Sunday, May 10, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: The rest of the day was homework and practice for rodeos until dinner time

(student submission Spring 2020)

Day 1. (3/16/2020)
Today I was supposed to be Boarding a cruise ship in Miami. I was going on a Spring break trip with my girlfriend and her family. I have been with her four years and have gotten close enough with her family that I get invited on family trips which is very fun because I get to be with her and hang out and enjoy time with her family. Today we would have been together on the cruise ship but instead we decided to make the most of a worldwide pandemic and go where not many people would be. We went fishing. My passion for fishing is matched by few things I enjoy doing. Me and my girlfriend’s dad both enjoy fishing as much as the other and will go out as earlier as the sun rises. We are both very passionate and would much rather be on the water than sit at the house and twiddle our thumbs. So here we are going out fishing to a place called K-tower which is an older Air Force communications tower that is great structure for a variety of fish (if you can catch them😉), it was a beautiful day out and the waves were perfect riding conditions. The sun was out and the clouds were away so it was very bright. We got to K-tower and started fishing, after about an hour or so I caught a beautiful red snapper that would have fed all of us but since they weren’t in season we had to let the big boy go. That was the one and only highlight of the fishing day because the rest of the day was full of sun and burning skin. That’s why they call it fishing and not catching! We got home and cleaned the boat like we always do and ate dinner. Overall it was a great day on the water and we all had a great time.

Day 2.  (3/17/2020)
Today was an interesting day in that I was dealing with the absolute train wreck of a sunburn that I got from yesterday fishing. I am usually an adamant person at ignoring my girlfriend and her mom when they tell me to put on sunscreen and I did not fail at resisting. I had gotten a fresh haircut a few days before too and since my head is not the right shape for a normal hat I wear a visor. That visor left my skint head open to the bright sun and wrecked my head, my feet were bright red and pale where my flip flops had covered. So taking a shower felt fantastic on the burnt parts of my body. I went the rest of the day relaxing and laying in bed with no spring break to get back to and all the Netflix I could watch.

Day 3. (3/18/2020)
Today was yet another day dealing with sunburn and boredom, I have lawns that I can cut but I am going to save those for Friday. Putting shoes on doesn’t feel the best right now so I need to heal more. Today I continued laying around wishing I was on the cruise ship and eating all of the pizza and ice-cream I could want. But I wasn’t, so I got to lay in bed and watch Netflix. I watched the movie “The Irishman” and it was very good. The movie was also 3.5 hours long, so it takes up a good bit of time. The rest of the day I jut sat around and did nothing but scroll through Instagram and Facebook and look and things I wanted to get online.

Day 4. (3/19/2020)
Today was finally time to get out and mow the lawns I had and time to deal with my sunburn on my feet, hands, and head. It was painful putting my shoes on and a brief pain pulling my shirt over my head. I finally made it out the door and in my truck in time to mow a lawn before lunch time. I have three lawns to do by myself and one bigger lawn that I do with my dad. Today it was only two lawns of my three that needed to be done so I was able to get them done in relatively short amount of time before going to meet my dad for the bigger one. Once I finished with those two lawns, I drove to meet my dad and finish up for the day. I got there and he was talking with the homeowner through her window so that everyone was spaced out and at a distance, she is an older woman in her 60’s so better safe than sorry. We finished that lawn up and my dad told me that he decided to rent our friends beach house on Saint George Island for the weekend so we could at least have a little bit of a spring break.

Day 5. (3/20/2020)
It’s Friday and today we are going to head to St. George later today and pick my girlfriend up along the way. I have packed my stuff and am ready to go. I don’t think there will be much fishing this weekend because it would need to be done from shore and I haven’t really done that before. I don’t know enough about surf fishing as I’m usually fishing from a boat or inland marsh that has no waves. I will be taking my Fly-Fishing rod to practice casting and see what I can do with that. My dad is working in town today and gave us an estimate that wasn’t accurate on when he would be home so everyone was anxious to go and a bit frustrated when he got there and got frustrated at us when we were trying to load the truck and go. We finally left and headed towards 98 from Monticello, on our way to Crawfordville. We made it to my girlfriend’s house in Crawfordville and left finally for St. George. We went through Sopchoppy instead of Panacea because it was faster, and we were ready to get to the beach. We finally crossed over into St. George from the long bridge and got a relieving sight of less people, the waves and a cool breeze from the sea. We get to the beach house and get settled in then we go get ice cream and enjoy the rest of the night.

