Sunday, May 10, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: I got told that there was breakfast but then my mother yelled April fools. How sad is that your son that just got out of the hospital and you play mean jokes like that

(student submission Spring 2020) 

So, coronavirus has struck the United states and the school has sent me home for online classes. Being social as I am, I was not scared of the virus and continued to hangout and party with my friends as much as I could. Beach trips every day, staying in my beach house, being wild and reckless. One night I drive out to the beach to hang out with some friends. Later that night I come home and go to sleep and around 3:00 am I wake up feeling sick. Not thinking anything of it I brush it off and do not think much of it. Two days go by of feeling awful. Throwing up, running a very high fever I was worried something might be wrong. My mom brought me to the hospital and in the ER they thought I had the rona. Come to find out I did not, and I had a very bad case of mono. It was so bad that I had to get admitted to the ICU. They told me and my parents since I had not eaten or drank anything in almost three days my mineral levels were so bad, I was going into kidney failure. After three days in the ICU they got me back to normal and after another three days in a regular room I was finally released. That brings us to now.

March 25 / Day 1
Today I have finally woke up in my own bed. Feels so nice to be back at home. I still feel out of it. I am starving which is crazy because I have not been hungry in about a week. Just had breakfast. It was good my mom is not allowed at work since I had to be test for corona, so she cooked pancakes and bacon. I just stepped on my scale... I went to the hospital weighing 188lbs and that scale just told me I weigh 170lbs. I feel so tired just laying around, but at the same time I don’t want to move either. It is just now 1pm and I just ate lunch and the amount of texts I have received is so nice yet at the same time I wish there was a way to tell everyone I am ok. Well I slept all afternoon and now it is time for supper. I had apple sauce mashed potatoes and butter beans I'm not sure why, but meat makes me feel sick right now. I have watched so many YouTube videos it is crazy. It is now 11:38pm and time for bed
March 27 / Day3
Woke up and it is 6:54am why am I up this early idk either. Since nobody else is up I will make a smoothie so everyone will wake up. Currently 1pm and I have finish “The Last Kingdom” on Netflix what a show it knocked my socks off. I am back to eating everything and I am starting to get bored being stuck at the house with my mom all day. My dog is so happy everyone is home though. He is a 4 year old golden retriever named Charles and he is the goodest boy. So, I just got off PlayStation playing call of duty because my teammates were so bad and it was ferreting so I quit. It is 8:19pm and I am wondering why people still ask if I am okay every day. Like yes, I am the same as yesterday. I guess they’re just trying to be nice, so I am nice back.
March 28 / Day 4
Today I woke up feeling very tired. My mom made breakfast on the positive note though. It is 10:28am and I think I am going to go outside and sit out back under the live oaks and watch my dog run around for a bit I feel like that would be nice. 11:46am, I was outside for like 30 minutes and Charles my dog brought me five sticks and my mom said he never brings her anything. 2:34pm, At the moment I am sitting in our front room watching my neighbors ride their bikes back and forth pretty sure they are doing it because they think they look cool. It's almost time for supper and I have done nothing this afternoon but lay in bed on my phone. We are having steaks tonight. It is currently 11:00PM and I just finished wolf on Wall Street, and I want to be a stockbroker working for commissions.
March 29 / Day 5
So, I wake up this morning with a book to read from this girl that I met from Tally. We will call her (psycho). She is not happy that I stopped talking to her since I have come home. Bear in mind that I live in XXXXXX and she lives in XXXXX. I could tell after she came to my first baseball game she was insane. Wouldn’t want me to hang with the boys and just her and did not like me going out on the weekends either since she couldn’t (she played a similar game to baseball at a large ACC school that was also located in tally). Let me just tell you … I am XXXXX and a grown man I wasn’t going to listen to her lol. So, that’s how my morning went but it is now 6:15pm and I am about to eat supper and go to sleep.
