Sunday, May 10, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: Today I woke up with horrible news. The bagel shop had closed down the previous day.

(student submission Spring 2020)

March 26: I woke up today with CNN blasting through the TV in the kitchen. My brother came in soon after to see if I was already awake. He opened my blinds to demand that I get up and decide on breakfast. Naturally, I choose bagels; there is something so magical and delicious about New Jersey bagels. My brother was happy to get them. So in the meantime, I looked at my school email to see if anything had changed or something had popped up. I saw an email from Dr. Soldani, which asked if her student could take a survey on how coronavirus has affected them. I took the survey and checked the remainder of my emails. I saw that she had, also, graded my exam from weeks prior. My brother came home quicker than I thought, but how could I complain about that since he bought me a bagel. After breakfast, I went upstairs to my room to finish my environmental lab for the week. I did not like that I was just working day to day on my school work. So, I began making a schedule of all my school work for the next ten days. I worked it out where I only had one assignment to do per day. This would help lower my stress and anxiety.  After I organized my work, my brother and I went to the basement to play Witcher 3 on my Xbox. We played for what felt like a couple hours, until we realized it was already dinner. My mom ordered some pizza and my brother went out to get it, while she ate some of her Japanese leftovers. I helped clean up the kitchen and then I went downstairs again to play Witcher until around midnight. My mom texted me to go to sleep, and so I did.
March 27: I woke up, once again, with the news blaring on the TV in the kitchen. I looked at my phone to learn it was already noon. I wanted to finish my school work before anything else, so I started working on my ECO2023 chapter 6 homework. It was the usual five multiple choice and two open ended. It took me about an hour to finish and I ended up with an 16/20. I went downstairs to announce my arrival to my mom and brother. While I was having breakfast eggs, my mom and brother were enjoying their lunch. My brother and I went downstairs to play the Witcher 3 on my Xbox. We enjoyed the game until dinner. My brother and I went to get Taco Bell, and we all ate at home while our mom ate her leftovers. Once again, my brother and I went downstairs to play Witcher 3 until we were tried.
March 28: Today I woke up with Fox News blasting downstairs in the kitchen. I could hear it was another report about the rising numbers of coronavirus deaths. I could also hear that my brother was not awake yet. I got out of bed to wake him up to decide what I should make for breakfast, and we decided on Pillsbury cinnamon buns. Soon we would eat breakfast and I went back upstairs to my room. I read through chapters 8 and 9 of my financial accounting textbook and completed its work. By this time it was around 5pm and I decided to go play Witcher 3. I spent an hour in the basement, then my mom called me upstairs for dinner. I had some steak in the fridge that I cooked and my mom and brother ate their previous night’s leftovers. I said to my mom that I had great news; I told her that Ozark season 3 was just released on Netflix. After dinner, we went downstairs to watch the first three episodes and I went to bed.
March 29: Once again I woke up around noon. I stayed for a while in bed looking at memes in my instagram feed. I jolted out of bed when I heard my mom yell at me for sleeping for too long. My brother still was asleep however. So I woke him up and asked him to get me a bagel for breakfast. He happily obliged when I offered to pay.  He came back with my favorite: eggs, cheese, hash brown and bacon on a plain bagel with orange juice. We enjoyed our bagels then I went back to my room to finish today’s work. I went to my bedroom and started working on the central limit theorem for statistics. I was starving by the time I was finished, but fortunately it was dinnertime. Conveniently, we were all in the mood for tacos, and we made my brother go get some. About an hour later, he came back with our tacos and he got a bucket of white sangria that was on the house because he waited for so long. We all enjoyed the drinks and tacos, and afterwards, my mom and I continued to watch another two episodes of Ozark. I went upstairs to get ready for bed.
