Thursday, May 28, 2020

COVID Student Journal: This year has been a nightmare and I cannot wait for it to be over.

(Student submission Spring 2020)

Year 2020 seemed like it would be a great year for me coming off one of my best semesters from fall 2019 grades wise I was ready to follow up with another great semester. Not only just school but also in sports things were looking good for me this year my favorite basketball team the Los Angeles Clippers landed Khawi Leonard the defending champion and an NBA all star Paul George who finished third in the mvp race last season. This year was supposed to be the year my team won their first championship ever.I finally moved into my apartment making things even easier for school.

2020 wasted no time though getting off to a horrific start with the death of an Iran general Qasem Soleimani causing world war 3 rumors to break out all over social media. I mean everyone was scared Iran was so upset by their general that they raised a red flag that had never been rising before promising revenge for Soleimani death and to bring death to America. That lasted about 3 to 4 weeks before things settled down and things went back to football season was ending getting ready for the Super Bowl and basketball was gearing towards its all-star break as far as school everything was great. 

Then the unthinkable happened right after LeBron James passed Kobe Bryant's all-time scoring record that following morning Kobe Bryant and 9 other passengers on a helicopter died in a fatal crash. After this it seemed like the world became cursed or something everywhere you turned people were sad especially the NBA community. Although he died something bright came out of the situation so many people became inspired NBA players and teams vowed to win a championship for Kobe making this season even more intense and better to watch. The NBAs all star game rules were changed to honor Kobe changing it from the winner just having to have more points when the time ran out to a rule that the game could only be won by the first team to score 24 points in the final quarter in order to win.24 was the number worn by Kobe at the peak of his career. 

That performance by the players was by far the best I've ever seen in my life they actually competed like they cared for once during an all-star game to get the win for Kobe usually players just joked around playing terrible defense sometimes to the point where it became boring but not this year it was very intense all the way down to the wire and I loved every moment of it. Not only was Kobe inspirational to basketball players but to everyday people all over he was honored In china and in the Philippines everyone was inspired to be great at whatever they did not just sports but whatever profession they chose it was called having the mamba mentality. Kobe's nickname was the black mamba his mentality was to give it all he had not just to win but to go out and destroy his competition and to be the best version of his self on and off the court. After the all-star game came the Super Bowl everything was back running smooth the chiefs upset the san Francisco 49ers to win the Super Bowl by the newest rising star Patrick Maholmes whom myself did not give a chance at winning the Superbowl. 

After that settled down corona virus or covid 19 virus started to slowly take over i remember watching a video about it on YouTube months prior to breaking out as bad and a man warned the people about a possible shut down all over the country. I remember joking with people at work asking them to have they prepared for the shutdown that was coming and they all told me to hush and insisted that it wouldn’t be any shutdown happening .

I work at Walmart on Apalachee parkway here in Tallahassee from 2-11 so I experienced the things firsthand. I honestly did not take things to serious until school was shut down then I was okay this covid 19 is serious then I started to hear about all the deaths in places like New York. Soon after everything had pretty much shut down including the NBA which was the most shocking to me because at Walmart we always talked how we thought the virus wouldn't effect rich people but only the poor  and how the rich was going to get their money regardless, But Covid 19 showed that it doesn't discriminate. Once everything shut down the curfew started then I knew that time had come at Walmart our shelves were being completely bought no toilet tissue hand sanitizers or Lysol just as fast as we could get it out it was gone .all the meat products were being bought customers always would say to me man i have never seen Walmart this empty not even from hurricanes. 

We now have to take a test every day before work we have to where mask at all times even while unloading trucks in a hot back room while still receiving the same pay even risking our lives working around thousands of strangers everyday this definitely does not sit right with Walmart workers the atmosphere in the store just feels so dead now days seems way longer than ever before we literally from the moment we clock in till time to go besides our breaks no time to joke around or laugh with managers pushing for us to get things done faster have had our jobs threatened on multiple occasions knowing the circumstances we are working in making us feel as if people in business just don't care on top of that still managing to care for my four year old daughter and educate her since school is now closed for her as well. 

In 2020 it seems like we as a people have overcame a lot of war rumors losing Kobe, but we just cannot escape Covid 19 This year has been a nightmare and I cannot wait for it to be over.