Sunday, May 10, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: I’ve heard so many stories about this crisis being rock bottom for a lot of people.

(student submission Spring 2020)

Day 1
The current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted me in various ways connected to my academics, financial stability and leisure activities. The university was recently forced to be closed, therefore in-person instruction came to a halt. This surprised me because I didn’t know it was this serious.

Day 2
The school closure made it hard to be self motivated to complete my online assignments. I find myself becoming a little sluggish and procrastinating more than usual. Along with this, professors seem to be piling the workload on now, more than ever. As far as my financial stability, jobs and internships I planned on getting became unavailable. Even though I currently work in Walmart’s apparel department, I had bigger plans for my summer. 

Day 3
Today I went to work and was surprised by the amount of people that were in the store. I’ve never seen so many people at Walmart at one time.

Day 4
Not only did my plans for being productive change, I have not been able to have much fun since traveling and outing events are also “cancelled.” A club event I was looking forward to next week was just pushed to a later date.

Day 5
Unfortunately, I am not alone in my feelings towards the pandemic. The state and county has to bear the burden as well. The United States has been enforcing lockdowns and it has affected certain states and cities differently. Big cities like New York and Chicago that have different populations and costs of living may or may not come out of the pandemic stable.

Day 6
My eating habits have become terrible because I don’t often have time to cook for myself after I get off of work. I’ve been given more hours at the store since more people are calling off and quitting. I’ve been ordering take out from fast food restaurants on a daily basis.

Day 11
I believe this situation can become unconstitutional because it’s a lot of room for power to be taken into the wrong hands and overused. Certain communities and groups will be targeted and left behind in the healing process. I don’t think it’s ethical to place strict rules on citizens because of the virus. I understand that the spread must stop but to completely control lives means the entire justice and constitutional systems are simply fluff.

Day 12
I’m seeing more and more people wear gloves and masks. We are forced to wear them during an entire shift and we have been given extra precautions to take while on duty.

Day 13
My roommates just went back to their hometown and I’m now alone in our apartment. On my off days, I’m watching tv or playing video games to keep myself busy since it is still advised for us not to go out.

Day 14
Last year I would have never imagined this would happen. I was naive about economic budgets and national crisis protocol.

Day 15
Since COVID-19 has forced most businesses to close, they are losing money by the day. I think most people would consider this situation an upcoming recession. I’ve only ever heard about recessions, so to see everything front hand is a little scary.

Day 16
I’ve realized it’s so important to save, budget and have basic survival skills. I’ve heard so many stories about this crisis being rock bottom for a lot of people.

Day 17
My mom calls me almost every other day to check on me and I appreciate it but her worrying, ultimately worries me. She wants to know if I have enough to eat and if I’m working too much.