March 30: This morning my brother and I woke up to the smell of bacon; though it was about 10:30, we did not care. We walked downstairs to see our mom cooking french toast and bacon. My brother and I cleaned and prepared the kitchen table. CNN was blasting through the TV as we were cleaning, but as breakfast was being served I changed the channel classical music to soothe the environment. Afterwards, my brother and I went to the basement to play Witcher 3. After a couple hours, I decided that I should finish my school work before it was too late in the day. I took my financial accounting exam on chapters 7, 8, 9. Unfortunately I ended with a 70%. The exam lasted for about an hour, and I needed to eat something. After I finished, I went downstairs to the kitchen to eat a bowl of cereal. The only box that seemed to have good taste was Cinnamon Toast Crunch. My brother walked in and asked if I was done with my work. I said I was and once again we went to play Witcher. We played until dinner and, like every preceding Monday, we ordered Japanese food. My brother went out to get the food, and came back with it and Dairy Queen. After dinner, my mom and I continued to watch another three episodes of Ozark. While watching, I ate the chocolate blizzard my brother had bought me. After the episodes, I went upstairs to bed.
March 31: Today I woke up around 1pm and for some odd reason I was not hungry. So I ended up just going straight to work. I started reading chapter 7 of my microeconomics textbook. This took me a couple long hours to complete the work. It ended around 4:30pm, so I went to the kitchen to eat some cereal. I walked around my home and I realized how dirty it actually was. Because I was so bored, I decided to clean. This took me until dinner to finish as I was trying to make the house look like new. We all ate our leftovers from the Japanese we ordered the previous night. I had the remaining half of my salmon teriyaki. After dinner, my mom and I finished the remaining two episodes of Ozark.
April 1: Waking up around noon started to become a habit and my brother followed suit. I made cinnamon buns for our breakfast and we listened to Fox News my mom left on. She left to go to Fairway. I went upstairs to finish my work so I can relax later on. I started reading chapter 8 of my microeconomics textbook. I rushed through it, because playing the Witcher was calling to me. As I finished, my brother said he was hungry and he wanted financial support to get food. I gave him some change so he could get us both a sandwich from our town’s deli. He came back in half the time I expected, but he told me that the deli was closed. It closed that afternoon at 3pm and my brother left the house at that time. So defeated, we went to the basement to play the Witcher until dinner. It was around 6:30 and we did not hear anything from our mom. Slightly worried, we went upstairs to see our mom cooking chicken. She just found a cook fryer in the closet in the kitchen and she wanted to test it out. Surprisingly, the chicken was delicious. I finished dinner first, while they were only halfway done. I have not practiced piano in a long while, so I decided to pass the time. I practiced for over an hour before my brother complained that he was bored. So once again, we played the Witcher until around 1am.
April 2: Today I woke up with horrible news. The bagel shop had closed down the previous day. I had the strongest urge to have a bagel and there was no hope for me to have any more throughout the quarantine. I sadly went to the kitchen to pour myself a bowl of cereal. I went upstairs to my room in hopes I could finish my school work and relax for the remainder of the day. This is not what happened. I spent over three hours trying to teach myself statistics before I realized that the calculator can do the work anyways. I did not want to sit still any longer so I began walking around my home. I realized that the walls were covered in stains and blemishes. Something inside me wanted to fix up the house, and so I went into the garage to see if we had any leftover paints. Every can that we had were dried. I again felt defeated, but I used the time to clean the house. I did that until dinner. My mom ordered pizza and my brother went out to get it. There were two pepperoni pies, and I got a house salad. I talked about repainting the house and my family was surprisingly supportive of it. My brother was to go get a sample of paint from Home Depot the next day. We all went downstairs to play rounds of ping pong until we got tired and went to bed.
April 3: Once again, I woke up to the sound of the news; it sounded like an interview with a doctor. I did not wake my brother this morning as I did not feel like it. I ate a couple bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with my mom as she flipped through MSNBC, Fox News and CNN. It is a great thing to not listen to news that supports your opinion, but it is annoying to flip channel to channel. I went back to my room to finish my assignment. I looked at my schedule and saw that I planned to read chapter 9 of my microeconomics class. I really did not feel like doing this, so I woke my brother up to go play Witcher. I played for a few hours until dinner. I reheated myself a couple slices of pizza for dinner, and my brother did the same. I, then, practiced piano until I was tired and went to bed.
