Sunday, May 10, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: Sitting on the porch listening to music as the days pass me by.

(from student submission AMH2020 Spring 2020)
April 1st  I have been trapped in the house due to trying to prevent catching or spreading the corona virus I have woke up to start my day. I have eaten cereal for breakfast, tacos for lunch and dinner while drinking water. I have slept in all day took showers and watched shows I have been behind on the couch has literally become my best friend.
April 2, is basically a repeat ate cereal for breakfast, helped my auntie with her schoolwork due to the fact she must work from home because she is a teacher and the schools are closed. She is not really a computer type of person, so it did take some getting used to for her to work from home through the computer. As far as what I ate was turkey burgers for dinner showered while continuing to watch my shows on Hulu while I slowly doze off.
April 3, I woke and early because I had to babysit my niece while her mom goes to work during this ruff time. She worked at the hospital, so she worked early shifts and the daycares were closed due to the spread of the virus. I feed and bathe her and for the remainder of the day till her mom came back home we just watched Disney movies because they are her favorite, she loves Princess and The Frog the most so we watched that about two time till we both fell asleep.
 April 4 was terribly slow as all we did all day was deep clean the house and bleach and Lysol everything down in and outside the house which literally took all day.
April 5 , I woke up to breakfast pancakes, sausages, and eggs made by my auntie, then I started on some homework that took about 2 hours , then I took a shower and was on facetime with some of my friends and shortly after I watched tv till I fell asleep.
 April, I ate grits sausages and eggs. Then I got news that one of my family friends who worked in the hospital with my nieces mother had to be quarantined and tested for the corona virus because one of the patients had it but nobody was notified. So, after testing her and my sister quit because of poor sportsmanship as the hospital knew the patient had the disease but they did not notify the workers.
 April, my cousins 20th birthday but due the coronavirus the plans we had to celebrate her birthday had changed and instead we had a little gathering at her house with only about 8 people cause we had to make due with last minute changes.
April, I took a drive back to Tallahassee to gather my things that was left in my apartment and bring them back home that took all day because I live Miami Florida so that is like a 7-8 hour drive.
April 9, I drove back down to Miami Florida and I ate turkey tacos for dinner that night took a shower and went straight to sleep.
 April 10, to keep from getting lazy I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood a couple of times while listening to music I walked for about 2 hours, then I came in to take a shower then I ate dinner which was spaghetti and watched my Netflix shows until I dozed off to sleep.
 April 11, was a slow day as all I did was walk again and do home work and watch a little tv as now all I see is 12 one hour episodes equals to one complete day until it starts all over again.
April 12, of barbers being closed my favorite restaurants are closing early, cannot really hang out with my friends as much or go to our favorite places together what has life become but a boring sad mess. There is a curfew where you cannot be out past 10 unless you are coming home from work or going to work. Sitting on the porch listening to music as the days pass me by.