Day 6. (3/21/2020)
Me and my girlfriend woke up to the sound of waves and a pleasant silence. Everyone started moving around and we started making breakfast. We ate pancakes and bacon and we watched Carter Andrews fishing show on tv. After breakfast we all hung out in the beach house living room and chilled before going to the beach. By the time we got out to the beach the sun was up and it was hot. We put our tent up and hung out underneath it. I started digging a hole out of boredom and my younger brother and girlfriend went to the water and swam a little. The water was really cold so that was a no go for me. A few hours later we got off the beach and ordered a pizza for dinner from BJ’s pizza.

Day 7 (3/22/2020)
Today we left the beach but after hanging out for a bit and not rushing ourselves, we went to pick the tent up off the beach and gather all of our stuff and pack it back up. We left the island and headed back towards Crawfordville to drop my girlfriend off and head back to Monticello. I drove the whole way because my dad “let me” so I was ready to get out of the truck when we got home. We got home unpacked and relaxed. Went to bed and got ready to drive to my moms the next day.

Day 8 (3/23/2020)
Today I got to my moms and laid in bed doing nothing again. The drive was about an hour long and the most scenic part of the day. I did school work but wasn’t very motivated after not doing much all of spring break anyways. I watched Netflix and scrolled through Instagram and Facebook. I ate ramen noodles and ritz crackers for lunch today then went back to doing nothing at all.

Day 9 (3/24/2020)
Today I went over to see my girlfriend and hang out with her all day. We sat on the couch and watched tv. We watched fishing and dreamed about going out and doing that on the boat. To substitute that we went to her neighborhood pond and fished for bass there. I caught one on a topwater plug and we ended it there. The day was slow and enjoyable, we ate dinner at her house and had chicken with green beans and mac n cheese.

Day 10 (3/25/2020)
Today I slept in again and held off on doing anything productive until around 11, I did school work and then decided to go fishing again at my family pond. I took my little brother and he brought his fly rod that I got him for Christmas. I put a brass head fly on his rod and he caught 4 bream. They were nice sized, and I was very proud of him. He did much better than I did my first time fly fishing. We went home as it turned dark and ate dinner. My mom cooked beef stew with potatoes and carrots. It was delicious.

Day 11 (3/26/2020)
Today was another lazy day, I went to bed late last night and woke up late today. I started off with scrolling though social media for an hour or two. Got up ate lunch and then did a little schoolwork. I went outside for a little bit and walked around then came back inside before leaving to head over to my dads in Monticello. I had another lovely drive there and enjoyed every second of it.

Day 12 (3/27/2020)
Today I hung around my dads and did the same as yesterday we ate cubesteak for dinner and has green beans and mac n cheese. My grandparents came over and we talked about the family and how everyone was doing. I took a shower then went to bend but before I scrolled on social media again.

Day 13 (3/28/2020)
It’s the weekend and I had to turn down the opportunity to go fishing with a buddy instead I mowed behind our house. The woods had a considerable amount of brush so I got the bush hog on my dads skid loader and got to work. I cleared most of te woods and got out to see my girlfriend. She drove over from Crawfordville and we chilled by the pool and then had steak for dinner. She left and then I waited to go to sleep until she got home.

Day 14 (3/29/2020)
Today I had to finish mowing in the woods for my dad. I had a friend coming over to fish at our pond so I woke up earlier and got to work. I finished about 30 minutes before they got to my house. We rode up to the pond and then started to fish for bass, I caught 3 good size bass and my friend caught his first bass ever. It was an enjoyable day out fishing and a pleasure to get someone on their first fish species.

