Friday, May 29, 2020

COVID Student Journal: My mom still working in Miami, she is an indispensable worker. I’m so worried.

(Student Submission Spring 2020)


Monday, March 16, 2020

                  Today was a great day, but at the same time was a little confused. Today was my first day of Spring Break, finally! My boyfriend and I came to spend spring break with our families. My boyfriend’s family lives in Port Saint Lucie. Now, I’m in Miami with my mom, my sister and my nephew. I’m going to stay a few days here and then I’m going to Saint Lucie to spend some days with my boyfriend and his family.

Apparently, we are going to have a different spring break this time. In the news are saying that people should go out as little as possible, but the plan we had were different. Most of Florida Colleges are going to close for face to face classes for two weeks after Spring break as a precaution because a new virus showed up. The days before spring break, some of my professors at Tallahassee Community College spoke to us about possible changes in those two weeks.

 I heard on the news that in China and other countries have alarming sums of infected people. United States have 4632 reported cases and 85 deaths. For a big country the numbers are not worrisome. We are fine; the president said today in the news: “Our response is a 10”. It seems that everything is going to be okay.

Tuesday, March 17,2020

                  Today I woke up and I walked to the yard to see the sun. The weather was perfect. I missed the tropical whether of Miami so much. It’s a different vibe; the air, the plants, the sand in the yard and the sun. I took a selfie to send it to my boyfriend to show him how different looked my purple hair in the sun.

                  I talked with my mom and sister for hours about everything. They wanted to know about school and my grades, the places I go when I am in Tallahassee and what is happening with the new virus. We turn on the TV to watch the news. The name of the virus is Coronavirus or Covid19. The infected cases had increase, to 6421 reported cases and 108 deaths. Almost 2000 new cases in one day. Trump’s statement today was: “We’ve done a fantastic job”.

                  I checked my TCC email and I saw a TCC alert. The email said that TCC will extend remote learning through end of Spring Semester. TCC will be shared more information this week. I did not expect that, and I had a bad feeling about it. I texted to my boyfriend and he told me that Florida State University send to him a similar email. The classes would be online the rest of the semester.

                  In the afternoon I went to the hair salon where my sister works. Better than my hair look was saw the beach across the window. The hair salon were located in the hotel “Faena” in Miami Beach. The manager of the salon told my sister that they are going to close temporary because the hotel is closing the doors for new clients. Almost every hotel in Miami Beach were closing today. Everyone was talking about a possible quarantine in Florida.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

                  Another sunny day in The Magic City. The first thing I did when I woke up today was check my mail. I had another email from TCC with a similar message of the day before. All college events on campus were canceled because social distancing were primordial. Classes are going to be online and professor’s office hours too. I didn't say anything to my family, but this situation was beginning to worry me. I had a lot of questions in my mind, but I decided to forget everything at least for one day for the good sake of my remaining spring break.

                  My boyfriend came today to my family house. One friend of my sister invited us for a ride in his boat. That was exactly what I needed. I saw the splendor of Miami from the sea. That sensation of being away from everything was beautiful and nostalgic.

                  My mom made for us her special fried chicken, the best food in the world.  

                  I was so happy today.

Thursday,  March 19, 2020

                  My Pre-Calculus professor sent 3 emails about all the new changes in our homework, quizzes and tests. It was a lot of information, but everything was organized. My concern increased with every school email. I was nervous because I did not want that all this online thing affected my grades in a bad way.

                  My boyfriend and I went to Port Saint Lucie to spend a few days and then go to Tallahassee because of my job. The traffic was less intense that other days. We arrived at Saint Lucie in the late afternoon. I did not check the information of the virus this day neither. My boyfriend’s family were talking about the Coronavirus all day.

                  We are both from Cuban families, and Cubans are very exaggerated, so our families were very scared about what could happen with the virus.

                   We went to the park this afternoon and we played tennis with two friends of my boyfriend. At night we ate a delicious Cuban food made by my boyfriend’s mom. Rice, black beans and plantains.

Friday, March 20, 2020

We woke up very late and we had breakfast at lunch. I love big breakfast family because the table is full of different snacks. I checked my email as always and I had new emails from Pre-calculus and information about the availability of TCC resources.

Today was the last day of Spring Break but it’s Friday, so we have Saturday and Sunday left. The house of my boyfriend parents is very close to the beach, so we went there just to enjoy the fresh air. I feel that the beach is a sanctuary of calm, I love to be close to it.

Today was my boyfriend’s dad birthday. We sang Happy Birthday and the birthday cake was surrounded by Lysol spays and toilet paper; was a funny joke to represent his quarantine birthday.

 Telemundo news were in the tv, like my Cuban family the Hispanic news were a little bit exaggerated; in my opinion. Consequently, I walked to other room to avoid heard the news.

My boyfriend and I started to watch a new Japanese show in Netflix until sunrise.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

I received 12 emails today from TCC. One of them from the bookstore, with information about how to rent and return books. The process will be through mail.

My two years old boyfriend’s nephew was super ready to play with us all day.

Finally, I decided to watch the news and see what is happening with the Covid19. United States had today 25 489 reported cases and 307 deaths. I was in shock. How could this have happened? I missed the news just for 4 days. The numbers of cases in Spain, China and Italy are crazy. Many people is dying. It seems that the symptoms are similar to a regular flu but with a high temperature and pneumonia.

President Trump said today: “If we had two or three months…we could have done much better”. But I thought : “maybe you didn’t act on time”.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

                  I woke up late, in the afternoon. I checked my email as every day, and I saw 4 emails from my History class. Dr Soldani explained to us what the new process would be like in class. She was very detailed and organized, and that calmed me down enough. I had others two emails from Chemistry and Pre-calculus. Every professor was preparing the students with new instructions.

