Sunday, May 3, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: I do miss when McDonalds would be busy and full of drunk people on Fridays and Saturdays

(From a student journal AMH2020 Spring2020)
April 1, 2020 Dear Journal,
Well by this time the virus has put everyone on a curfew and some on a stay at home order. Unfortunately for me I don’t have a stay at home order I’m at work, day in and day out both jobs. I work at Green wise (Publix) during the day and McDonalds overnight. Luckily today I only worked at Green wise from 12pm to 8 at night. This day was supposed to be fun I was hoping I would get a text or at least a typed letter stating that my eviction was a joke or fake. Going back to March 22, 2020 I had just came back in town from visiting family back at home and when I walked inside of the house there’s a letter in my door from my roommate also ex friend telling me I had thirty days to get out. Apparently the whole 8 months I was there my name was never put on the lease I was just living there. So, on top of everything going on with school being transferred to online I’m also hit with an eviction notice. I was overly stressed and still am. I was at work all day, but work wasn’t that bad besides being slow I was working with people I actually liked, and we were given gift cards so on my break I bought two seafood potatoes with Publix money. Had my nice hour break and got right back to work. Once I get off, I immediately call my boyfriend and inform on my day and start searching for more apartments I could move into.
April 2, 2020 Dear journal,
Once again, I’m back at work. All day from 1pm to 9pm. This was my first day coordinating, things weren’t all that hectic I was being trained by my team leader and every two seconds he kept leaving me but other than that things were good. I went on break at 5pm and had chipotle. It was so good. After break things were smooth sailing. I closed with some pretty good people, so the store got properly cleaned I had to run this big brolic machine to clean the floors then we were all able to go home. Once I got off, I followed my daily routine which was call my boyfriend and tell him about my day and he told me he was coming to spend the night. Got home and got on fortnite with my sister and best friend and waited until my boyfriend came over.
April 3, 2020 Dear Journal,
Well today is my off day so once I woke up this morning the first thing, I did was pack my clothes and clear out the closet which actually wasn’t a lot of things. After that I got tired, so I took a long break and got on fortnite for majority of the day until people started cheating and I was losing. My off days are always pretty boring I don’t do anything but play fortnite and sleep. I ate McDonalds today a six piece, a cheeseburger no pickles or onions with a small frie and it was soo good. It’s crazy because I go to McDonalds tonight to work from 11pm to 4am but with this curfew we haven’t had a lot of business. So, I went to work tonight and we were busy until like 12am then after that we had some doordash or ubereats orders but we were extremely slow so I took me some food home for free and left around 2am.
April 4, 2020
It’s Saturday and I got off work at 2am this morning and now I’m back at it again at one for my day job. I work today from 1pm to 9pm I’m coordinating again today…. Coordinating today was fun I just hate some of the managers I work with some just have no backbone at all. But other than that, today was good. I ate two seafood potatoes at work today they were so good. My days are honestly starting to jumble together like this is crazy we have curfew and almost everything has closed I really don’t like this like there is nothing to do. I usually don’t do anything anyways, but I do miss when McDonalds would be busy and full of drunk people on Fridays and Saturdays but now we barely get customers after 11pm. I really just want to go out to eat literally.