Friday, May 29, 2020

COVID Student Journal: My children will see this in their history books for sure.

(Student submission Spring 2020)

Monday, April 6th-  As of today I have been in quarantine for about 2 weeks and so far, it has been pretty uneventful. Like for example today I woke around noon and just worked out at my house and then went inside and worked on homework for a couple hours then I ate dinner with the fam and played video games until about 4 AM.


Tuesday, April 7th- Today I didn’t do much as I just went on a 2-mile run and then just chilled around the house and then my friend came over and we chilled for a little bit then we went to my grandparent’s farm to play basketball which my grandparents only live like 5 minutes from me. It’s nice to just leave the house and go do something outside as it clears my mind but after that I went back home and hung out with the family and we worked on a 1000-piece puzzle that my mom picked up. Then I got on Facetime with my friends and played some Call Of Duty till about 3 in the morning the nice thing about this quarantine is that I can sleep in as long as I want which is very nice since I really like my sleep.


Wednesday, April 8th- Today I woke around noon as that’s been my ideal time to wake up since I’m staying up in the early morning due to my sleeping schedule that I started doing when I was in Tallahassee as I worked at Recess as security which is a club in College Town so I would be up till about 4 AM every shift cleaning the club which at first, I didn’t think I’d like but I started to really like my job and the hours that I was working so I got used to it. But to get back on topic I started my day by eating a bowl of cereal and if you’re wondering what type of cereal is the best it’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch but after that I went on a nice run I’m not going to lie though it was about hot as hell outside today but after I grinded some homework out for about 2-3 hours. Then went to my grandparent’s farm again to play basketball as they took the rims down at all the local parks to prevent people from gathering together.


Thursday, April 9thToday was the first day that I have seen COVID-19 truly impact something I was doing as I was going to the eye doctor at the USF Medical Center and it was something I’ve never seen before as they were screening everyone in the front of the building before everyone went into the building but they weren’t letting any people come in they almost didn’t let my mom come in but she wasn’t going let that happen. But everyone who entered the building had to wear masks to cover their face as they told my mom this a couple days before so she could prepare and get masks for me and her. The doctor’s office was as empty as I’ve ever seen it as there were maybe 2 or 3 people in there when there is usually like 25-30 patients there at a time. After the doctor’s appointment, I went back home and took a shower as I don’t trust being out in public right now but it is weird times right now as I’ve never seen something like it. My children will see this in their history books for sure.


Friday, April 10th-  Today I went to the chiropractor for the first time in life and it was nothing like the eye doctor I went to yesterday as I didn’t have to wear a mask and they didn’t screen me but there weren’t many people in there so I felt safe but they just took x-rays of my spine and then told me to see them again on Monday. After I went on a run and then my friend Dylan came over and we just chilled at my house but my parents at first told me I was on lockdown but then they eased up and let some of my friends come over as they hadn’t been anywhere but their house and he helped on some homework and then after that played some video games until about 3 AM.


Saturday, April 11th- Today when I say today I did not do anything I didn’t do a single thing expect eat some food and play video games as it was a lazy day for not only me but my whole family as luckily both my parents are still working since they are considered essential businesses so I’m glad that they can work still and provide for the whole family.


Sunday, April 12th HAPPY EASTER!! Today was a very strange Easter as I usually go to church in the mornings but instead I got to sleep in on Easter which was very weird but I wasn’t complaining but we had a very big Lunch with my parents cooking a Brisket, Honey Ham and Short Rib with sides and it was so good!! After that we just hung out together watched some movies then I went to my room and chilled for the whole night.


Monday, April 13th Today I woke up pretty early as I had to go to the chiropractor again as they told me if anything was wrong with me and gave me an adjustment which felt so good as I have never had someone crack my neck and body like that so it was very nice for someone to finally do that after that I worked out for about an hour and then worked out my homework until my whole family came home and ate dinner with them and went to sleep pretty early for the first time which was like 11:30 PM which is very early for me.


Tuesday, April 14th- I woke up around noon which has been very nice and then worked out in my yard for a little bit and then my friend Connor called me and asked if I wanted to go to his lake and go out on the jet skis and I had nothing better to do so I went and he got a new puppy whose name is Bubba it’s a Golden Retriever that’s about 9 weeks old. I stayed there until about 6 then he took me back to my house on his golf cart since he only lives like not even 2 minutes from me. And now I’m here writing this journal.


Wednesday, April 15thToday was one of my more unproductive days as I just sat inside my house and watched Netflix movies. Then I went to fill out an application at a local pizza place cause I need money as I’m just tired of sitting inside. COVID-19 has been like nothing I’ve s


Thursday, April 16th-  Today I woke up and worked on a lot of my homework. I’ve been trying to keep track of my eating habits and I’m pretty pleased with myself as I have been watching how much I eat but at the same time I have not been really hungry as I used to so but I’m not complaining. I’ve also noticed that while I do work out on the usually I have been working out for longer periods of time.


