Friday, May 29, 2020

COVID Student Journal: While this time has been fun it’s also been slightly scary

(Student submissions Spring 2020)

Dear Adonis

Or that's what I hope your parents named you or Zaiya if you’re a girl. Either way when you get this letter, I pray that this pandemic is a thing of the past and you are healthy. With the almost start of World War 3 forest fires in Australia, floods in Indonesia, earthquakes in Turkey and Puerto Rico. Not to mention the deaths of celebrities like Pop Smoke and NBA legend Kobe Bryant. To put the icing on the cake the Coronavirus started up.

Initially in China the Coronavirus came from bats in Wuhan. It has spread around the world at alarming rates. At first it was similar to Donald Trump running for president, it was just a joke that was funny to laugh at. However just like it wasn't so funny when Trump got elected it was funny when the virus came to the United States. It came with a vengeance and while I was excited that schools got closed for the rest of the semester, I was disappointed when state got closed. I couldn't even enjoy my first official spring break in college with your grandma.  On the other hand, college was starting to make me rethink my life choices and since we had to move to online classes which has made college a lot easier.

Next was even worse the began a statewide curfew. Which prohibited activities between the hours of 11:01 p.m. through 4:59 a.m. As a way of social distances stores like Walmart, Publix, Piggly Wiggly, Winn-Dixie and Sam's club closed early and allow for the elderly to have designated shopping times. Restaurants in Banks issued a drive-thru only policy. It also caused clubs, malls, nail salons and barber shops to close so you know this was a tough time for grandpa.

This didn't stop me from hanging out with your grandma. We had a mini vacation before the state shut down. We went riding go karts and out to eat at a Mexican restaurant  spent time at each other's houses. She even cooked for me and let me tell you that woman can cook up a storm. She made me bagel sandwiches, beef and broccoli, Mac and cheese pizza, loaded potato soup, chicken pot pie, chicken sandwiches, and  Oreo cup mugs We're playing Basketball against her brother and almost won every single time there were a couple games where he had us on the ropes, but we worked together and beat him.

While this time has been fun it’s also been slightly scary, watching millions of people die because of this virus has many on edge. Fights have broken out over the craziest things like toilet paper which isn’t even something that is affected by it. From this I’ve learned that we take some of the people for granted. For instance, health care professionals are working around the clock find a cure. So as my final peace of wisdom I say this be kind and thankful to all hard-working people.