March 30 / Day 6
Today I woke up to a loud banging sound outside of my window. It is 7am. I am not sure what my neighbor is doing but I am about to make many people unhappy. I DO NOT EVEN LIVE IN A NEIGHBORHOOD WHERE HOUSES ARE EVEN CLOSE AND ONE OF MY NEIGHBORS IS CAUSING A PROBLEM AT 7:15 IN THE MORNING. It is now 10:30am and the noise has stopped. And the world has not ended. It is almost time for lunch and I had to stop watching the news because they were saying President Trump is a racist for wanting to make a travel bad to stop the spread of corona and the man does not say a bunch of intelligent things but I can back a travel ban while all this mess is going on. It is almost 7pm and I took my math test that is due later and made an 88% I do not think that is too shabby since I haven't done any of the homework or the zoom classes lol.
March 30 / Day 7
Well I woke up this morning at 7:30 this morning thinking I was going to catch up on schoolwork but that did not happen. About 9am my mom and I rode out to the beach house and I was not feeling like being at the beach, so I laid in my eno on my balcony till the sun had taken the shade away from me. I was not happy today I did not want to be out there. I laid on the couch mostly and just watched tv. This corona stuff is getting wild. It is now 4:49pm and we are back at the house. The beach was so nice looking I wish I did not feel bad and got to go out there. My mom is cooking shrimp for dinner though. Probably my favorite food. 8:55pm and it just dawned on me that I have been out of the hospital for a whole week now lol. Still got three more weeks till I am allowed to work out or do anything besides play video games and watch tv. I feel like an old man not being able to do anything oh well I am done for today.
March 31 / Day 8
It is currently 2pm I forgot to write about my morning but I basically played Fortnite all morning. I am starting to gain some weight back needless to say I am still skinny. I wish I ws not so skinny everyone says it is good because I won’t get fat when I am old but I would still like to be about 195lbs right now. 4:21pm I am really sick and tired of mono and school. I am an active person and the mono is not helping me and school is just annoying. 7pm my mom just told me at supper that Pensacola is going on a lockdown and we are going to close essential businesses and stuff like that. I am not for that because I need a haircut. 2:38am I still have not went to sleep I have been playing call of duty with my friends lol the only social interaction I get at the moment.
April 1 / Day 9
I got told that there was breakfast but then my mother yelled April fools. How sad is that your son that just got out of the hospital and you play mean jokes like that. Anyway, it is 11:30am and I am starving. I really want to go fishing but I can hardly walk to the mailbox there is no way I can stand up on my boat. 3:00pm me and my mom just rode to the gas station and she got me an icee and it was delicious. It just gives me an excuse to get out of the house which I really need.
April 2 / day 10
It is currently 9:37am and I think my dog has had enough of me. Every time is try to mess with him he normally just pops up ready to play but he hardly moves now. 11:58am I just got off of Playstation and I need lunch. I think I am going to go to Whataburger and get a patty melt from the drive through. Let me just tell you that food hit me like a brick wall I just took a 3 hour nap and feel great. Today on the news they were saying president trump took too long to make the travel ban but I don’t get this. Last week they were calling him a racist. The news baffles me. Well is is currently 9:37pm and have watched countless YouTube videos. All I have learned is how to protect against the spread offense in football and that I hate ads on social media. I think this is it for me tonight.
April 3 / Day 11
I am so tired of not being able to do anything. It is not even about the corona it is from the mono so it feels like corona is fake. I finally going to get to see another human besides my mom. I am going to my dad's for lunch and I'll probably stay pretty long. I will keep they journal updated when I come back home. I am now back, and I cannot say it was anything special. We did have some good lunch though. We had hamburgers, French fries, and chips. I am not sure why they were so good, but I could have eaten 20 it felt like. Other than eating I just laid on the couch and talked for a few hours and we watched the end of the spelling bee and made fun of and were shocked by the word they were spelling. It is about 5:30 now and I am back at home. I have some school to work on so I will probably do that and after play video games. Well I was not planning on saying anymore for today but I opened my laptop to watch a movie and this was still here. It is currently 10:28pm and I am about to get on netflix.
