Sunday, May 3, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: Bittersweet Time with Great Grandmother

(This is part of a student journal submitted to AMH2020 Spring2020)

Day 9: Wednesday March, 25
-       Today was a really hard day. We buried my grandmother today… she was a very popular and well-liked woman. But because of this corona virus we were only allowed 10 people at the funeral and had to tell people that it was immediate family only. This is very frustrating because if we could have it our way there would be dozens of people there to give my grandmother the proper send of she deserves

Day 10: Thursday March, 26
-        Nothing happened today laid in bed quarantined myself away from everyone because I didn’t really feel like talking to anyone

Day 11: Friday March, 27
-       Same as yesterday cried more today than yesterday. I really miss my grandma

Day 12: Saturday March, 28
-       I went to the beach at the county over today and celebrated my best friends boyfriends birthday today. It was nice to get out of the house today but I ended up drunk on the beach having the biggest belly laughs that I’ve had in a while… I really needed that. It was really crazy to see all of the cops on the beach though they had binoculars and everything watching everyone.
Day 13: Sunday March, 29
-       Back to social-distancing I went to my aunts house on the water today and laid by the pool with her and got to spend some quality time with my aunt and uncle. Today all of my friends decided if we hangout we need to stay 6 feet apart because we aren’t worried so much about us getting it but if we get it we could give it to our parents who are older and have a less likely chance of surviving the virus.
Day 14: Monday March, 30
-       Me and my friends laid by the pool today again and stuck to our 6 feet apart agreement and played with the puppy all day. I got some bad news today…. My job officially shut down and now I have no cash flow coming at all.

Day 15: Tuesday March, 31
-       I spent the day with my great grandma today and she expressed to me today that she is getting old and she is starting to fade and doesn’t expect to last much longer. We went through her stuff today and I made sure I got a few of her jackets so I would have something to remember her by.

Day 16: Wednesday April, 1
-       Spent the day with my great grandmother again today and listened to all her stories of her lifetime. She told me today how worried she gets when I go outside because she doesn’t want me to get the corona virus.

Day 17: Thursday April, 2
-       I went to my old high school today and worked out I needed to let off some steam. With no job and rarely getting to see my friends I had nothing better to do. This whole corona virus thing is getting really scary

Day 18: Friday April, 3
-       Me and my parents got in a huge fight today when my dad told me that he didn’t want me going outside or hanging out with anyone at all anymore unless only 3 of my closest friends came over and that was once or twice a week. I can see the worry but its so frustrating and it makes me so mad because I hate how much power this virus and the government have over us and its really scary. It’s crazy to think that when we get told to do something we are just expected to do as told and sit in our houses and not go outside.

Day 19: Saturday April, 4
-       I went to my great grandmothers today because her house is the only exception. We got to take her out on the porch and get some sun on her feet. The smile on her face reached from ear to ear. It was so nice to have a day like this even though it feels like the world is coming down around us. Days like these when the world is falling apart is just what we needed.

Day 20: Sunday April, 5
-       Today was a long day today. Me and my mom had to drive all of the way to Tallahassee from Jacksonville and pack up my apartment because with little to no cash flow coming in me nor my parents had the money to pay my rent anymore and I had to move out.

Day 21: Monday April, 6
-       Times are tough and there are many tensions in the house all of the time it feels like now because with the corona virus money problems are all my parents fight about and its rough having to listen to this. 

All I pray every night for is that this thing could be over soon because I cant handle this anymore.