Sunday, May 3, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: I have resorted to writing Fan made stories about My Hero Academia

(from a student journal AMH2020 Spring 2020)

This journal was inspired by a historian and author that I respect. A college professor that sees the world in a way I wish I someday fully understand. Documentation of every era is crucial to the understanding of society. I probably going to be an old babbling quack rambling to someone else’s grandkids when I tell people about these events. I’m neutral to the idea, talking about myself never excited me.
The outbreak started in Wuhan China, evidently due to human consumption of a bat. I suspect its initial outbreak was really an attempt to demoralize the protesters in the area. The virus Is a Corona subspecies. It has no vaccine, the only treatment I became aware of was an antibiotic related to infertility. This is my recollection of the events of my life for march and April 2020. The virus itself is most lethal in infants and the elderly, and anyone else with preexisting conditions, it’s exact rate of spread was difficult to gauge due to a lack of symptoms in otherwise healthy carriers and the slow creation of tests and their destitution to the masses.
            March Third, Tallahassee Community College closed. As did almost every other school in the county. I made several trips to the grocery store in the first two weeks due to necessity and the very low number of confirmed cases and the ability to mitigate risk with hand sanitizer.
            Friday, March 7th: I canceled the regular Dungeons and Dragons meetings I hold at my house on Saturdays, due to a friend in the group having two separate heart conditions. As well as unspecified conditions in the parents of another member.
            March 20th, I’ve discovered a country wide toilet paper shortage, and a bunch of memes about it. My mother is stocking up on bottled water due to the severity of hurricane season predicted to be above average.  Also, a carbon emissions reduction has caused small improvements to the environment, coupled with spring weather people in my parents’ neighborhood have been taking to lawncare and improvement during this epidemic my brother and I are no exception. 
            March 23rd, Netflix has exhausted itself, I have resorted to writing Fan made stories about My Hero Academia, on account of the next season’s production in Japan being delayed. I have re watched a few episodes of the Flash and memorized the case endings of multiple Spanish verbs. Cabin fever has me pacing all over the house, I can’t sit still long enough to plank or weightlift, my ample amount of time to myself is maddening, I wish I could direct the time into writing my book but that’s failing.