Friday, May 29, 2020

COVID Student Journal: When I tried to hug my own mom, she was scared to even go near me

(Student submission Spring 2020)

Dear Future Grandchildren,

            The year is 2020, and through my twenty years on this planet, I have never lived through such an weird and awkward time. I do not know what to think of it or where to begin. The best way to sort this complete disaster out is to start from the beginning, I am going to make a journal and go into chronological order. Before I commence, let me get you a backstory on how this came to be. Coronavirus, is still somewhat of a new and a mystery like disease. It’s similar to the common flu, but about twice as more contagious and 10 times more deadly. Especially to older people and people with compromised immune systems.


This is a virus discovered at the end of 2019, in China. It’s at the end of March and currently nobody really knows how the virus came to be, experts best guest on it is that it’s most likely from Bat soups from the wet markets in China. The wet markets are a hot bed for diseases from the myriad of animal species being spread from one to another. When I was 3 years old, in 2003 China had had another smaller pandemic of the SARS virus. In the beginning of January most Americans hardly knew about this, I would go as far as saying the vast majority. Not to brag, but I, follow the news very closely, I take pride in that especially for a young person. By the end of the Month that was a different case. By January 30th, the WHO declares a global health emergency. Also on January 31st, our controversial President Donald J. Trump sent out an executive order blocking entry of the U.S from China. It took an entire month and a half for him to declare this as a serious global pandemic on March 11th and on the 13th he declared a public health emergency. The end of February, Italy had thousands of people that contracted the virus and hundreds died, as well as China they were hit the hardest in the beginning. It did not take long for United States, the world’s melting pot to follow suit, and be at the top during this pandemic. On April 1st 2020, my home state and current state Florida had a statewide shutdown; meaning we can only leave the house for essential needs such as going to the grocery store, gas station, and working. A few things in that nature. 

This is where I begin:

Week 1, March 30th-April 6th: Currently, I am once again 20 years old and I’m going to school full time, and working at Chili’s as a server. We were supposed to go back to school on the 23rd, but ended up having to do online classes until April sixth, they ended up extended that until the end of the entire semester. Doing 5 online classes online is a major adjustment, I am an in person, hands on type of learner. I am old fashion, I do not work well learning by staring at a screen and teaching myself on my own time. To add insult to injury, I am no longer working, me as well as 90 percent of my coworkers and millions of more people around the country are currently out of work or furloughed, so I ended up working my last day march 29th as togo, and I am currently filing for unemployment(something I thought I would never do). I am not completely at rock bottom, I am very frugal and conservative with my money, so I do have a little bit saved in my savings to get me through this unfortunate time. I feel bad for my coworkers, a cook from my job is now homeless, I heard. We are all trying to support each other in this time of need.

Week 2, April 6th-April 13th: During this time, both me and my 3 year girlfriend, possibly your future grandmother, Tatyanna are living in Tallahassee, I am out of work, and she is working from home, as an underwriter for a loan company. We both come from Deltona, Florida. We both even live down the street from one another. We both thought it would be a perfect opportune time to visit our families. We ended up making it down back home. When I got home my parents were weary to first even be near me. When I tried to hug my own mom, she was scared to even go near me because of this coronavirus(understandably so). After a day or two, she warmed up to me. This was about the only blessing in disguise. Spending time with family was great, I have two sisters that live in Orlando. Orlando is roughly a 35-minute drive from Deltona, so It was no big deal to go back and forth to visit them. Me and my oldest sister were the only two ones out of work in my nuclear family which was fortunate considering the fact that there’s several cousins as well as my aunt is out of work. Spending time with family is the best escape to get our minds off of this craziness. We eneded up playing Uno, made tiktoks(famous short video phone application) as well as made homecook meals at my younger sister’s place.

Week 3, April 13th- April 20th: During this time other than reading, doing schoolwork, and videogames, there is nothing else to do. I have been saving a lot of money during this pandemic believe it or not. Other than paying rent (even though I’m not even back home still) is the only expense I have to pay for. My parents have been financially supporting me when it came to grocery shopping and buying America’s new biggest commodity, which is toilet paper, followed right ahead of Lysol cans and wipes and hand sanitizer. It feels nice to be a kid again, a big 20 year old kid in my case, with my parents supporting me. While not going anywhere saving money on gas( which is around 1.65, the cheapest it’s been since the 1990’s), as well as not going out to eat. My girlfriend and I, ended up investing in brand new fishing poles. Fishing is considered an essential activity believe it or not, because it is a means of getting food. So we ended up going fishing twice this week. On the 19th we ended up going fishing during the late evening time, it was a beautiful day out in Ponce Inlet, Florida. We already caught 2 fish and were on our way out. Right before we were going to leave we saw a police officer at her car. We rushed over there, just to find out the cop was sent out there because she parked in a no-parking  tow zone, he was about to write us a ticket. But, we were polite and understanding with the police, so he ended up just asking us for our information and then left.

            Week 4, April 20th -April 27th: My mom’s bestfriend from childhood ended up catching coronavirus and my mom found out on the 20th. She is a high school guidance counselor, so she interacts with a lot of people on a daily basis. Fortunately, right now she has gotten better, and is recovering and self-quarantining in northern Virginia. It’s different when it hits home, that’s a lady I view as my aunt in a way, I’m just blessed that she pulled through. This week, I’ve been stir crazy. Staying inside 24/7 has been getting to me, I have been doing odd things like driving in my car just for the sake of it. Every day I only look forward to going outside and walking during the evening. Both my girlfriend, Tatyanna and I have been walking everyday at 7 p.m. right as the sun goes down. We walk up to 4 and 5 miles for both escape this quarantine as well as to get in shape. All out parents have been doing is cooking for us and we cannot help but get minimal exercise, the gyms are all closed to we have been trying to make do with walking around our neighborhood. I have been doing at least 100 pushups and 50 situps everyday, like I said before. We have all the time in the world, and we have been very bored as of late.

The Future: I, as well as everyone else has no clue what the future holds when it comes down to life after this strange pandemic. We can only hope and pray things goes back to normal soon. We as a country, and as well as the entire world is looking at a great depression, one like the 1930’s, 100 years ago. I just want things to go back to normal, but I know most likely they won’t, this is an election year. This is going to be yet another controversial election year in 2020, just like 2016. Two universally hated people, but whoever gets elected will be very important, I am a firm believer in the butterfly effect, and every decision a person or group of people make can cause drastic changes longterm. I am very optimistic in this time, and I, as well as my family are pushing forward in this time of lunacy.