Sunday, May 3, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL I learned that I love my family to death but being locked up in the house with them is almost impossible.

(From student submission AMH2020 Spring2020)

When we started to have curfew my grandma began to tell us her stories on what she had to go through back in the days when they went through a pandemic. She started to make us watch the news with her and watch movies and shows that were very similar to what we were going through right now, with one show named “containment”.  Getting use to being in the house wasn’t the bad part, the bad part was getting use to being in the house with my mom and grandma , then telling me how and when to do things was the ultimate problem. 

In tallahassee where I attend school at , I have my own apartment meaning I do whatever I  want , whenever I want and however I want. Since we were such a big family we had to have rules and regulations. rules such as someone being assigned to  clean the kitchen on certain days, clean the bathroom , living room etc. I had no problem cleaning but I did have a problem remembering what days I had to do certain things because that was not something I was used to and me and my mom bumped heads a lot because it wasn’t done on her time when she wanted it done. 

Not only did we bump heads about that but we also bumped heads because it was not being fair. Me and my sister both have boyfriends… to make a long story short, everyone was on quarantine in this house , meaning no one comes in and no one goes out . My mom was allowing my sister's boyfriend to come over but I was not allowed to go to my boyfriend's house . It was an entire big thing about that because I eventually told her how I felt and she felt otherwise so that made us get into a big argument, eventually I ended up packing my things and going to my boyfriend's house to stay.

Not only was it hard to adjust to being at home but it was also hard to adjust to doing schooling online managing 5 classes. When it was mentioned to us that schooling was going to be online for two weeks I was already in Miami and did not bring any computer , no paper, no pen, nothing so that made it little tougher for me to complete my work because i had to share a computer with my sister who was also in school and had to complete all her work online as well. luckily all my teachers were very understanding and helpful during this tough time so i was able to adjust quicker than i thought i would. All my teachers assigned the work online and gave me a due date to complete it, although it was a lot of work because like i mentioned before i was taking 5 classes , i had to apply myself which was hard because i felt like i was not motivated enough.with everything going on i had to realize that i had to push myself to get up, push myself to submit my assignments before the due date and take my time.

I believe this quarantine taught me a lot , not only about myself but about my family. It gave me the opportunity to get to know myself more, staying in the house not having nothing to do made me discover things that I probably would have never discovered before. It taught me that i’m creative , I don’t like being around people too much and my attention span is out of this world. I learned that I love my family to death but being locked up in the house with them is almost impossible. Some nights were good we would have game night, have a family bonding night and talk and others were boring and dull because everyone probably was in a different mood. Other than having to adjust to this online schooling and be stuck with my family I feel that this quarantine was needed, not only for me but for a lot of people .