Sunday, May 3, 2020

COVIDJOURNAL: Alright journal it’s now day 17 of working in a row! Woohoo!

(From student journal AMH2020 Spring 2020)

Hey, it’s crazy we ended up like this! Me having to create a journal for the end of my Freshman year in college. Never did I think I would be put in this position of having to argue with grown men and women that they can’t take home 6 things of toilet paper or 6 gallons of milk because they feel they are more important. This is just my entry before I start explaining my day to day encounters with these grown children. Not only that, but my struggle to stay motivated in doing my schoolwork while also trying to get enough sleep.

Day 1: April 1st 2020
Dear Covid-19 Journal,
I never had a diary growing up so we’re just going to wing it with this one. I woke up at around 11 a.m. after lying in bed for about an hour to satisfy my half-awaken body. It’s time to wake up my feisty little Pitbull, Paisley (who I call sexy to help build her confidence in a tough world like this that don’t like Pits). She’s a big ball of energy that is just always happy to see me. She helps make me feel good about myself when I wake up in the morning and I'm not feeling or looking my best. Got a few hours to kill before work so why not eat some chicken noodle soup and watch Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (Best Show Ever BTW). After successfully wasting an hour of my time I finally come to the realization it's time to get ready for work ๐Ÿ™ Yes, I know! Me! A 19-year-old college student being considered an essential worker. Has that for the baby boomers that think my generation is nothing, but lazy young ins. Plus, it's my 16th day working in a row since all this blew out of nowhere.  However, I am grateful to still have my job and get paid time and half for anything over 40 hours. SOOO working that much doesn’t bother me at all! It’s not like I can go anywhere anyways. Besides all that ranting I make it to work and yay me I found out I’m the closing coordinator...which means I must make sure everyone is doing their job and the closing tasks are completed. Sadly, one of my closers is this new guy that has absolutely no work ethic. Caught him later that night taking a 45-minute break when we only worked a 4-hour shift?? Crazy I know. We close the store down at 8 pm and all I saw was the same familiar faces on repeat all day with the same mask and gloves touching all over the same infected items, counters, and money as before. It’s insane to even say that out loud that I'm seeing the same people repeatedly during a national pandemic where they're supposed to be staying home as much as possible. To the top it all off I had a lady be rude with me because I wouldn’t let her in at 8:05 when everyone knows PUBLIX CLOSES AT 8 PM.
Day 2: April 2nd, 2020
Alright journal it’s now day 17 of working in a row! Woohoo! I honestly can’t wait to get my paycheck for the week. It’s weird to think that I’ve worked more than some of my managers throughout the store. Get this though it’s the 2nd day of the month so you know what that means...everybody gets paid and our Governor just issued a stay at home order. SOOO we’re about to get slammed. I’m just glad I’m stuck in the back office tonight, so I don’t have to have any contact with customers or deal with getting yelled at. Just the money and I all night! Having a shift back here is the only thing that makes 1-10 shifts seem better cause it’s just me and music in a little room. Sadly, I made, once again another mistake, in the back office. Missing about $5,000.00 to be exact lol. Don’t worry though after going through my deposits I came to the realization that the band of twenties I put together wasn’t as much as I made it out to be. Jada (my work mom that I love more than anything in the world) and Katelyn (the girl I compare myself to constantly) helped me find my mistakes so I was only a few dollars off. Yes I know your probably like “Don’t compare yourself to nobody blah blah blah”, but it sucks when all the guys you like at work only talk about her and here you are a big ole chunk and she’s a little dime. That’s an entirely different story though.
Day 3: Don’t remember the date, but it’s somewhere between the 2nd and the 6th
Journal, my bean, that’s what I'm going to call you now because journal is to simple. This little entry doesn’t really have to do with anything about how my day is going or what I'm doing. Rather it’s just about how I’m feeling right now.  Ever since this crap started, I’ve been feeling really stressed and just not myself. It’s a weird feeling honestly. I’m happy pretty much every day because I do love the people, I work with and just being productive gives me this sense of completion. Like I’m doing something good for myself and others. Before all of this started, I had a nasty break up with my first and only boyfriend (annoying I know). Anyways, I’ve made a dumb decision and let him back into my life with only my friends knowing and not my family. It’s hard to try and see him every day at work and wondering if my mom will show up to go shopping, since the Publix I work out is “our Publix”. Plus, everything is always on ease between him and I because we’re both still working through this pandemic getting yelled at by customers and our bosses. Even within my family 3 out of 4 of us that live in the house, work at Publix. My brother and I work at the same one (my biggest headache right there) and my dad being the grocery manager at the biggest one in town. Therefore, we all know that in our household there’s a lot of tension and stress brewing around.  My poor mom works for the state and she’s still having to go to work and be bored for most the day, but she used to work at Publix, so she knows how we all feel. I’m just ready for all this to calm down and for people to just follow what the CDC tells us to do. I’m ready to start traveling again and be more than just “I’m glad to be out of the house” happy, but more of a genuine happy.