April 4: I woke up today with the news blasting in the kitchen. My brother, soon after, came into my room to wake me up. He opened my blinds and jumped onto my bed. He began punching me until I got out of my bed. Instead, I kicked him off and then I got out of bed. I went downstairs to pour myself a couple bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and my brother did the same with Cocoa Pebbles. I cleaned up and went to practice the piano for a while. I lasted around fifteen minutes before my brother proclaimed he was bored. So, like usual, we went downstairs to play Witcher. We played until my mom texted me to come up for dinner. We went up and I made myself pasta with tomato sauce. The news was playing as I cooked, but my brother and I had enough of it blasting every minute of the day. As I set the table for dinner, I changed the TV from the news to classical music. The dinner was incredibly relaxing. After, I went to my room and watched Netflix until I slept.
April 5: Like usual, the news was blasting through the TV downstairs. As I was going to wake my brother up, he was on his way to wake me up, so we stood in the hallway similar to the spiderman meme. Our mom was still in the kitchen when we went downstairs to eat. As my brother and I ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch, our mom sat between us playing solitaire on her phone. As my brother cleaned up, I went to my room to finish my work. I wrote that I had to study for the microeconomics test I had in a couple days. I opened the study guide to see over one hundred questions. This was going to be torture, but luckily the test was 30 questions. I thought doing 60 questions would be enough. Around question 30, I began getting incredibly fidgety. I walked around the house for a bit before completing my next 30 questions. However, I did not do this. My brother heard me walking around and assumed I was finished with my work. I heard him open the basement door and he called my name. Obviously, I ended up playing Witcher instead of completing my work. I played until dinner, and we ordered pizza from our local, and delicious, Italian restaurant. My brother went out to get our food, and, in the meantime, I tried to finish up the remaining questions. My mom was blasting music from the TV and my brother must have sped through the town. I ate a house salad and half a pie of pepperoni pizza. My brother ate the other half. My mom had angel hair pasta with white clam sauce. Afterwards, I went downstairs to play Witcher. I played for about an hour and I went back up to my room to watch an episode of Dexter until I went to bed.
April 6: When I woke up this morning, I did not hear any news. I slowly got out of bed and walked over to my desk. I looked down at my schedule to see that I had a microeconomics homework to do. To my surprise, the homework was just a chart to fill in. While I was filling in the chart, my brother came into my room. He demanded that I make cinnamon buns, so I took my laptop to the kitchen to make our breakfast. After breakfast, my brother and I walked around the house. Though it was rather boring, it was good exercise. My brother went upstairs to go out and get food, while I started vacuuming the house. Both my cleaning and my brother’s adventure took around two hours. Afterwards, we went downstairs to play Witcher for about an hour, and then I called my mom to see if she had ordered Japanese food. Soon after, my brother left to get our food and he came back with Dairy Queen as well. I ate salmon teriyaki, like usual, and I ate my chocolate blizzard while I was playing Witcher that night.
April 7: I woke up at my usual time of midday, and it felt like a good day. The sun was shining through my window and the sky was blue. It rained the night before so all the grass was green, but most of the leaves on the trees still have not grown in. I got up to see what today had installed for me. I had to write a Civil Engagement Essay for my political science class. I walked over to wake my brother up and made Philsbury cinnamon buns. After we ate breakfast, I went to my room to start writing my essay. Every 20 minutes or so, my brother would come in to see if I was finished. After the third time, I had to lock and bar the door to my room, so I could finally get some peace. The essay took around a couple of hours. Around 5pm, I went to go workout and shower. Afterwards, I called out my mom to see what was on the menu. Surprisingly, she and my brother were already making Tilapia. This was my first time eating this type of fish, and they did not make enough fish that night. My brother and I ate everything. It was a little late and I did not feel like playing Witcher again. I went upstairs to watch Netflix, and then I realized that I did not finish making my summer schedule. I wanted to take a couple classes over the summer just so I can stay a little ahead for my major. I ended up with four express classes, two in the first half and two in the second half of summer. I counted this as enough work for today and I went to bed.