April 4 / Day 12
After you eat something so many times unless it is amazing you get tired of it. I cannot say that about yellow Gatorade. I don’t know why but I think I drink 5 or 6 a day. Besides water it is the only thing I drink during the day. It is 11:28am and I am watching tom and jerry. The bad thing about this is my valedictorian mother has been watching with me for like 10min and she has not blinked. She just told me it was her favorite show growing up. It has been a little over an hour, but I thought I get a few more sentences in. We had grilled cheese for lunch and my mom need to go to the grocery store. We have no milk or fruit for smoothies in the mornings lol. It is getting dark so late now I just realized lol. You can still see outside, and it is 7:30pm. That is crazy I think this will be I for me today. Ok, I lied it is 10pm and I have lived in this house for most of my life and there are fireflies out back. This was so cool I had never seen them before until now.
April 5 / Day 13
Well, it has almost been two weeks since I have been in the hospital and I am ready to see people. Good news my sister is coming to visit since her gender reveal is coming up. Just finishing up breakfast and my weight is starting to come back a little at a time. It is 10:45am and I have been in a great mood today. It is nice outside I think I am going to take advantage of feeling good and go out there. 12:30pm My mom just made lunch and it is so funny to me. She made bacon sandwiches and it made me think of my roommates. They had never heard of such a thing and if they did not think I was already country enough that put me over the line with them. 2:30pm catching up on my math homework that is due at the end of the semester. Why is math so hard? Numbers and I just do not add together lol did you see what I did there. It is almost midnight and I have been on the phone with one of my friends. Her name is Emilee I have known her since we were about 12. She is probably my best female friend. She is mad at corona virus because she wants to come back to tally and party it up.
April 6 / Day 14
Today I woke up and realized I missed turning in an assignment yesterday. It is 9:30am and hope my professor still accepts it. It gave me that feeling like when you wake up and you realized you are late or missed something and your heart sinks to your stomach. This is great my professor just graded the assignment and I made a 100 I guess he did not mind that it was late just that I turned it in. 1:11pm I just got home I went to whataburger to get lunch since their drive thru was open. I got a patty melt with a large sweet tea and it is delicious. My dog is currently sitting directly in front of me lol he wishes he would get some food but I am mean. If it was my mom he would probably get the whole thing of fries. 8:03pm I have eaten dinner and played call of duty for the whole afternoon with my buddies. People say that call of duty is too violent for kids. I say that is dumb because I have played since I was about 13 and I have not been a violent person yet.
April 7 / Day 15
It is currently 8:43am and I am wide awake. I do not have any plans today just going to go with the flow. 12:32pm you will not believe this my friends came and surprised me. My friend Emilee got my buddies together and they surprised me since I have been stuck in bed for the last two weeks. They came over around 10am and we sat out back and just talked and played some cornhole. I really missed the guys. You really do not think about the little things like that and how it makes others feel. My mom was also happy to see them lol she has been stuck working from home because I had to get tested for corona. She asked the guys which one of them had been kissin me since mono was the kissing disease and they looked at her like she had just murdered someone. No I was not kissing any of my guy friends by the way I like girls. It is 4pm now and I am so happy my friends came over earlier. It made my day. Just finished with supper, we had steak. The rest of the night ill probably just play video games.
April 8 / Day 16
I woke up today to the sound of a leaf blower by my window. It is currently 7:52am and it is not a leaf blower it is a guy blowing something to get rid of the mosquitos. So, I guess I won’t be upset about it because I don’t want bug bites. It is 10:31am and I am currently watching my second episode of Tom and Jerry and I realize why it was so entertaining when I was younger. It is the best show ever made. They don’t even talk and I know exactly what is happening. I bet in the early days when it first came out it had to be the best thing since sliced bread. 2:34pm I just got back home from my fathers. He made lunch and wanted me to come eat with him since I do not get to see him that much. I just watched ironman and we have invited my grandparents over for supper. It is 5:00pm and my grandparents are coming to the house to eat and see us. We had burgers for dinner and played cornhole and talked for a while. My grandpa is very good at cornhole and we played a game that was like 30 minutes long. He won 21-20 we had both scratched and were canceling each other out almost every throw. I had a good time while they were over but now, I am wore out.
