Thursday, May 28, 2020

COVID Student Journal: So, when you ask me how it was when I was your age, I tell you it was bittersweet

(Student Submission Spring 2020)

Dear Traderian Jr.

    I want to talk you about how it. was to live through the year 2020. Now you may not want to hear it, but its only right if I properly give details about it so that way have knowledge of it if someone were to ask you about it.


     So, first things first, I graduated high school in May of 2019 which is a couple of months before my first semester in college.  I was a freshman in college at Tallahassee Community College that following August, and everything was going great. Classes were going good for me as well my social life considering the fact that I attended all of my classes, turned in all of my assignments, and still managed to make it to certain events around the city. No one was expecting a drastic change later on in the semester, we all thought we would finish the year off with a bang and everyone would be able to enjoy the outside activities like normal. 

        See in 2020, we were able to go to different nightclubs and bars and even purchase tobacco products from certain convenient stores, but now they have a 21-age limit for everything so I can’t imagine what you are actually going. Everyone was excited about the semester coming to an end were planning events ahead of time. Until something very dangerous hit the nation, something that NOBODY could control, something that was taking people lives across the world, a life-threatening virus called Covid-19.

   I know what you’re thinking. How can just a virus can shut the entire world down? Well Jr., this wasn’t just any old “virus” like the Flu or anything like that, this was something that was actually taking people lives young and old. The governor of Florida ordered to shut down all schools that’s including elementary schools, high schools, and colleges until they had the virus under control.       He also ordered to shut down public eating places, the city’s mall, and everything else that had a person exposed to the public. 

There were so many college events that was scheduled, people were losing money from having to cancel their events, but most importantly people were losing money not being able to go to work. Even all sports were cancelled. Literally. College football, NBA, and NFL were all cancelled because of this Covid-19 virus. 

They even started all types of stay-at-home- orders and put us on curfew to on when to go home. You couldn’t be outside unless it was was and emergency, if you had to see a family member in need or you were going to the store during the day. They also ordered everyone to quarantine at home for 2 weeks until it was even safe to go anywhere. Everywhere you went you will see people wearing mask covering their face trying to protect themselves from getting it.

 It was like living in a movie almost. We were living a new normal so to speak. The fact that it was mandatory to wear masks and event gloves to go outside to the public it was becoming a normal way of living. You’ll usually catch Couples with children wearing masks and gloves while going shopping or just going walking. I’m telling Jr., this virus was not a joke. I’m not going to lie; I wasn’t really was scared of it. A lot of people weren’t really. A lot people, like me, thought of it how you are now. There’s no way a virus can be this serious that people are walking around looking like sick patients in the hospital. Well you can bet your bottom dollar; it most definitely was.


  Like I said, they shut all schools down meaning we couldn’t go back for a while. So, they did something never done before at least I haven’t seen it. They put on classes online, but for everyone though. Some schools were even sending packets through the mail for elementary, middle, and high schools to do to be caught up. But the virus was just still taking over for months and months and no one could find no answer. It ran into the month April and was still going on during my birthday. I had just turned 19. It eventually caused for all schools to be permanently shut down meaning for high school seniors couldn’t graduate at all. They will never have that feeling of walking the stage and getting their name called in front of their families. I was lucky to graduate the year before all of the madness was happening. But I felt for their class because I have a couple of friends that was in that class. Every time we talk about graduation, they always get offended and want to change the subject. Which was perfectly understandable.

 Life was great for the most part until this came upon, we had the most memorable times. Gas prices were low as they ever been when the epidemic was going on, I’m talking $1.49 per gallon low, you could put $15 in and be halfway full or make it full. That was sweet for us. The President at the time was a true idiot I’m sure you know that much about him. He wanted everyone to go back to work despite that people were being affected by this virus. He was one of those that didn’t really care about nothing but himself and what he wanted done. The way he ran the country was a complete mess. But as far as the life for us back then, we were living it like it was our life and that’s a fact.

   So, when you ask me how it was when I was your age, I tell you it was bittersweet. Our life was put on hold for a long period of time, but we made the best of it. We had to live in a very puzzling world. It wasn’t normal for us or your great grandparents at all. Our childhood I would say was most definitely better than yours in. a lot of ways. Your generation is so into technology nowadays it’s such a shame that you guys don’t want to explore and go outside anymore. You guys are laziest generation I’ve ever seen. All you guys want to do is be in the house and on your phones 24/7. Pitiful.  I know it’s some things that are just not going to change from my generation to yours, but your youth is what you make it. Don’t let your life be boring no matter what you have to do. As long as it’s not illegal. 

Your life is what you make it regardless of the circumstances I know you guys get very wild, but that’s all a part of being young. You have to be young while you can. Because when you get old like me, you’ll look back on things and be able to laugh and joke about the great memories you had when you were s kid. 

God knows I wish I could’ve had a little bit more fun as a college student, take advantage of where you are because I wish I could reverse time every day. When I look back on it, I remember how bad it sucked to not be able to go the club or interact with our peers anymore. It had to be to my first college experience to be put on hold for a virus that didn’t even affect me at all. It basically scared the entire world for a long time and people were being overly precautious.  We still managed our schooling while all this was going on and I earned my degree in Sports Medicine.


    In conclusion of my letter, I hope you have great college experience and put your time to good use. If anything like this happen in the future, I hope you remember what I told you but be cautious while doing so. Don’t let nothing stop you from having fun is all I’m saying. You’re only young once. 

Your great grandfather always used to say, “Live the life you love, and Love the life you live”, and I took that I ran with it for my entire life. So, I say that to say this, my childhood was fun because of how me made it. Even during a serious epidemic, still have fun and live the rest of your teenage life how you want to. Take it from your old man. I still feel young right now because your great grandfather. 

He would be so happy to see you and how you’ve grown into a great young man how he raised me to be and how I’m raising you up to be.

I love you son, you take care of yourself.





Sincerely, Your Papa.