Sunday, May 3, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: We are all in this together and our unwavering love and generosity will hopefully prevail to the end

(From Spring2020 AMH2020 student submission)

Sitting here writing this, we as a nation have experienced a lot these past few months. What started out as roughly just a thought and then later turned into a meme, and now a national pandemic – has crippled our American way of life. The corona virus has infringed on our rights as Americans and as a human population to live a normal life. People are getting laid off, kids are out of school in their homes, and chaos is slowly rising. 

At first this didn’t really affect me. I mean hey, introverted people just stay in anyways? This will be fun! No social interaction. Wrong. 

You forget about the things that matter to you. Dinner with the family. My little brothers’ graduation or my grandma’s birthday party. All canceled due to the CDC guidelines of social distancing. 

I find myself eating unhealthier and not wanting to cook for myself because I don’t want to have to risk going to the grocery store to get healthy foods. I’m getting fat because all the gyms are closed, and I can’t immolate my healthy lifestyle without it. 

I’m drinking more to relax and have fun, which is putting, more and more strain on my mental and physical health; developing habits that are not necessarily the best role model actions.

 This virus to me seems like it is reworking people’s lives, because it has definitely taken a toll on mine. I feel depressed and lazy, choosing videogames over doing all my online schoolwork. 

The only thing holding my weight relatively to a normal life is being able to still work as I’m now considered an “essential” employee. 

But I’m just a kid. I feel bad for all these old people I see coming in my office worried out of there minds, wearing the whole shebang of masks and gloves with their personal hand sanitizers. They are worried because if contracted, they could die. 

People are dying. At an absurd rate too. We have a president that is more concerned with re-election stats then the nations actual health. We are in a scary time. 

A time filled with fear, anger, sadness, and fading hope. I hope things turn around soon. If not just former and my personal well-being – but the families across America that are being way more affected by this than me. I am just a drop in the bucket of American citizens that have been uprooted from their life’s, and I’m scared. 

I’m scared for myself and it’s even scary to say that. I need things to turn around so I can get a grip on my life and turn things around. If I know one thing though, is that we are strong. I’ve never seen any community like our nation come together in times of need stronger than I have today. 

We are all in this together and our unwavering love and generosity will hopefully prevail to the end. One day I’ll be able to tell my grandkids how much of a screw up I am and how I prevailed during these trying times.