April 9 / Day 17
I woke up today somewhere around 9am I am not really sure the exact time but I just ate breakfast and watched some tv. I am probably going to some math just so I do not have to cram it all in one day. Been talking to a lot of people on the phone this morning. It is 12:12pm and I did three math homeworks and right now my mom is calling in a to-go order from this hibachi place I like it has the best fried rice. I get the steak and shrimp with double fried rice instead of vegetables because I do not eat them. I am super picky when it comes to food. 2:30 Lunch was great and now I am sitting outside with my dog watching tv at our bar enjoying some fresh air. I think I am going to wake up tomorrow and write my paper for my comp class or I might start later I have not decided yet. 8:30pm and I have gotten the first three paragraphs done with my paper. I went ahead and started because we are taking the boat out in the morning and I didn’t want to have to rush myself typing the last parts of the paper.
April 10 / Day 18
It is 1:37pm we took the boat out this morning around 7:30am and now we are at our beach house. It was really nice being out on the water today. We did a little fishing then rode around for a while. I am currently sitting on the couch watching the replay of a baseball game from 2015. It is the yankees and mets. We are going to eat red fish when my mom gets finished tanning by the pool and I cannot wait it is one of my favorites. 4:43pm we just got back home and I am about to get on playstation but I thought I could give a update on here. 6:56pm just got done eating supper and now I am going to write the rest of this essay. 9:23pm just finished and it is a gem let me tell you. 6 pages and however many words later if I have not aced this I do not know what an A is.
April 11 / Day 19
Well today is my sister’s gender reveal party. It is 9:43am and we just finished eating pancakes and bacon and are about to start setting up for the party. I don’t really care what it is because it is not my child and stuff, but a boy would be nice, I guess. There is a running joke that my cousins and I are going to have all girls because on both sides there are 8 boys and 1 girl and the girl is my sister. I think that is funny. 4:47pm almost everyone is gone except for a few of my sisters friends who are hanging out with her. It is kind of crazy though my sister is all grown up she is 23 married and now pregnant. Oh yeah it a girl!! I forgot to mention that. So, I guess my parents and grandparents might be right we are going to have all girls. That is scary I don’t like that. Girls are complicated.
April 12 / Day 20
So, I woke up this morning with my paper graded and boom I got a 95%. I knew I did good on that thing. I am going to celebrate with leftover cake from the reveal. I really need to start doing stuff for this class besides this I have done nothing. I don’t know if I should do the research or the test. 12:46pm I have been playing video games like a mad man the past few weeks and it is crazy. Corona has really ruined my life since I can't go to the gym or the beach, I am so bored all of the time. 4:29pm I watched youtube for a while then I went outside and threw the ball with my dog Charles and sat out with him for a while. I know the corona is getting to him because he likes going to the beach at the dog part and go swimming.
April 13 / Day 21
Well it is the final day of the journal and a lot of stuff has happened over the last 21 days. I woke up this morning at 8:37am and started my day off with some breakfast and tv. I am about to start doing some more math because I do not understand it one bit. I cannot learn math by watching youtube videos on how to do it. It is awful. 1:24PM well I have decided that the only way to make an a or a b in math is to make my grades the non-ethical way and if that’s how it is so be it I am finished. 3:30pm and I have almost had nothing to write about today I have done nothing but lay around. I thought that writing this would be a hassle but it was not that bad just do a little every few hours and before you know it you have a whole page wrote about that day.
April 30 / present day
So just a little catch up to speed from the last week I have started seeing my friends more and more. Some good news is the beach opens up tomorrow the 1st and that means I can go out to the tiki bar with my friends. It is a really cool little spot on the beach that only the locals really know about. Bad news I have to go surgery on my arm since they are opening back up elective surgery. That sucks but, enjoyed your class. At first, I thought It would be hard, but it wasn’t too bad if you just study a little bit. I hope all is well for you.