April 8: For some reason I woke up rather early today. I looked at my phone to see it was only 11am. This was a good thing however. Today was the day I had to take my second exam for my microeconomics class, and naturally this gave me more time to study. So I went downstairs to the kitchen to make myself some eggs and to look at my notes and practice questions on Quizlet. After this quiet breakfast, I went upstairs to take my exam. I was not entirely confident in my knowledge, as this quarantine has dried out my ability to retain information. So in the middle of my exam, my brother breaks into my room to ask what I am doing. I yelled at him to leave because I was taking a room, and as he left he said I did not have to be so rude. This had cost me around 5 minutes that I could have used to work on my exam. I submitted the exam and much to my chagrin, I got a 78. I went downstairs to eat some cereal and I saw my brother on his phone. I asked if he wanted to play some Witcher and forget about the morning. Of course, he agreed and we played for a while. Around 5pm, I decided to go workout to ignore my failure in the morning. So I began running and my mom came downstairs to announce that she had just bought some Korean food and that it was waiting in her car for my brother and I to take out and put in the kitchen. We began doing our chore and started cooking dinner as well. I made Bulgogi and my mom and brother had something that I do not remember. My brother and I went downstairs to play Witcher to waste the day until bed.
April 9: I woke up around noon feeling groggy while the Fox News was being blasted in the kitchen. I fell out of bed when I tried reaching for my phone, so I took it as an omen to get out of bed. I walked over to my brother’s room to see he was still sleeping, so I opened his blinds and told me to get up. I went back to my room to look at my schedule and saw I had a lab to do. Knowing that the labs are not difficult, I took my laptop to the kitchen with me and ate cereal while I finished my work. It was only two questions about the planets and our moon. Happy that I finished my work early, I went downstairs to play Witcher. I played for a couple hours, and around 5pm, I decided to workout again, since yesterday’s was cut short. After my workout, I showered. As I was drying off, my brother banged on my door saying they were already eating dinner. So, I put my pajamas on and reheated some pizza leftovers. I was tired from my workout, so I went to my room to watch a couple episodes of Dexter on Netflix.
April 10: Hearing the news first thing in the morning has become the new norm. I rolled out of bed and opened my blinds. I saw that it was gray and drizzling, and that is the same time my brother walked into my room. He jumped onto my bed and asked what work I had to do today. I told him that I had nothing to do, and this brought a smile to his face. He was happy to get the chance to annoy me all day while I play the Witcher. I went to the kitchen and made the last of our Philsbury cinnamon buns. We went downstairs for the following couple of hours. Unsurprisingly, it was already dinner. My mom and brother had started making salmon by the time I came upstairs. We ate all the fish and I helped clean up the kitchen. After dinner, I practiced piano for the next couple hours until I felt sleepy. 
April 11: This morning I woke up simply because I was bored of sleeping. I did not feel hungry, so I began working on my school assignment. Today’s work was chapter 10 of my financial accounting class. It did not take long for my brother to barge into my brother to annoy me. I continued to work on my assignment for the next hour and a half. I went downstairs to find that my brother had eaten all the cereal. There was only one egg in the fridge so that is what I made. After I ate, I went upstairs to talk to my mom and said that my brother needed to go to the grocery store. My mom gave him money and he disappeared for the next two hours. In the meantime, I walked around the house with white paint fixing up the stains on the trims and doors. When my brother finally came home, I helped him unload the food. By the time we were done, we realized it was time for dinner. I made some pasta with garlic tomato sauce. I cleaned up my mess, ate, and played Witcher until I was sleepy.
April 12: I was enjoying my dream this morning until my brother body slammed me back into reality. That was the worst way to wake someone up. Anyways, I punched him, and then we heard a snap. My brother had broken the center support of my bed. He ran like hell, leaving me enraged and tired. I got out of bed half an hour after the incident to check how badly my bed was broken and see my schedule. Luckily for my brother, all I had to do was replace the support under my bed. I saw that I had statistics to work on, but I was not in the mood, so I moved that to the next day’s work. I went downstairs to make myself some eggs. Fox News was still playing when I got to the kitchen. I watched the headlines to see what was happening and I proceeded to turn it off. I ate my breakfast in peace, and then I practiced piano in the same manner. I must have practiced for a long time, because, when I saw the time, it was already 5pm. I went downstairs to workout and then I made my brother get me taco bell. We all ate dinner at the same time. I went upstairs to watch some Dexter, and I went to sleep.
