Sunday, May 3, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: And I'll have space from my cousins

(From student submissions Spring2020 AMH2020)

Today is Easter Sunday. One of the best days to be in Jacksonville, Florida. Every Easter we get up, go to church, and then have lunch at our grandparent’s house. My. Grandmother bakes a lamb in the oven with mashed potatoes and asparagus… yeah your typical Catholic white person Easter Sunday. But this year is a little different. We are currently in the middle of a lockdown due to a virus that spread from a market in China. Thankfully we still got to have lunch with the grandparents, and EVEN better we got to SKIP CHURCH! FUCKING CHURCH! Best Easter ever right? You don’t have to listen to the priests dressed up as wizards as you are sweating in your obnoxious Easter suite. So my sister and I thought this Easter was going to be great. Until we had a family announcement. My grandfather has a chance of having end. I was shocked. I mean I know he’s 78, but this man is one of the healthiest people I know. I thought he’d die falling off his bike or something more badass than fucking cancer.
  April 13

Today was rough. I was still processing this. His results were to be revealed Wednesday. So we were all on edge. Thank God we were the only family who knew. I was ready to hear their opinion. Honestly, as positive as I want to be, 2020 has been very depressing. Coming home has been sad. Seeing your friends from high school isn’t the same, lockdown has been challenging, especially with finding a job since my old high school job at the arcade has been closed until the governor reopens them so I can make money. Right now my weekly salary is $10 and a sandwich from my grandma for getting groceries from Publix for her since she doesn’t want to risk being in a crowd. I applied for Publix warehouse and was put on the waiting list for a delivery job for grub hub, I mean gas is cheap and tips are high!

April 14

We are finding out the results on my grandfather tonight. My aunt arrived and we had takeout from one of our favorite local pizza restaurants called Carmines. I had a delicious calzone loaded with peperoni. My grandma arrived, the hospital said my grandfather will have to stay for a night or two. I don’t think it hit us as hard as it did until we saw my grandma crying coming out of the car. The doctor said he may only have less than a month maybe a few weeks… it sucked having to make phone calls letting everyone know. Everyone loves this man. I mean he is truly the best man I know. My friends even cried calling me because how much they loved him. The cancer spread throughout his body insanely fast, causing the treatment to be useless on helping him last a couple more months… instead he has weeks.

April 17

Word spread fast about his state. Everyone is sending us food to my grandma’s house, a little too much dessert but still awesome. It’s been hard seeing my dad this sad. He’s one of the strongest guys I know and I cannot imagine losing a father. We got word that our cousins are staying ALL week on Monday…shit. I know that’s rude of me to say that, because this might be the last time they get to see him, but they literally are already expecting that we will let them stay at our house the WHOLE week. The cousin I like is my age. The middle cousin is very nice but we just don’t relate well. And then there is Morgan… him and his wife I’ve had trouble getting along with. They are in their mid 20s but act like children… and they are staying with us. Have u ever seen the movie step brothers? Yeah that’s them. They are very big fans of L.A.R.P, which is Live Action Role Playing. They freeload which can just drive me a little nuts as well.

April 19

I am doing yardwork for my grandparents, when all of the sudden my boss from the arcade calls and asks even though we are closed, would I like to come in for maintenance and make money the next 2 weeks? Um of course! Easy labor. And she offered to cover lunch everyday! And I’ll have space from my cousins.