Sunday, May 3, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: Our coach came with yoga elastic bands, skipping rope and weights

(From student journal AMH2020 Spring2020)

I and some of my Nigerian friends in the United State said we have to do something to help our people because we notice that the government to take actions if we don’t call them out. We didn’t just talk about it; we acted as well. The of the organization we open on Facebook is @Covid FundcNaija, IG @Nigerian _covid_fund” and twitter @9ja_covid_fund”. We keep posting it and people started to respond to the post, money came into the foundation and now we need to use the money we have getting to help families that are in need. So we post on are Facebook page stating: Has the lockdown of coronavirus left you devastated, are you or anyone in your community struggling to eat as the lockdown for coronavirus is being implemented? They should contact us new on Facebook or any other social media accounts listed below. We have sent food and money to some families in Nigeria.  The families that received what we have for them, send us a thank you video saying how grateful they are for what they get. We still have a long we to get, trying to reach out to more people as we can,  also send more word out they still for people who are wining to help with funds.  

Online classes was challenge for me this semester because I learn much better with face to face classes but nevertheless thank God, I made it to the end. I had to believe more in my ability during online class and know when I really need to asked question on the assignment I am doing before I call my teacher. The instructors did the best to help us out during this period.

My sleeping routine was messed up, I want to bed at 3 am or 6 am in the morning and wake up at 4 pm. It was crazy because this was different in the sense that I thought I had time to be playing around and watching movie on Netflix and Disney+. We need something to do at home because we can’t just sit and don’t work out as student athletes, our coach came with yoga elastic bands, skipping rope, weights and the girls put in money to by an outdoor basketball rim. We started enjoying the lockdown because we have all we needed.  I cook every day, eat, sleep and workout. Some days I go for a run or sleep in all day. Sometimes we have a house party and drink all night.