Sunday, May 3, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: Today started pretty normal with me just waking up at 8 a.m. just like every other Thursday and hopping on my Zoom class

(From student journal AMH2020 Spring2020)

April 23, 2019

Today started pretty normal with me just waking up at 8 a.m. just like every other Thursday and hopping on my Zoom class for my Anatomy and Physiology class. Class lasted about an hour and today we just reviewed all the material for our last section of notes for our upcoming final exam. Needless to say, that after class I was a little exhausted from all the information and I went back to sleep for a couple of hours. After I woke up, at about 11, I then immediately started procrastinating on the amount of work and studying I needed to accomplish in the days leading up to my future exams. During finals week, I always stress myself out and overwork myself to a point of just pure insanity. This year I am determined to not let things go that far. So, to prepare myself for a day full of studying, I decide to make peanut butter waffles and a hot cup of coffee and now I’m ready to get started.
After I eat my professor posted our final exam review for my Anatomy and Physiology class. When I initially looked at the study guide and saw that it had over 200 questions I almost had a heart attack. I saw all the work I needed to do and basically went into shut down mode. Then I remember that this type of behavior is exactly the one I am trying to prevent from happening. I take a deep breath, print out my study guide and get to work deciphering all of the information.
After I did some of my study guide work, I decide to take one of my exams for my Human Development class. This exam was all multiple choice and I was not worried about it at all. In fact, it only took about 10-15 minutes to complete and after I finished, I decided to call it a day for all the school work I had done.
Once school work was done for the day, it was time to exercise. Today is leg day, a.k.a. my favorite day. This workout only had to do with body weight and not any actual weights which is better because I feel like I am able to move faster and more efficiently. After this workout, it was time for a much-needed shower because if I am going to be honest, I did not smell the best at all. An hour passes since I took a shower and I am not sitting down to write this very journal entry. I find it best to do this at the end of each day because everything I did throughout the day is still fresh in my mind and I feel that I able to express my feelings and emotions throughout the day as well. Once I am done writing this, it will be about 9 o’clock and I will sit down to eat dinner. For dinner tonight mom made nachos. I guess this is also a good time to brag about my mom as well. She is amazing. Because every in my hose likes different things and both my brothers are slightly picky eater, she basically made everyone their own personalized nachos. Each with toppings specific to them and something about that just really warmed my heart. She did not have to do that for us, but she did and for that I am grateful.
It is about midnight right now and I am finishing up writing this journal entry. Today was a great day and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds because it is my little brother Braden’s birthday and birthdays are a big deal to my mom and our family so I am excited.

April 25, 2020

Today started by me waking up at about noon. I know that is kind of late for me but I felt like I deserved to sleep in because after today I will be forced to wake up early and get started on all of the necessary studying for my exams, in particular my Anatomy and Physiology exam because that one is needed for my degree. When I get up, I see that all of my family is outside and in the middle of building a desk for my brother Braden. I help my brothers and dad for a little bit, but that did not last long because honestly, I was not that interested in doing it. I go back inside to change my clothes and grab some breakfast. Today we are having peanut butter waffles yet again because it is a classic and just taste so good.
After I eat I go into the garage because that is the only quiet spot in my house. I set up a chair and we already have a little set up as well. My mom brought me some index cards and a couple different colored pens and I got to work. Instead of just writing all the information that was on my study guide, I decide to make it a fill-in-the-blank style in the hopes that I retain more information. In order for me to be fully prepared for my exam, I need to study three pages of information at a time. I am not wasting any time consider I have no idea how long this will take and only three days until my exam. I am going to be honest but I am a little scared, but I will do all I can to feel prepared for this exam.
I studied at the same spot in the garage for approximately 6 hours and my brain is fried. I was able to memorize and retain roughly 70 different concepts and terms out of over 200 so I would call that a success for day one. After I am done studying it is well into the night and for dinner we are having *****. This was a little weird for me because I actually work at ***** as a server so eating the food seemed a little off (also the fact that I am unemployed by this establishment too). While eating dinner my mom and I watch a new show I have been interested in, Nightwatch. This is a show about EMTs and other first responders in the city of New Orleans. I absolutely love this show because medicine is something I want to pursue as a career so it is really eye opening and inspiring to see others doing it and having fun too.
After we watch a couple episodes of the show I am officially exhausted and decide to call it a night early at around 11 p.m.

