Sunday, May 10, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: My dads excited about the talk of a government loan for small business as his work has definitely slowed down.

(student submission Spring 2020) 

Feb 24,2020
My mom just got back from flying to Philadelphia to help a friend in need. We had been reading what cv-19 was doing in china and other parts of the world. The airports had not yet begun screening people for any symptoms. This is scary to think about, she even said this is the last travel we will have for a while. We were not using any masks or gloves when we were going out, in fact we were living life like nothing had happened.

Feb 29,2020
The first death was reported from cv-19 in the united states. My parents are freaking out over this, I can’t go out without gloves, but I refuse to wear a mask. Even thought there is only one case and its not even close I know it will spread. I don’t think we should start hoarding food or supplies because that’s basically creates runs on banks. This leads to shortages as people freak out that stuff is going out of stock.

March 1-6, 2020
A lot has happened in the past week in the world. The virus is spreading like fire in some parts. Italy is getting hit very hard. In about 3 days from the first death we surpassed over 100 cases of cv-19. This is not a joke. We have some cases in Florida but its not spreading that fast. I’m just worried about spring breakers. Its about two weeks away and everyone comes to Florida to party. We should just shut it down now.
March 7, 2020
I went to the store for the first time sense the outbreak. I didn’t wear a mask or gloves but tried to keep about 6 feet from the nearest person. It wasn’t that packed, but I got there in the morning soon after they opened. When inside not much was different except for the runs on toilet paper. The normal area where you grab it was sectioned off. There was a man trying to stack it, but he was just handing it to people. When I walked down the cleaning isle is when I saw the real impact. Stacks of empty boxes lay there I couldn’t find some products because of the boxes blocking them. Then came the lines, at times they were half the length of the store. People went really paying attention and I just walked to a aisle that was shorter. When I was leaving the parking, lot was filling up and people were flooding to get what they needed. I watched the stock market and the price of bitcoin tank is minutes. Bitcoin dropped close to three grand in a few hours from 8k to 5k. I was temped to buy some but didn’t.

March 10, 2020
I had work with my dad today. We are in the concrete business and my job is to the heavy lifting. When we got to the site there was really no change in the way that people acted. We just did everything the same and no one was wearing a mask. Most people wear gloves, but they aren’t the type that would stop the virus. Talking to some of my righter friends they believed that we should just close the country and kick all the Chinese out.
March 11, 2020
Shit got real fast, we went from an outbreak to a pandemic and had 26 countries banned from travel. I have know it was getting worse and it was going to happen just didn’t think it would happen on the same day. I think we could be handling this better and being a stricter in some areas but what can I do.

March 15-19, 2020
My parents started to take this much more seriously, with some flawed logic. We really started buying things to last us a week instead of a few days. In the stores there were a lot more masks and gloves then before and people were much more cautious about their surroundings. Our president finally acted and declared a national emergency. He keeps playing it down instead of making it a priority saying that I will be gone in a few weeks and we have all that we need. My dad is much more a of worry wort then my mom. He thinks that everywhere has the virus and I shouldn’t go anywhere. Yet he goes out for work all the time and does unnecessary trips. The amount of news about china has gone down they even confirmed that there were no new cases which I don’t believe. Florida spring break is going good we haven’t closed any beaches or done much to stop people. The spring breakers didn’t care one bit and we are going to regret. I keep hearing about how there throwing different drugs at people and there working but I don’t really know if any of it is real.

March 20, 2020
We had decided that we were taking my grandparents food because their county had a large outbreak. They live in Georgia about two hours away and their county got hit bad. There are a lot of low-income people there and someone ardently infected 20-40 people at funeral. There numbers then started to rise like crazy. I have friends there and they were so happy to hear that the stay at home order got issued. They were getting worried about having to go to work even if its just dogs. The cases aren’t spirling out of control but it’s not getting any better. I also went to the last doctor I think ill see to have a ingrown toenail removed. It went fine just don’t want to be in that type of environment.

