job, I work at TMH the local hospital here where everyone goes. 
I am living with my grandparents as of now until my apartment is ready and its been h*ll living with them lol my grandpa is 59 and my nana is 54 my papa is so paranoid that when I come home from work at NIGHT I have to put on the clothes he left for me on the porch and keep the clothes on I left work in on the porch before I come into the house, but being that he is high risk I don’t blame him so I don’t complain, he does it to my nana also because she is a nurse, but living with them it has been kind of hard trying to go grocery shopping and telling him or her sometimes it best they stay home when they love to go out to places so when my nana do come I make her put on two mask with a jacket on glasses and gloves, yeah she looks like she going to rob Walmart but safety first right? 
Being that I am staying with them making sure they have everything they need it does sometimes bother me knowing that I wont be with them too long, but I will still be around just not as much, we stay in Woodville and my family stay far in town and one of her kids stay right up the road from her and act like he cant even go grocery shopping for them, and he just so happens to be my darn FATHER ugh SUCKS.
I also go grocery shopping for my auntie, she has been locked up in her apartment for 14 days due to the fact she has been exposed to someone who may have had the virus at her job, the person who had the virus went to a freaking block party in Quincy where a girl actually did test positive who happened to be her cousin. My aunt cubical is right next to the woman and the lady came over and was all in my aunt face then said she been exposed to the virus, my aunt has a weak immune system and be in the hospital about to die every time she go in, so when the lady did say that she group face time all of us and was having a panic attack, my grandma not even knowing how to use her phone had to calm her down and she was rushed to the hospital and due to her health issues they were able to test her, she had to wait a long time but the test results came back negative, but I have two other family members that’s from quincy that has the virus and is in the hospital fighting for their lives, my cousin lungs have collapsed did have pneumonia while he was in there while having the virus and as of now he still isn’t looking too good but my other cousin he has recovered from it, but I don’t care if a person recovers from it I STILL DO NOT WANT TO BE AROUND YOU, I feel like once a person has it they will forever have it.  Which my grandpa also thinks anytime he somewhere he embarrass me telling people even kids if they are too close to him to please stand 6 feet back like dude why wont YOU just step away jesus lol, but my mom I be scared for her also even though she is working from home now, only because she is addicted to couponing, my mom literally have the garage filled up with everything you’ll ever need even the closets in the house, and she still have more coupons she wants to use but cant due to the fact she don’t want to be around people and with the rules they have with you can only get one item per purchase so she just gives her coupons away to other coupon people.  My little brother sits in front of his tv all day playing video games just like my boyfriend and my little sister have me doing every tik tok video with her that’s popular knowing I have no rhythm and can’t dance.