Friday, May 29, 2020

COVID Student Journal: Moral of the story, you should always live a little while you are young.

(Student submission Spring 2020)

            Day 1: Finding out about the coronavirus I honestly didn’t take it seriously at first. I thought oh well that’s in china and I saw memes about it on Instagram so I just assumed that it was all just a big joke. I had plans to travel down south to Ft. Lauderdale where an old friend of mine goes to school his name is Rafi. That’s where I was going spend my spring break, I stuck to my normal eating habits and didn’t really consider it too much. I wasn’t really following any news I was just living my personal life.


Day 3: I’m seeing more memes about it on Instagram we still have faith that it’s just a joke I mean why would something like this happen to us right before spring break? My parents have taken it seriously at this point but I have not, they watch a little more news than I do and I’m young and dumb and ready to take on an adventure.


Day 6: The virus is getting worse it’s made its way to America but I still figured that it wasn’t that big of a deal and neither did my friends, I mean we are young adults on spring break of course some virus isn’t going to stop us from having a good time. We still didn’t consider it to be threating so we were dedicated to still going down south. Along with me was my friend Sean and Josh.


Day 9: We are just taking it day by day, its slowly getting worse and spreading through out different states. People have are starting to panic and go buy everything at the grocery store. My parents do the same and go get some essentials before they are all gone. We haven’t changed our diet and things are slowly getting shut down.


Day 12: We aren’t allowed to travel down south anymore. The virus has made its way all the way from china to Florida and has ruined our spring break. The good thing is he was Rafi wasn’t our only friend who was staying by the beach. The beaches in Panama City were still open so took the trip over there and had our self’s a time for a week. The whole week we talked about how the virus wasn’t that serious but as we kept talking about the situation, it kept getting worse and worse and everything started to shut down and it was getting kind of bad so we figured we should probably head home by the end of the week just so no one catches it. At this point we realize that its not a joke anymore and things are getting serious.


Day 15: We get home from spring break and my parents send me a text telling me that since iv been out around other people I should probably quarantine at my friend’s house for a week just to make sure I’m not sick or anything because my dad has a heart problem and I have two little siblings that don’t have the strongest immune system. I lived on my friends couch for a week at his frat. Honestly it was a lot of fun being out on my own I was a free man in my town but by this time everything was closed down and I was stuck inside the frat. We made the best of it and did what we could to stay busy. We are college kids so our diet right now is sandwich’s and cereal.


Day 18: It’s my birthday today I just turned 20. Months before I was thinking about this day and how it was going to be a lot of fun and what I was going to do with my friends. Sadly, that didn’t happen, by this time everyone was scared of the virus and no one was going to come out into crowds larger than 10. The streets were empty when they are usually packed with traffic. A 30-minute drive turns into a 15. People are starting to clean everything and some places are actually looking pretty nice again. I drove home and had a birthday dinner with my family at our house. Usually we go out to eat so it was honestly kind of nice to be able to have a good family dinner at home with everyone around.


Day 21: I’ve been at my friend’s house since I’ve been back from spring break, I’m tired of sleeping on the couch and not having my own personally space and room. We are getting on each other nerves because we have constantly been around each other quarantining with nothing to do. I decide I want to go home so I do. I’m finally back in my own bed around my own personal things. It feels good so I do what any normal person would do and take a nap to catch up on the times I woke up during the middle of the night on the couch.


Day 24: I’m bored in the house with nothing to do, I start by cleaning my room. All I’ve been doing lately is playing video games with my friends like we are 8 years old on a Saturday night. I’ll go out in my back yard and swim with my brother and sister or play with them. Food hasn’t been a problem and we are staying healthy and away from everyone. By this point everything is shut down the whole world is on pause and are in their homes. We have officially lost sports and school is all online. Never in my life I thought I would have to go through something like this. Its really sad that this has happened and my prayers go out to every family that has been affected by this. All I really wish we could have back were sports. Growing up athletic always having something to watch on tv and now it’s just taken from us. We cannot take things for granted because we never know when something like this will happen to us.


Day 26: Moral of the story, you should always live a little while you are young. You never know what day will be your last. Living your life to the longest may be more fulfilling than living your life to fullest but for me I pick option 2 I know that it’s a serious problem and we everyone should be well concerned but that’s just my look at it.



( I know it’s not a day to day journal but honestly a lot of those days felt repeated, we had nothing to do but stay in the house this story just has the bigger parts in words and the smaller detailed left out so it doesn’t get to boring.)