Sunday, May 3, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: I got a brand-new puppy!

(From student journal submissions)

March 28th – Today has been a long day. All I have done is play video games on my Xbox, and I have not done much productive. I did go on a run for 3 miles around my neighborhood. I plan to run almost every day because I set up a goal to run a half marathon with mostly running it and having the stamina to run the whole thing. These are tough times not even having enough toilet paper, but we will get through this!
March 29th – Today like may other days, has been a slow day. I woke up and went on a run. After I came back, I made some eggs and started to do homework. Slow day. I am extremely excited though because we are ordering take out from an Asian bistro up the street! I am trying to be as productive as possible and before the break I was getting into really good shape and over spring break I wasted it all away when I came back to moms cooking.
March 30th – Today is just like any other day. I decided to do something other than running that would be like an exercise. I took my dog to the local park and decided to get some sun and walk her around. Man, oh man was she tired. I wore her out.
March 31st – Today I did break the social distancing guidelines and went and hung out with my family and all their family friends. We all did maintain 6 feet apart, but we simply just chatted and hung around outside by a firepit. For dinner we supported local business by getting pizza to go from a place called B****.
April 1st – Today is April Fools day! I have gotten my very gullible mom and brother with jokes already. It is also my grandparents 50th anniversary. We called them eventually since they live in Baton Rouge. I also went on a run today. I was able to complete 5 miles on my run because out of all days I just felt like going on a long run.
April 3rd – Today was not to eventful. I drove my brother around because we were so bored, although it was a good day because we came home to steak and potatoes which is just one of my favorite meals. I did not do any running of the sort so I will probably go on one tomorrow morning.
April 4th – Today was an exciting day! I got a brand-new puppy! It was a lab beagle mix and her name is Stella! She is the cutest little thing! She is about 9 weeks old according to the lady and I am going to be loving her for the next 10 years hopefully. Per usual after I got home though I went for a run, I really am wanting to reach my goal. Today was hot and difficult which forced me to walk a little bit. All in all, a rather good day and a super exciting one for my new puppy.
April 5th – I am very much considering if I should return to my apartment to go get some clothes. I am basically using the same clothes day to day, but I do not know yet. I did go for a run though! Only 2 miles, not a lot but still something.
April 7th – With the news of the cancellation of the school year I decided to go back to my apartment and go get some more clothes. Me and my mom drove three hours to Tallahassee from Jacksonville and back in a day trip and I was able to go get a bunch of my clothes. By the time we got back I was very tired, and I did call it an early night compared to the rest of nights I stay up until 3 or so playing Xbox.