Friday, April 17th- This whole COVID-19 situation has really shown me a lot of things about myself that I can fix and also that I’m proud about like for example I have gotten my grades up from being at home which I really needed to do also I could work on finding new things I like to do like learning how to code on computers or something that can benefit me in the future. I’ve also noticed myself to be on my phone a lot more then I used to which is understandable as I’m inside for longer periods of time now


Saturday, April 18- Today my whole family hung out at the house and just had bonding time as it’s been since high school since my siblings and I have been home at the same time so we just chilled and played games and listened to music. My mom has now tried to put my whole family on the new diet she’s been reading about that fixes your metabolism so let’s see how this works as I’ll keep you posted through my journal


Sunday, April 19th- Today was a very lazy day since I woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon but to my defense it was pouring outside so I’d figured I would go back to sleep but I stayed in the house and just watched movies. I’m kind of at my tipping point for this whole quarantine thing as all my friends send me memories and videos from when we were in Tallahassee which makes me even miss it more but at the end of the day I can’t really do much so it is what it is but today was the first day my mom cooked a meal from her new diet and I can’t lie it was really good it was Steak Fajitas with vegetables.


 Monday, April 20th- Today was a national holiday which I celebrated responsibly of course but I also realized that we’re almost done with this semester with next week being the last one for me as all my classes have tests by then. I had maybe the best dinner I’ve had while in quarantine which was lollipop chicken and shrimp and it was mad on the best day.


Tuesday, April 21th- I went to the chiropractor today for a follow up to see how I was feeling and I’ve really enjoyed my short experience with going to the chiropractor as I’ve already seen a difference in how I feel. I later started doing Doordash which is like Uber Eats where you just bring people food to their houses as it’s a really easy way to make quick money and when I don’t want to be in the house by myself bored that’s what I do.


Wednesday, April 22th- This whole COVID-19 situation has really made me think about my surroundings for the first time as I’m a person who usually isn’t worried about all the stuff that goes on in the world but for some reason this whole situation just shows that I have to be careful and watch what I do because this virus doesn’t care who you are as you can catch easily as I’ve heard stories from friends that have their parents in the hospitals because of this when they were healthy people to begin with. I’m truly worried about my grandparents because they are more prone to get this so my mom has been going to the grocery store for them while they stay inside but they don’t listen to well and go to the store by themselves and do other stuff. But today has been a casual day in quarantine.


Thursday, April 23th- Today I realized that I’ve been doing the same activities for almost 2 months and it’s kind of getting me antsy as I’m trying to do stuff with my friends and going to the beach as I’ve never truly experienced a whole state lockdown. I went to Publix today and everyone was wearing masks and I walked in without a mask and everyone was starting at me with weird faces and for the first time ever I felt uncomfortable in a grocery store because you don’t know which one of these people have the virus but I will say I am impressed with how Publix has handled the whole situation as they have people who wipe down your cart before you get it and have put social distancing guidelines throughout the store.


Friday, April 24th- I have recently been driving for DoorDash as I need a way to make money during this time also so I can leave my house so I don’t go insane because I’m a person who likes to go outside and do stuff so when I heard we have a stay at home order I was not too pleased and then where I live in Tampa they had put a curfew for 9 PM so you couldn’t be out later or you would get a fine of $500 or get arrested but they just took away the curfew cause they realized that’s not very fair.


Saturday, April 25thToday was a very solid day as I went deep sea fishing with my dad and had some good bonding time during this stay at home order I realized how important my family is to me as they are my support system and were all back together so it just makes me happy to be with them during this whole situation with COVID-19 also my family has been eating really healthy lately as we wanted to change something during this quarantine. I’m also almost done with school so I’m excited about that.


Sunday, April 26th- During this stay at home order my family and I have not been able to go to church but luckily our church has put the services online so every Sunday we can watch the service whenever we want after I usually just work on homework and watch movies and get ready for the week. I drove for Doordash for about 4 hours to just let the day past.


Monday, April 27th- It’s my final week for the spring semester so I’m excited that I’m going to be done with school for a little bit but hopefully I can start doing stuff eventually as I’m tired of being inside. This week I’ll probably just grind on my homework and studying for my exams since I want to finish strong on the year.


Tuesday, April 28thToday I have to study for my math final since I’m not the best math student so I have to grind and sit down and review all the material from the semester as I have a B right now and would like to keep it that way but I went on a run today just to go outside and clear my head and I noticed that a lot of more people have been going outside and exercising which is huge because exercise is so good for the body so I’m glad I saw people taking action and going outside.


Wednesday, April 29th- Today I had a math exam and I got a 93 on my exam and I’m really happy as I could possibly get an A in the class and have not gotten an A in math in a while so that really made my day also Governor Desantis stated that the stay at home order is going to get removed soon later next week so that’s some other good news so there is light at the end of the tunnel as these are my last days writing this journal.


Thursday, April 30th- Today is my last day this semester also writing this COVID-19 journal over this past month or so I have learned a lot about myself and what my true hobbies and interests are also I have learned the true importance of family during this time as well as school as I took a step back for the partying scene to being at home and just doing homework with no distractions while I didn’t enjoy it during the process I’m glad to be able to say I lived during this whole situation and I can tell my kids what I was doing during these trying times and how the world reacted to the whole thing.