Friday, May 29, 2020

COVID Student Journal: To be frank between the jobs and the lack of computer and wifi I gave up on the rest of my school year, especially since the virus took away my ability to attend in-class learning

(Student submission Spring 2020)

            Covid-19, a virus also known as the “Corona Virus” has taken over the world and changed the way that people of my generation have been living our entire lives. My journey through this drought has not been as bad as others. When covid first took its toll on our economy nobody was worried about it because it was only in China… or so we thought. Mid February was the start of covid-19 for me. On the 2/19/2020 I began starting with a dream/goal I have been talking about for a couple years, investing. This was probably the BEST time for me to get into it and with the research that I was doing as well as some advice from others I was able to start my steps process. I keep track of my investments and now have over 8,000 dollars in investments. I believe it's time for me to wait on it and let the economy do it's thing while we fight to purge the virus and get back to a normal life.

            When Covid-19 started to come to light I was working two jobs. I was working at papa johns and at a tax preparation office. For two weeks I continued to work at papa johns before I ultimately decided that it wasn’t worth the work and putting myself at risk being a driver and being in the vicinity of many people who I didn’t know, wouldn’t know if they had anything, and being around my co-workers who were doing the same thing. It would’ve resulted in many people coming in contact with other people then coming back together in one store. After talking to the manager I told him I couldn’t do it for the remainder of the spring semester and I won’t be on the schedule until I inform him I'm ready to come back. Working at the tax office being there from 10AM-8PM everyday we would still encounter way less people which means even less people I had to worry about coming in contact with. We also maintained a clean work environment and was constantly cleaning our hands and work areas. This continued from the beginning of March until we ended for the year april 15th.

            I struggled while in Tallahassee when this virus was going on. I had no computer and my wifi was really slow. To be frank between the jobs and the lack of computer and wifi I gave up on the rest of my school year, especially since the virus took away my ability to attend in-class learning. Due to the fact that I struggle with doing online classes and keeping up with online work. My grades in classes began to falter and I lost much of my motivation. It’s always been like this for me when it comes to online class/instruction. I started to focus solely on a way to make money, grow money, and save money when I get out of work and for when the virus pandemic ends. I kept my head up though because at the end of every tunnel there’s a light, and at the end of every rainy day, the sun will shine through and reveal a rainbow.

            Today is April 25th 2020, 5 days ago I came back home down south. Currently in broward county and this change is much different from what I was doing in Tallahassee. The rules and regulations are more strict on keeping everyone out of breathing distance from one another. A mask is required everywhere, being on the road past 10:30 they can give you a hefty fine from what I was told by my father. The brighter side is I don’t have to pay bills right now. My parents have been covering me with food but still I buy food for everyone and watch my siblings to help them out. My connection with my parents has grown and we are getting closer than we were ever before. Even though these aren’t the circumstances that I would rather have it in, I'm happy I have built this bond in general. Being in Broward other than being with my family I’ve just been chilling with friends and I believe it's time for me to start trying to catch up on all the work I've missed.

            Covid-19 did a number on me educationally for the spring semester . I don't have an amazing story to tell  you all, but I can tell you my story about it. Most of my days were just doing the same thing. Covid-19 saved me from spending money unnecessarily. I went from going out with friends almost every weekend to just staying home saving up my money and stacking to make myself financially stable. I can tell you, my children, and grandchildren that their grand pops came from a generation that overcame 2 major pandemics, and 3 historical events. The Ebola, Covid 19-, and the first black president. Even though COVID definitely ruined a part of my year I believe it worked out in the best of my interests and I do feel sorry for all the non-survivors of this virus and for the families that are involved in it as well.