Day 15 (3/30/2020)
Today I drove back to my moms and hung out with my little brother. We went over to some more family property and looked around for some weed killer because we wanted to clean up around the house for my mom. We didn’t find the weed killer so we just went back to the house and hung out until he had to go over to my grandparents to rope. My little brother does rodeos and has a lot more time to practice now that school and sports aren’t happening.

Day 16 (3/31/2020)
Today me and my brother started moving around at 11 so we didn’t have too much motivation. We got outside and piddled around, we started cleaning up and making the yard look better. We worked outside until it was time for him to go over to my grandparents again to practice.

Day 17 (4/1/2020)
Today I got outside and started taking up some bushes in front of the house that were an eyesore. The bushes were stuck in the ground good, so I had to work at it for a few hours. I finally got it up and cleared it out of there before taking my brother over to my grandparents. We got over there and hung out with my grandparents while they got the horses ready. When he finished we came home and at dinner.

Day 18 (4/2/2020)
Today was another lazy day, I went over to my girlfriends house after lunch and hung out doing schoolwork until dinner time. The break hasn’t been very eventful so there isn’t much happening. We all talked about how the virus was affecting smaller businesses and how it sucked that we couldn’t go to a lot of places.

Day 19 (4/3/2020)
This morning I woke up and went to eat breakfast at my grandparents. We ate breakfast and drank coffee while watching the news and looking at turkeys outside in the yard near the Woodline. I went home after and got back in the yard and started cleaning up again. I cleaned up in the yard until around dinner time and waited for my my to get home. I also had to take my brother back to my grandparents so he could practice before dinner. 

Day 20 (4/4/2020)
The day started at 5:30 for me, I woke up and got out of the door to head fishing. Today I fished with my buddy from the local fly shop in Tallahassee and we had an absolutely great day. I caught a 29-inch redfish and that made my day. It made walking almost 9 miles and getting torn up by gnats and mosquitoes worth it. We spent the majority of the day out fishing and then walked back to my truck. I went to my girlfriends house after and showed them my catch. I was very proud of it. We ate dinner and then I left for home.

Day 21 (4/5/2020)
Today I woke up and went to church with my family, they held it outside and we all sat in our vehicles. After we went to my grandparents for lunch and then home to rest. The rest of my Sunday was spent watching shows on Netflix and passing in and out of sleep.

Day 22 (4/6/2020)
Today was a new start to the week and time to get some lawns mowed. I only did one today do to waking up late and not wanting to do too much. I came home after and then did schoolwork until my mom got home to make dinner. I brought my little brother over to my grandparents to practice and then brought him back to the house.

Day 23 (4/7/2020)
Today was another cleanup day so I went outside and started working on getting rid of a lot of junk, I threw a lot of stuff in trash bags  and loaded it into the back of my truck to take off to the dump. The rest of the day was homework and practice for rodeos until dinner time.

Day 24 (4/8/2020)
Today was another lawn day and I went and did two today. I drove to Tallahassee and mowed the lawns while listening to the Jocko podcast. Which is a podcast talking about leadership and ethics. I got home to bring my brother to my grandparents then cleaned all of the fish they caught while they roped. We ate dinner at my grandparents then went home to bed.

Day 27 (4/11/2020)
Today was another fishing day so we started it early in the morning and went out of St. Marks. The weather wasn’t too great, so we didn’t have much luck and ended up getting into a hug swarm of gnats and mosquitoes. We came in and ate dinner which was chicken and mac n cheese.

Day 30 (4/14/2020)
Today is the last day of my journal entries because this is getting tedious and I don’t have much patience to keep writing and trying to remember my days. This has been an interesting time in my life and I think everyone’s else’s life for sure. Although my life isn’t as interesting as some might think there are certain thing I like to do and that’s fishing and being outside. Hopefully my writing skills improve but we will have to see about that on another day.