Friday, May 29, 2020

COVID Student Journal: Sad day because of the loss of one of my favorite residents.

(Student submission Spring 2020)

Day 1- I missed my last class this day because I had to make up a test for that class, because of the loss of a friend in a car accident. I had to take the exam next to him during a staff meeting and my concentration was no where near focused on the test. They were stating how we were going to be out of school for 2 weeks, so that really had me glued to what they were discussing.


Day 2- The next day was Friday, I went to my 8o’clock class where there was only 5 of us, so it was a quiet morning, campus kind of seemed deserted. My professor even distributed take home exams so that day was great. Later each student received a message stating that we will continue our course online.


Day 3 & 4- I worked this weekend, I am a “Caregiver”, so as we continue to find out more and more about how the semester is going to end, my job is informing us on all the new rules and things we were going to try to do to stay safe. A week after shutting China down, a a person tested positive for COVID-19 in Tallahassee.


Day 5- We started working on zoom, making sure everything worked fluently for students and staff. Classes online were setup so that you’d have to go to them the same time as when u were going to your actual class. The transition was kind of hard being that everything was online and not getting distracted was hard but it’s all about what you want in life, that’ll push you stronger.


Day 6 & 7- These two days has been kind of the same, my best friend/bro came into town & I stayed at his spot these two days. He plays football for West Virginia, so while we were chilling, he got an email from the school saying they didn’t have to come back on campus, later I received an email stating everything was going to be online.


Day 8- The facility that I work at is now not allowing visitors or family members to enter the building. We were given papers at the door stating what were our requirements to be able to work. Washing hands before entry, fill out a survey & wear a mask the whole time.


Day 9-12 – The virus started hitting the city of Tallahassee harder and people started to get laid off until further notice. I was checking my emails and updates for school. Classes we virtual and we were still adjusting to the zoom system. This was an ok shift at first so I kind of just chilled and relaxed me.


Day 13- I woke up with a email from my professor saying that there has only been 6 people in attendance to the zoom meetings in the past week, so I seen how too relaxed to started to become being home. This kind of woke me up to realizing that I was still really in school.


Day 14- They started talking about placing us on a curfew, in Gadsden @9pm & in leon county @11pm but I get off at 10:30pm so for people that work night shifts were given passes to show police if we were to be pulled over. Fast food spots were either closed totally or at certain times.


Day 15-17- People have been going broke, not knowing how they're going to survive. The government decides to write everyone with social security, kids or filed tax a check for 1,200 dollars. Grocery store going all out of stock for cleaning supplies & meats. While I was at work, I cashed app moms 200 for her to go and stack up on anything she believes we will like and need. My job started having us sign off on a policy everytime we come to work, stating that we washed our hands, don’t have any symptoms and haven’t been around anyone sick. Mask were to be worn at all times .


Day 18- Sad day because of the loss of one of my favorite residents. Mr Jim was a old,  cool, laid back guy. He told me I was his only buddy here. I’ve been at the same facility for about 2 years so I kind of gained bond with some of my residents.


Day 19- I started social distancing from friends that I was already because during the free time I wasn’t doing my work like I should have. Starting to think that I should be using this time to focus and get ahead. Today has been boring most of the day. I did a couple assignments, I rested for awhile but it felt as if I was uncomfortable just being in the house.


Day 20-22- These past few days have been very  Tiresome, so I've been grabbing shifts every day trying to work. School is getting frustrating because I have two classes that were best taken for  In person, instead of online. I ended up dropping 2 classes because of how things were set up. I’m usually a chilled person but not even being able to go watch a movie has lead me to exercising more.There's been a lot of pros to the quarantine when it comes to making yourself better. I’ve been more focused on finding my true passion, thinking about things I enjoy, saving more money than usual. My eating habits has also changed since restaurants have been closed/ limited. Just not use to being around the house as often as I am now.