April 13: There was no news playing downstairs when I woke up. It was an odd sensation, but it did not last long. I looked at my phone to see it was 11am, and I could hear my mom walking down the stairs to the kitchen. She proceeded to play CNN and loudly make herself breakfast. I got out of bed to wake my brother up. Luckily, he got cinnamon buns the day before so we knew what to expect for breakfast. After breakfast, I went upstairs to finish the work I had put off. The statistics chapter did not last as long as I thought; it took about an hour. My brother and I went to the basement to play Witcher. As I was playing, my brother was complaining how cold he was. I told him to get a blanket or a sweatshirt. He got up, opened the closet door, and found this regel looking tapestry. We took the tapestry upstairs to show our mom, and she did not react as we thought. She looked surprised and then indifferent. She said it was from her old apartment, and she went back to playing solitaire on her phone. My brother and I were bored, so we walked around the house to see where we could put it. We decided that the piano room would be the best fit. Taking longer than we thought, we finally hung it up just in time for dinner. As we cooked our dinner, I asked my mom to follow me for a surprise. My brother followed and we showed her the tapestry. She looked happy that it was up, stroked it, and then went back to cook her food. She praised us for putting it up, and said we should watch a movie. She apparently saw the trailer of a movie that is on Netflix, but has not come out yet. She did not believe us retreated to her room. My brother and I did the same.
April 14: I woke up today, at the usual time of 12:30am. I was not sure why, but I felt relieved and happier than usual. Then looking at my schedule, I realized that I had no school work for the day. Like habit, I checked my email and I saw a canvas notification that said my microeconomics assignment has been graded. Once again, I was happy to learn I got an 85% on my final homework. I went downstairs to see what there was to eat, and I ended up eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch again. I finished off the box, and I cleaned up the kitchen. I asked my brother if he was willing to go out and get us food. He is always willing to do anything for food. In the meantime, I decided to workout instead of play Witcher, knowing he likes to join. I ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes and continued my workout. As I finished, my brother came downstairs to announce his return and wanted to know if I was going to play Witcher. Obviously, I said yes, but first I had to take  a shower. After my shower, I seeked out my brother and told him it was time. Today’s game of Witcher was different from the others; the game was coming to a close. We finished the game not long after but neither of us wanted it to end. Maybe it was a great game, or maybe it was the fear of boredom seeping in, but we were not fully satisfied. As we were looking for other games to pass the time, it came to light that Netflix had a show about the Witcher. I declared that we should wait to watch it so that we do not speed through all of our options. Then our mom called us to come up for dinner. We went up to see that she cooked homemade meatloaf. Being as it was my first time eating meatloaf, I was a little weary of trying it. Surprisingly, it was delicious. It could very well be one of the best meals I have ever had.
April 15: Once again I awoke to the sound of the news from the kitchen. I have realized that my mom used the news as a petty way to wake my brother and I up; evidently this was rather successful. I read my schedule and saw that I only had homework for my microeconomics class. It was a short 10 question quiz, so I finished that before I even left to wake my brother up. So after the quiz, I woke him up and made Philsbury cinnamon buns. Predictably, we went downstairs to play Witcher for the next couple hours. Around 5pm, I went to go workout and shower. I entered the kitchen to see that my brother was taking out ingredients. I immediately started helping him out. I put the butter in the pot and started to stir. I then cut up onions and garlic and added it to the sauce. As I stirred, my brother ended milk and cheese to the pot. Stupidly, I asked him what we were making, and to my surprise we were making white sauce lasagna. We put the sauce in the lasagna pan, added the cheeses and put the pan in the oven. In half an hour, we took it out and we saw beauty. It looked delicious and it truly was. I have never made such great food, and I think I have found a new passion. I never understood how amazing food really is until I made that lasagna. After we ate all of the food we made, we cleaned and we went downstairs to watch the first three episodes of the Witcher on Netflix, and it was amazing.