April 27, 2020

Today is Monday a.k.a. the day before one of the biggest exams of the semester. I woke up at 9:45 again because I had so much work ahead of me. I went to the garage and started studying the rest of the material I need for my exam and while I was there my mom brought me out some breakfast (peanut butter waffles of course) and a cup of coffee. This was exactly what I needed while I continued to study and listen to worship music by Lauren Daigle to put me in the right mindset.
Midway through my studying, my best friend Maggie came by my house and delivered me my very own drink from Starbucks. This caught me by surprise and made me very happy because she was thinking of me and how stressed out I was and the fact that she knows my order by heart and did not even need to ask. She stayed at my house for a couple hours and sat next to me while I continued to study and even quizzed me a couple times to make sure I really knew the information I was reciting. With her help it took me no time at all to finish all the material I needed and after we decide to go on a much-needed drive. We blasted music, rolled the windows down and just let go of all the stress and negativity that comes with life. I am really lucky to have a friend like her who is always there for me and all the chaotic energy that comes with me too. Very grateful for her.
      After our drive, it is time for Maggie to go home and be with her lovely family. After she leaves we have another surprise visit to our house. My Uncle Weldon came over to talk to my dad and just let him know what has been going on in his life. This is always a treat because anytime my dad and his brothers get together it is constant laughs and smiles. Nobody makes you feel quite like yourself more than your siblings and I will stand by that fact until the day I die. Around this time is when we all get hungry and decide what is for dinner. Today we are having Uncle Maddios pizza which I am very happy with because Uncle Maddios is one of the only places where I actually enjoy their pizza. I don’t know what it is with me but I am very particular about how I like my pizza and Uncle Maddios just does it right.
      Once pizza is delivered and my Uncle Weldon leaves, I start to chow down on some of the best pizza Tallahassee has to offer. Once I finish I decide to study some more material for my other exam I have coming up on Wednesday. I do this for about 2 hours and after it is about 10 at night. I call it a night a little early because tomorrow is exam day.
April 28, 2020

Today is Tuesday which means it is TEST DAY! I am a little scared but I feel prepared and hopefully everything works out in my favor. I woke up today at about 11 because the only thing I really have to do is take my exam. When I wake up and officially get out of bed, I change my clothes and head to the kitchen to have the same breakfast I have had for the past couple days. After eating, I really start to procrastinate reviewing all the material I need for my exam because I am terrified to say the least. I really want to do well so I can obtain an A in the class. I make myself a deadline about when I need to take my exam and I decide on 4 o’clock. Not sure why I chose this time in particular but I did and I intended to abide by the rules I have set for myself.
I take my test at 3:30 and guess what? I PASSED. I have never felt so accomplished in my life and I played 13 years of competitive softball so I have a pretty extensive wrap sheet under my belt. This just really showed me that all the hard work I put in really did amount to something. Sometimes in the moment it sucks and you feel like it won’t even matter, but it does. Work hard for the things you want and sometimes the universe just has a way of blessing you with the things you wish for. With this passing grade I got on my exam, I officially have an A for my class and I could not be happier. Well actually my mom seems a lot happier than me because she knew how much I wanted an A so this is just the cherry on top of a great day.
After my celebration ends, my work is not complete because I still have another exam to studied for but I am not nearly as stressed out about that one unlike my previous one. I study this material for roughly 2 hours while my brother Braden watched The Office and quizzed me occasionally when I needed it.
For dinner tonight, we are having one of my favorites, chili. Now you may be thinking, how do I, a vegetarian, get to eat chili and I’m glad you asked. My mom makes the best vegetarian chili. Instead of putting the traditional ground beef in chili, she put quinoa. It seems a little weird but you can’t even tell and it taste just as good as normal chili. While eating I plop myself on the couch next to my mom and we resume the show were previously watching together, Nightwatch. This was an end to such a great day and hopefully the rest of my exams go as well as this one did.