March 21-24, 2020
My dad traveled to my grandparents to give them their food. He said there was no one on the roads and in town. He was mad at us for telling him to make sure to stay away from my grandparents, his excuse was I’m not sick. Some reports are saying the virus affects other races heavier then some. I think is why my grandparents are getting hit hard they live in a county that 75% minority to 25% white. Have not heard much about china in the news but Italy is a different story. There so sick that you will go to jail, but I guess that’s what you need to force people to stay in their houses. I’m not happy about online classes, I take them in person for a reason. It has been made easy by a few of my teachers, but my math is acting like nothing happened. My parents are understanding how the virus is transmitted and are laying back on the strictness. My mom has said she might have it a few times and never did she was just worked up. I started using dating apps to find someone to talk to and matched with a girl, hope it goes well. My friend Robert was driving home from Oklahoma and stayed with us. He wasn’t worried at all and a little shocked when he heard all that we were doing. His state was not doing much and is notorious for waiting till the last minute to deal with the problem. His dad was worried that they were going to close his county from visitors. They kept telling him to come home and that there going to close the interstate exits. He looked it up and it was just a vote that hadn’t passed yet. Needless to say, his parents were freaking out and he made it home just fine the next day.

March 25, 2020
I worked with my dad again on a pour. It was about the same as before no one really wearing masks and gloves. I was glad to have work at this point it got me out of the house. My dads just a little bit of a airhead at times so I got mad at him. We went out for lunch at Chick-fil-A it and Tijuana Flats are the only restaurants we go to.  My dads excited about the talk of a government loan for small business as his work has definitely slowed down. I drove my mom to the pharmacy to pick up some meds and she didn’t buy a bag of candy. When she was about to get into the car a man stopped her. He gave her the bag of candy she put down. It was one of those moments were your faith in humanity is restored. She had simply put it down because she did not need it.

March 26-27, 2020
I went to Publix for the first time since the pandemic it led me to some new theories. First is that some people just don’t understand how serious this really is. Some were right behind each other while other stayed six feet. Many did not hear gloves, or a mask and I saw some even touch their face. I was in both and only felt comfortable going out that way. I was happy when I walked into a gas station to see the floors mopped and the smell of bleach in the air. We also passed china in the amount of infections which makes you think if were doing something wrong. I showed up to the doctor’s office for my follow up on my toenail and I walked in at the right time. They weren’t even supposed to be open but left a door unlocked. He got me in fine and everything was good just glad I don’t have to go back.

March 28, 2020
I took the groceries to my grandparents that are 78 and 84. My grandma the younger one has dementia and can’t drive anymore. My grandpa is getting to the point where he needs help doing some tasks and we just didn’t want them going out. While I was there my grandma kept trying to hug or kiss me. I felt bad that I had to push her away because I didn’t know if I could get her sick. It’s almost as she couldn’t grasp the seriousness of the situation.  I went to see my friends also before I left. We couldn’t go into their house, so we just drove around for a hour in there new car. They said I was there first human contact in 8 days. While driving around we went to check out the hospital and as we were driving by a hearse passed us. That was when I felt that things got real. When I got back to my grandparents my grandma really wanted a kiss before I left. I kiss her cheek with a tissue between us. The drive up there and back was easy, no cars on the road and no cops. I tested my mom’s car to 100mph on a bridge.

March 30-31, 2020
Were my grandparents live is getting bad. They are running out of masks, gloves, and space. We new it was going to get worse just not this bad. They have a very hi death to infection rate for some reason. There hospital is over flooding with cv-19 patients. CNN even did a story on how bad it is getting. To think that a small country town in Georgia would be hit this hard.

April 1, 2020
My online classes are going fine except my math just not the same as in person. I went to get gas today and, in the store, they had red X on the ground to space people out. The clerk also had a plexiglass window protecting her. I saw no one with masks and maybe one person with gloves. I don’t understand how people don’t see this as a problem.

April 2-4, 2020
I didn’t go to the store this week, but it seems there’s a run on something every week. My parents were having a hard time finding some meats. My mom can’t figure out when Publix restocks there bleach because she cant find it in the morning but she can in the afternoon. It was me and her that took my grandparents food this time. My grandma still didn’t understand the situation and still tried to kiss or hug me. My mom got super mad at me for even kissing her last time so I couldn’t do that this time. I wasn’t even mad at her this time it was my grandpa. He ran out of milk and OJ so he went to the store to buy more. We told him if he runs out of something again to call and ill bring it to them.

