Sunday, May 3, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: Thank you for depression, my friends are struggling.

(From student journal -- this was added at the end of the journal as a separate entry) 

Dear Covid-19,

Thank you for some of the worst challenges I have faced thus far. 

Thank you for causing social distancing, you must stay 6 feet apart.

 Thank you for quarantine, people don’t leave their house. 

Thank you for closing down schools, online has been hard. 

Thank you for causing people to miss their families and friends, you have created a new kind of loneliness. 

Thank you for taking away graduations, young adults biggest accomplishments will not be receiving their well earned recognition. 

Thank you for taking away prom, an opportunity for highschool seniors to have their last hoorah after four years of torture. 

Thank you for all the worries, my grandparents can’t leave their house.

 Thank you for causing a global outcry, everywhere is being affected. 

Thank you for people losing their jobs, how will they put food on the table? 

Thank you for death, you have caused 231,000 people to lose their lives as of April 30th 2020. Should I keep going? 

Thank you for the missed birthdays, some of them may have been their last. 

Thank you for flooding the hospitals, they are not safe anymore. 

Thank you for depression, my friends are struggling. 

Thank you for the hell on earth that you have unleashed.

 Is that enough? Do you see your outcome? 
Are you proud of what you have done? We don’t want you here. We have had enough. 

You have taken so much. But if I thank you enough will you please pack up. We have seen your power and you caught us. We as humans have endured enough.