Sunday, May 3, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: This is probably the worst thing that the world has ever had to go through, and I’m living to experience it.

(From student journal AMH2020 Spring2020)

Towards the end of the first week of April I began to have this daily routine; get up, get ready, go to work, and make sure I had my mask on before entering. Wearing a mask and only going to work and home has now already become the norm for not only me but for lots of other people as well. Although there is no school and no other places open to go waste your time it seems as if people have lost motivation to get up and do the things they need to do. I have had much more time to get my schoolwork done and no matter how much I try to plan out my days to get all of my work done in a timely manner it seems like I still am procrastinating and waiting until the last minute to get it done.
 It makes me think “how was I even able to do my schoolwork while school was still open?” Ever since I realized that I have been trying harder and harder to get work done days in advance so that stress and work does not build up and I can just go ahead and get it done. 
At this point I am also wondering when in the world will this be over. I continue to see the number of cases rise, the number of deaths rise, I see that New York itself has more cases than some countries. I start to think that this will never be over, and that I will have to adjust to this lifestyle. Even if this somehow does die down and everything starts to open back up, at this point I feel like things will always be different. People will continue to keep 6 feet apart, people will always have hand sanitizer around, people will always have a mask near them. Although that is not necessarily a bad thing, I just feel as if this epidemic will leave everyone in a paranoid state, and things will never be the same.
On April 14th my mom was cooking dinner that night, at around 5 pm she asked me if I could go to The Fresh Market and grab some hot dog buns and tomatoes. I went to the store, but this time there was a sign and two employees waiting for people as they were walking in. I had no clue what was going on, I could not read the sign from my car, so I got out and made my way in. The sign said, “starting today, April 14th, in order to enter this store, you must have face wear of some kind.” Just like when I went into Firehouse that one day to get lunch that one day, this really got to me. People were not allowed to enter places without a mask. Although that should be common courtesy at this point, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a mask. 
As these days have fallen upon us there has been a shortage in things such as mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer. It had gotten to the point that the less fortunate were not even going to be able to enter the essential businesses.
Although me and my family have been able to stay healthy, people at my work were losing their parents to this and other people that worked there had wives/husbands that were being diagnosed with it. 
My father and I work at the same place, so this instantly increased my concern, as my father is getting older and I do not want this to affect his health at all. The day we found out about someone losing their parents we also found out about the married couples that had to get tested for it. 
That night, April 15th, my parents and I were sitting at dinner and watching the news. Donald Trump stated that we were currently experiencing the peak and that this is supposedly the highest amount of deaths in a week. that the virus will cause. I encouraged my dad to somehow close the store for a week just till this passed over and he said he would think about it, but we never did. During that week my coworkers and I were constantly checking the news and stats, seeing tons of different things from different sources not knowing who or what to believe. We saw that Beaches were opening up and Florida and that all of a sudden Florida had the most deaths in one day than any other day during this epidemic. Georgia which is literally 15 minutes away from my house is opening back up everything, but that might not be the greatest idea.

This epidemic has affected every single person in this world whether they take it as a joke or if they take it seriously. This is probably the worst thing that the world has ever had to go through, and I’m living to experience it.