                  Today was a normal Sunday, very quiet with pizza plans like almost every Sunday. I was a little bit bored today, so I had the idea to ride a bike around the neighborhood. We saw the sunset on the Marina bridge. Simply beautiful.

Monday, March 23,2020

                  I woke up early today at 7:30 am. Feeling like I wasn’t ready for my classes. I was nervous. I received a web conference invitation from Pre-calculus, and I joined. The conference was fine, just a few computer incidents. The professor gives to us very clear instructions.

                  I was very grateful about the professors that I have. I had other emails from my English class, what was it about a peer review in groups through Canvas.

                  I spent all day in my laptop, reading carefully all the new changes in my classes. The professors were still working on how the tests were going to be.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

                  I can’t concentrate very much in my classes. I don’t have my quiet room here and I’m taking the online classes in the dinner room of my boyfriend’s family. I shouldn’t go to my family house in Miami for the quarantine. I think I need to go back to Tally.

                  We went to Walmart with gloves, but many people is not wearing any protection. People don’t respect the required distance in public spaces.

                   US had 53 740 confirmed cases today and 706 deaths. I heard the most irrational Trump statement in this season: “We are doing fine, try reopening by Easter”

                  We decided to go back to Tally in the night, finally! But when we were at one hour from Saint Lucy, the car broke. We stopped in a gas station and my boyfriend did something in the car battery with a Coca Cola and we had to turn back to Saint Lucie. We were so close to the calm.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

                  After a few days trying to fix our car, finally we arrived today at Tallahassee. The last day that I checked the Coronavirus numbers was two days ago, with 83 836 reported cases and 1209 deaths. At this point I’m really worried about the country, my family, my friends, my grandparents in Cuba and part of my family there. I don’t know what is going to happen and for how long we are going to be in quarantine. My job is open just for to go orders, so they don’t need all the workers. I’m worried in every way related with this situation.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

                   I have a lot of school assignments. I received 13 emails from my classes. I’m trying to avoid stress, so I’m doing different activities between my assignments and tests . Watching Netflix, cleaning the apartment, organizing my room, reading books, taking care of my skin and things like that. However, I have a little problem. My normal routine doesn’t exist anymore. Today I finished some homework at 7 am; I didn’t sleep in the entire night. I finally wet to bed at 8am and I woke up at 5pm. This is bad for me; my days are reversed. Because of that I’m eating less, and I don’t want to lose my normal weight.

                   I thought that the quarantine could help me to plan myself and it has been the opposite.

Friday, April 3, 2020

                   My boyfriend and I decided that we will go every 15 days to Walmart to avoid contact with other people. Two days ago, we checked in the news that Tallahassee has 28 cases of Covid-19. So today we went to Walmart. We were wearing gloves and face mask. I was shocked when I saw people without any protection, just a few persons with masks. People with children without protection and everyone with a super normal attitude. No social distancing and no protection. I was so disappointment to the lack of people responsibility in this difficult time.

Saturday, April 4,2020

                  I was thinking today how easy life can change. From one day to another everything stopped. Now nothing matter more than our health. I spend my whole life thinking that pandemic and apocalypse movies are just fiction. But now we are in a similar situation without a cure.

                  My mom still working in Miami, she is an indispensable worker. I’m so worried. Miami is one of the most affected cities in Florida for the Coronavirus. I do not doubt that it is the fault of social responsibility.  

                  This passed days look like an infinite loop. Sometimes I’m not sure what the date is. Every day looks exactly the same. If it wasn’t for the assignments that I have to submit; I wouldn’t know what day is today.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020  

                  I have been missing going to college and seeing the sun every day. Somedays, I didn’t see the sun. I miss my family; I just spend a few days with my mom in Spring Break and I’m not sure when I’m going to see she again. I shouldn’t go to Miami. It is my responsibility stay in home.

I decided not to stay pendent of the numbers of Coronavirus cases. I think something is not working correctly with the measures taken against the virus in the country.

                  I’m trying to complete all my homework early that the due date, but my routine still totally dislocated.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

                  Today I saw on Facebook some posts about the Coronavirus. People blaming Chinese people for start the virus. The comments were very cruel. It isn’t the first time that I saw hater posts like this example. People blaming each other and blaming foreign governments.

                  I think this situation is bringing out the true personality of some people in a negative way. In the other hand other people is learning from this difficult time.

                  Today I saw some good things too in social media. Animals around the world are enjoying human absence. The videos and photos are beautiful, where different animals are exploring the cities without humans.

Friday, April 17, 2020

                  Today appeared 1413 new cases in Florida and I’m not sure how many cases exist in US right now. I’m away from news, I’m tired of saw people suffering on videos on social media and the news. People dying in quantities in Italy, Spain, even in New York. Hospitals without good conditions or enough medical material. I have only one question: When all this is going to stop?

Monday, April 21, 2020

                  It seems that the new cases are less than days ago. Everything seems to be more calmed, but I’m not sure about that. I feel that time has stopped. I’m in a bubble of insolation, and I know this situation is much more difficult for other people. I’m sad for everyone.

                  This semester is almost over and we don’t know yet where we are come back to physical classes.

                  I want to learn how to play guitar after this semester ended.

                  I’m my personal experienced, I think the entire world is going to change after this virus ended. I just hope it changes for good. I expect a good end of this year 2020. I aspire that everyone have a happy ending. Maybe everyone is waiting for a miracle that disappears this Covid-19. I have faith.