Sunday, May 3, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: Gobs is northern chocolate cookie sandwich that is frozen.

(From student journal AMH2020 Spring2020)
4/1/2020 First day was not so bad I went back to Jacksonville and worked around the house I had to cut down seed pods off the palm trees cut then cut the grass. I then listened to the governor about what was going to happen with the pandemic. I then went for a 2 mile run followed by watching TV.
4/2/2020 The next day I started working on other classwork such as biology journals. That was followed by laying sod in my yard, it is hard work. The reason it was hard was that it had to be level with the grass that was already in the ground. Then later that day I went for another 2-mile run all the way to my old middle school. Then I watched the series the hunters on amazon prime.
4/3/2020 The next day I had a zoom meeting with my speech teacher where we talked, and he said not to worry about the speech to much. I also worked in the garage cleaning it out getting rid of things that were out of date. I then listened to art lectures and took quizzes on them.
4/4/2020 The next day I worked on my south America art journal, also I did a pre-lab for my biology class. this is followed by a post lab because we could not do the actual experiment. I also went to the pool store to get the water tested. I also worked out by doing the bench with 125-150lbs.
4/5/2020 I then did a 12.5-mile bike ride in the morning, having to deal with traffic and large dump trucks speeding by me. I then listened to more lectures from my art history teacher and finished the video analysis journal. I went out and picked up some bar food for lunch.
4/6/2020 I had to plant a new lemon tree in my backyard so we had to dig a hole deep enough for the tree to fit in. after this I went for a two mile run around my neighborhood. I went for a walk with my dog later that night.
4/7/2020I sat around most of the day watching TV and movies. I also ate most of my hot chips. I watched James Bond casino Royale I also hung out with some people on zoom calls. My parents had some friends over and we watched The Machine Bret Kreischer who is a comedian who went to FSU before becoming a comedian. This special was about his trip to Russia with his Russian class it was hilarious.
4/8/2020 The next day I did work on my art history video analysis, and working on biology pre labs. I went to the pool store again this week. Also I went and got Bono’s for my family this was a ten minute drive. I then listened to art history lectures for a few hours. That is followed by a two mile run around my neighborhood. Then a walk around my neighborhood with my dog
            4/9/2020 The next day I went to get more chlorine from the pool store. I then came home and worked on my bio pre lab some more. I went to get chipoltle for lunch, followed by relistening to my art history lecture on Aztecs. I then went on a 2 mile run to my old middle school. Went for a walk around the neighborhood with my.
4/10/2020 The next day I cleaned the dust off of the fans, went and push mowed the bank of the pond. I then sat around listening to different lectures. After that I went for a eight and a half bike ride around my neighborhood. Also I went to taps and picked up lunch for my family. That was followed by walking around the neighborhood with my dog
4/11/2020 The next day I went and got some acid for the pool followed by working on getting my speech done for my speech class this involved reading over what the teacher had suggested for me to do. I then told my teacher what I wanted to do. This is followed by eating some home fried wings that my brother made for dinner. I then went for a 2-mile run around my neighborhood.
4/12/2020 I celebrated easter with my family helped them do some things around the house. I also sat around my pool, also making Gobs which is a northern chocolate cookie sandwich that is frozen.