April 5-7, 2020
Quarantine is starting to get to me I resorted to buying a new game even. I haven’t paid full price for a game in 8 years. I’m stuck watching A&E on YouTube because no other network puts quality content on YouTube. Hoarders, obsessed, and live pd have been my staple of entertainment. The amount of people I know about with cv-19 has also risen. My friend’s aunt died of Covid back in January and a few people I have added on Facebook say they had a mystery illness that doctors couldn’t diagnose.  The girl I added matched with told me her mom had cv-19.

April 8-10, 2020
I don’t think that docks should be open, with all the people I have seen not taking care of themselves it scares me. Before I could see why it wasn’t that big, but we have so many cases everywhere that I wouldn’t be taking the chance. I went to the animal hospital out in Quincy to deliver some bird seed that my mom had. When I got there, we had to leave it outside and no one was there to great you, were a little strange. Have been seeing lines outside of store to let people in like its black Friday. I still don’t understand how the president and other leaders are downplaying what’s happing.

April 11-13, 2020
My dad stayed at my grandparents this week, he needed to do their yard work. There county has the highest death per capita in the united states right now. We are down to one mask for shopping, which is not smart, but we can’t find other to replace it with. I looked online and I could only buy from a Chinese website, ironic right. We ordered food for the first time sense the lock down. I have been going to Chick-fil-A once or twice a week. Some workers there care a lot more about there health then others. Some don’t wear gloves, don’t make you swipe your card, don’t use a bin to collect cash, and some other small things. I figured that I was company police to do most of that.
April 14-17, 2020
I failed an online math test, its been a real struggle for me in that class. The rest of my classes are going well. I went to the store and came up with a new theory. The reason that the virus is hitting minorities harder is because they aren’t wearing the same level of or any protection. When I was there it was more than half that didn’t wear a mask or gloves. I had noticed these people other times I was out, just thought that it was the times and not a standard. I think is why my grandparent’s county got hit so hard. I’m taking them their food this week and going to a local store for some sausage.

April 18, 2020
It was the same old same old with my grandma, she still wanted to hug and kiss me. My friends and I went to the store together in their new car. When we got there, they stayed in the car and I walked in to buy everything. I was shocked at the amount of people who didn’t care about the virus. Only the store employees and one other person wore a mask. Almost no one had gloves and didn’t always respect social distancing. I get that I may be annoying but if everyone does it the spread should stop. I don’t understand how we haven’t taken more action.  We should have been making masks and respirators 2-3 weeks ago.
April 19-21, 2020
I got a new job with my dad, it’s a patio next to a pool. Its just the two of use working so there’s nothing to be afraid of except hard work. It’s the last week of school before finals and I’m feeling it. My anxiety levels are out of control. I had my last lecture in math and was so glad. In terms of my other classes I have been doing good if not better. Some people think that we should open, and I say they should eat dirt.

April 21-24, 2020
I keep hearing about Sweden and don’t understand why people can’t see that’s what happens if you don’t act. They have a higher death rate then there surrounding countries. Everyone is pissed off that we must stay home, but don’t look at what will happen if we go back to normal. We want what we want now and not later. My stress levels make it too much to game right now I haven’t played one in three days. I finished the job with my dad no problem we even finished a day early.

April 25-26, 2020
I went fishing to take my mind off my math test. I took a few of my friends from high school out and saw one of my old teachers. We didn’t catch anything that we could keep but it was a fun day. The game warden said he ticked a person for a 2-inch bass. My boat performed well with its heaviest load, yet we got up to about 25mph. The price of bitcoin recovered to around 7.6k but it was and still very volatile.  Cv-19 has made my grandparents think about moving closer to use, we have been trying to get them to do that for years now. I went to work with my dad and saw someone with a mask on for the first time. It rained on us so the day was that much harder. He was the only one with a mask on.

April 27, 2020
I took my math final today and did not do good I felt like. It got me so worried that I started looking at a different major with less math. I never really had a problem with math but don’t want to take any risks and loose my scholarships. The girl I was talking to asked me out on a date even thought were two hours away. Were trying to come up with a good virtual date idea.

April 28-30, 2020
I got my grade for my math and it’s what I expected I ended with a D in the class. I won’t lose my scholarships and, but I am defiantly changing my major from computer science to computer criminology. I’m also going to get a math tutor for the rest of my math classes. I’m getting close to done with all my finals only having two left after this journal is turned in.