Sunday, May 3, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: I’m ready for this thing to be over I need a break from people.

(From student submission AMH2020 Spring 2020)
I’m not a talkative person so I’m going to do this how I would talk. I don’t go around the whole world to get to the point. I get the main events and get to the point. So let’s get into it. In 2020 around end of February and beginning or March some crazy girl ate a bat, why honestly nobody knows.  She did a dumb thing because she made corona the most talked about pandemic. The virus was only in their area but guess what people are slow and they don’t think. People that were in that country that had the virus and even people that didn’t even know they had it decided to travel.
            America is very much the craziest and slowest country I know. They allowed people to continue to travel back and forth from that country and they thought nothing was going to happen. But guess what it did, surprise we got it. Yes the United States had COVID-19 and you know we are special so everyone was calm and then they panicked. The virus was only in the big states like California, New York, and Texas. It kind of stayed there until more people started traveling again because they wanted to be home for spring break. Yes COVID-19 messed up spring break.
            The outbreak was so bad that they started closing downs beaches, me and my friends went before they shut the beach down. They even shut down school which made the outbreak worse because the students that lived out of town or dorms had to go back home with their parents or wherever they stayed. I was kind of glad the school was closed because I didn’t want to go back, but I was upset because the virus made its way to Florida. I honestly forgot that Florida was a party state for spring break and you know a lot of people were here.                           
            Once the virus reached my town I knew that was it and I thought we were going to shut down hahaha no. The crazy governor kept Florida open and you know what that means essential places had to stay open.  See I work at a grocery store and of course people need grocery but I also work at the movie theatre and not everybody need a movie. So throughout the whole pandemic I only had one job, but I’m thankful for that one because some people lost their job and don’t have any way of money to come in. Here’s my problem Tallahassee people are scary they can’t anything, people found out about the virus being here and they heard that we had to go on quarantine they started panic shopping. My store didn’t have any food for the employees because people are selfish.
            COVID-19 ruined a lot of things in the world, like seniors graduating, trips that were pre planned and birthdays/ events that were coming up. I had to celebrate my birthday in the house which isn’t fair. I work with high school students and let’s just say they are very upset with this whole corona thing. Turns out they will be having a “drive-thru” graduation where they ride in their parent’s car and get their diploma and see their picture on a jumbo screen. They can’t even go on their senior trip or to prom because of this whole thing. You see this is what one person can do to the world.
            Florida is thinking about opening back up but the crazy part is we were never really down because you had people that didn’t know to stay home. People would run to the store just to get out of the house but it’s like why risk the chance? People really don’t care about their health, the Publix I work at had an outbreak because a guy that work at my store in the back had the virus and he was around some more people. Little by little our associates were leaving. I’m ready for this thing to be over I need a break from people.