Sunday, May 3, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: Today was a lot of firsts and a highly creative day

Today was a good day. I was bad about staying at home. Which probably was not a good thing, but it was worth it. We did wear a mask for protection and brought a bottle of hand sanitizer. My sister and I decided to get my parents a basket for Easter . We had to go to a couple of places to get the baskets ready for Sunday. Our first stop of our journey had nothing to do with the basket but had to do with the leaves. We went to home dept. We had to stand in line to get into the building because Home Dept was only letting in a hundred people at a time to shop. There was a surprisingly a lot of people waiting in line to get into the store. I guess with everyone out of work they are working on projects around the house. We had to get firewood to start the fire because we learned you cannot burn leaves by themselves. Hint our neighbor yelled at us because of this and told us that the county had banned it. Oops. I went online and found that was true, but I did find we could burn them in a fire pit with wood. So, loaded up with wood we went to get lunch at Chick Fl A. The people who work there were awesome. They have a no touch drive through. I did not touch anyone, and they did not touch me, and it was great. Then we went to Walmart on the other side of town to get the basket and stuff for it. The Walmart employees were starting to set up a system to restrict the number of people going in like at Home Dept. Next on the list was Petco to get cat food for my two kittens, toys, and cat litter. They had stickers on the floor to show you how far six feet is. They were also wiping down all the buggies with disinfect. Our finally stop was the liquor store called Bullocks. We had to get little bottles to put in the baskets. I think the liquor store was the busiest place we went to today. We went home after that and then just hung around the house.

Today was a lot of firsts and a highly creative day. I started the day in the creek in the backyard. I had to rearrange the rocks holding the walls of the creek because they were falling. I got to wear my cool red rain boots. Which I love to death. After that I made homemade crème burlee. That took a lot of work because I had to make sure I did not burn anything . A lot of the ingredients in it where cream based, and they burn easily. Once the burlee where in the fridge to set I started on some homework. I really have not been doing good about keeping up with that. With homework complete I went outside to try to start a fire. I have never started a fire by myself before. I did well for my first time. When I started to add the leaves to the fire it was cool. Parts of the leaves would fly up glowing red and made it look like glowing red stars. The leaves also made the smoke turn green because of all the pollen. Which was kind of cool. Once the fire was running well. My mother and I set about making our rum punch. That was lot of fun since we never had done that before. It only took two tries to make the punch. Then with a drink in hand we sat by the fire and watched it burn for a while and talked well into the morning.

Today started early. I had to take Allison to her first job. Which was exciting. She got the job at Publix. When I came home, I did the final step of cooking the  crème burlee. It came out good if I do say so myself. The rest of the day I just sat on my laptop and hung out with my parents. Once my sister was home, we watched a movie. We ended up watching Moana. That was a good movie. It was cute.

I started the day with painting my sister mirrors for her bathroom today. That was a lot of fun and took up a lot of time. Which I had in abundance. Then I helped my parents take down the fence in the backyard. We had to take it down because it is surrounding the brick patio and the  patio is falling because its next to the creek. It was a lot of work and was really tiring. It  We had to use my mom jeeps to pull up the post that were cemented to the ground. That was a lot of fun. I do not think we would have pulled them up by ourselves. When I came upstairs after pulling up post, I found my cats looking out the window watching the birds. They looked so cute. I imagined their conversation going “do you see one” “no” “they must be hiding from us” “they probably know we are hunger it IS dinner time”.

I missed my zoom meeting with my teacher. We were going to review the study guide for the final. In my defense I did not know how to use it. the only video chat program I similar know how to use it Skype.  I did not realize you had to download Zoom to the computer. I thought it was through the Canvas website. Well that was a learning experience. I have another Zoom meeting with another class later this week. That how my class for my college course are taught now. I either have video to watch of the teacher teaching, a narrated PowerPoint, or just a bunch of assignments to do and look at the book for guidance. I got to say this at home learning is definitely not  for me. I am a procrastinator and not having a schedule class time is messing with my organization and want to do class work. I think I am behind on pretty much everything for all four of my classes.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to stay up all night. Granted I did have a mountain dew before I went to be but oh well. I did not do a whole lot today. I just hung around my mom and played on my laptop which was good because I was tired. Oops. I did start on some homework for biology. I did end up taking a nap with Sebastion and Nala. Around four o’clock my mom and I finally stained the railing on the front porch. It rained for the following two days and then was too cold for the next two days. Which sucked because the tarp ended up falling off on the second rain day and we did not notice because we do not go out the front door.

I was so bored today. I have not gone anywhere in four days.  I am getting tired of doing nothing but schoolwork. So, I helped my sister reorganize her bathroom. We also had the help of Isabella. She decided to modal the towels we were going to place on the shelf she was laying on. I also decided to organized parent pantry. It is a pull-out drawer that has five shelfs in either side of the cabinet. As a result, if something sticks out the side it keeps the door from opening. Which was why I was organizing it I was tired of the door getting stuck on things that were just thrown in there. After organizing the pantry, I watch Top Gear with my dad until I went to bed.

I found out today that I am on emergency pay for another two weeks. With majority of the stores shut down and the only people who are working are considered essential. This makes me a little sad because it now has been four weeks since I lasted worked. Do not get me wrong I am still getting paid for thirty hours a week, but I like my job and would like to go back. I also induced a freak out because I decide to let my cats walk around outside on leashes. This was so they could not run away. I think they would come back I just worry about the forest that backs up to my parents’ house and all the wild animals that are out there. I would like to take them home in one piece. After that I hung around the house playing video games and talking with my sister and mom. We did take a drive around town just to get out of the house. We took my dad’s jeep which had no roof and no doors which was nice because the weather was beautiful.