Thursday, May 28, 2020

COVID Student Journal: We’ve struggled before which is why its reassuring knowing that we’ve gone through this before

(Student Submission Spring 2020)

I have no idea how  to start this, to be honest I don’t even know where to star since I’ve never really written a journal, especially something personal, the last time I remember being in school was when I went to visit my history teacher for a make up exam. After that my life sort of turned to shambles, my job instantly fired me without letting me know. 

I worked as a janitor at a movie theater and my hours usually consisted from 2am to 8am every day. One day randomly as I headed to work my key wasn’t working and all the lights were off in the theater, I had the wait the whole night because I had to call my boss and ask him what was wrong. Unfortunately, they let me go without letting me know due to covid-19 without letting me know. 

That was when my life really went downhill, it was starting to get jobbs around Tallahassee, a lot of people were starting to be let go from their jobs because of the virus. My parents both as well lost their jobs, them being immigrants its hard for them to do pretty much do anything especially any help from the government. My brother and I used everything we had to help my parents pay rent since we have multiple bills to pay, and they have a house that they need to pay off. 

My family has had a hard time getting anything done, a lot of doors have closed, we can’ t even see our other family member and my father has to work as a handy man in order to put in some money. My brother and have been getting multiple jobs in order to give anything we can to our family. My regular life has become very weird since I work all day and now have a hard time keeping up with school, but I don’t let that stop me. 

We see reports everyday about how worse this is getting, my mother is 45 and I tell her she should stay indoors and that if she needs anything to let us know. My family in Mexico suffers the worst since the country doesn’t supply or should I say that they don’t really care for the people, so they are left to fend for themselves.  I have a hard time with school because in some classes I have to do a zoom class and they have been pretty understandable; I had to rush and finish my Graphic design class because that one was an express class. My history teacher and my Graphic design teacher have been the most understandable of this situation, they update us regularly and worry about their students a lot. 

Besides the constant working and keeping up with school my routine has been the same every day, I wake up around 6am to take out my dogs (which I have 6 dogs), I get ready for work around 7 and at 7: 30 I’m at working to my first job until 5pm then at 7 I’m at my other job until 10. In both jobs at W*** and P*** I work at a cashier, but nothing exciting other than that, I try to help my family as much as possible, my brother and I are, but its getting harder since we both don’t really make that much money to pay that much rent an my father doesn’t have a consistent job. 

Hopefully things will be better soon, I apologize I’m not very open with my personal or social life, even writing this journal took a lot out of me because I don’t want  to be complaining or anything, their area lot of people out there who have it worse, I’m just glad my family and friends are healthy and have no health issues so far. 

Although we face many hardships its impressive to see how the world have come together to stop this virus. We have new organizations form and old ones build bonds between [people that others would not have thought possible. Its also outstanding watching the first responders come and help anyone in need, neighborhoods build systems that make it possible to still be social yet keep their distance.

The school district is using whatever power they have to help all students, graduation has been affected but they are working around that. From around the country looks like New York and Florida have the worse of the cases. This semester that I’ve taken specific classes one of the classes that ive been taking is ethics, it involves a lot of thinking with many different philosophers all having different mind sets to how the world should be. For example Karl Marx was the father of communism think that all humans or civilians should have an equal share of everything no matter what even if you work or not. 

The world as it is now in 2020 has been impacted in  away that it has triggered something in our time that has able us to have compassion with other people, but at the same time it also shows that they are ignorant people in the world that do not believe in the danger of what is happening outside. Our leader, the president hasn’t really done a great job reassuring if the country is going to recover financially or no, they’re many local places that have been close and even a few weeks of not making money can affect you a lot, and as you can imagine the world runs in a cycle that has a cause and effect. 

When companies aren’t making money then neither are the people that make them run, and I’m not talking about the guys who run the company from a high tower that make millions in the amount of time that it takes a high school teenager to make eight dollars. I’m referring to the people who live paycheck per paycheck that live off their local business and require help from the government. 

Some people still think after everything that has happened that it isn’t that serious and that its fake news that praise Trump and think  that it’s safe to go outside and gather in groups of thirty to fifty and not worry about how that can affect other people. In times like these I worry more about my mother and if I contact the wrong person it can affect her badly since she has a reputation of bad health. 

All I do now is pretty much think about how the world now will be affecting our future generations. The economy is in flux to that effects the distribution of good because it matter how much something is going to cost, businesses have closed and cant supply money to the economy  and it opens up a whole new world of problems, but just as there are bad things that are happening there are also good things that this situation has proven. 

A lot of people who work in offices have been told that working from home is not essential and that they have to work in the office, or that meetings cannot be held online but this has proven otherwise. It’s frightening seeing all these people out of their element when it comes to food shortage or cleaning supply shortage, it takes me back in a time when my family had nothing, which is why even in a time like this when everyone is suffering someone or another I have confidence that we all can pull through. 

My mother doesn’t let a day go by without reminding me about the times when we would have to go to other family members houses to ask for food because we didn’t have any money and my father was all day working in order to pay off debts that he owed when we came to this country. 

One time I remember when my mother walked 5 miles to take my brother and I to a McDonald’s that was nearby, she had my brother held in one hand and was holding mine in the other. We only had a few dollars, but my mom didn’t let us worry about anything, she used to tell us we had millions of dollars when we had nothing. We’ve struggled before which is why its reassuring knowing that we’ve gone through this before. 

Now that I’m older I can contribute to the family and help. Now that a lot of people are facing the same hardship I also want to help them, a sense of duty to help others out is in the human nature, my History professor has done a good job of reminding us each day that she is there to help us and even during this time of crisis she still has time to help out veterans and helping as much as she can. Its people like that who give other people who don’t have anything hope that they aren’t alone. 

There is always a Brightside to what darkness is consuming people. One of the things that has brighten up my days when I’m overwhelmed by everything that is going on is my dog Zeus, I found him on the street just before the pandemic broke out, he was lost, hungry, and scared. Somehow you know when things are meant to happen for a reason, he’s been with us for 2 months now and has grown tremendously, he fell in love with all the members of my family and is very protective. He sleeps with me in my bed next to the door to keep me safe, whenever he hears a noise be comes closer to me and growls at whatever might be outside. Its only been a month but it influences people, since we as humans are of social nature its as if we are in isolation in prison. 

Obviously, we have a lot more luxuries and none of us are actually prisoners or know anything about what it’s like in prison, but I’m talking about the psychological standpoint. There has been countless research on the affects of not having any social interactions can have on the human brain. A lot of families who haven’t spent much time together can be thrown in flux as well as couples who live together. This chemical mix can have a negative and positive effect on people. In my part it has reminded us that our family is stronger together allowing us to relay on one another for help and stability, other families can be irritated with each other and can cause huge conflicts. 

As you can see everyone’s life has been impacted differently, each with their own problems and matters that they have to attend to, but the world is changing, right now is a time that will be part of history, its only a matter of who’s stand point we will be seeing it from. I would like it to be a time when a crisis such as this virus became a standpoint when people opened their doors to others looked past their differences and came together for help. When the world stood together in order to see a better future, not a version of history that only divided the minds and efforts of other people. This is mostly a journal to write to a future self or to a future generation.

From Grandpa Joe