Friday, May 29, 2020

COVID Student Journal: Life throws you curveballs sometime and you have to sit back and hit that bitch out the park.

(Student submission Spring 2020)

Boredom, boredom would be an understatement if i told you this is what life consisted of during the quarantine time period. The COVID-19 virus was scary not necessarily to harm me but to harm our parents, grandparents and even our babies. The virus mainly affects people with weak lungs or elderly people. Growing up in my shoes knowing how important family is, I didn't want to put any of my family members in harm's way.

March 14th is the day that I left college to come back home. At the beginning i was thinking to myself  “damn i could get used to this” because it started off slow and the rules were not in place yet. Me and a bunch of my friends set out for the beach, and did not have a thought in mind of the COVID-19 virus. We enjoyed the time away from school and baseball. What was soon to be a disaster of a pandemic, was a break from life.

Days passed it's all the same until the rules were applied to stay at home. This is when you realize how much you actually like going to the store and going to school and playing sports. But this is only the beginning of the long stretch of weeks to come. We waited for the virus to decline but it only increased. When we thought it had hit the peak it only increased and this was not a good sign. So now we have to find new games to play inside and new things to do around the house. Card games, Video games whatever it is, you name it i've played it. Video games are the only reason I've been able to make it through this virus. I've been occupied at home with nothing to do and play video games from when I wake up to when I go to sleep. Very little activities are done during this time.

April 1st Governor Kemp of Georgia, where I am from, comes out and tells us we are not allowed to leave the house unless we are going to work groceries or to get medicine. If you were to get pulled over and you were not going to any of these places they started off with a minimum fine of 1,000 dollars. So um yeah screw that. But there was a cheat in the system for exercise. You were allowed to go exercise, so me, my brother and my buddy used that to our advantage.  

My friend lives about 4 miles from my house and we later found out riding a bike uphill for 4 miles is not fun. But we were sitting at home one day and my friend has a shack at his house and he called us up and he said yall get here as soon as possible. I have an idea. Well on a damn bike 4 miles is about 25 minutes. So me and my brother got there as fast as we could, and boy o boy did he have an idea. We pull up and go back to his shed and there's shit piled up to the roof and through a small hole you can see a weight lifting rack in the very back.

The very next day is when the work started. From golf clubs to old bikes and toasters everything imaginable was in there. There was dust mold and rust everywhere. It took us 3 days to get all the stuff out and try to find somewhere to put it. Once all the stuff was out now it was time to start cleaning and painting. We swept, pressure washed, and painted everything just to try and make it look a little decent. Staying in shape for us is something that we have to do to get better and baseball and me and my brother being a college athlete and my friend being a professional baseball player. All the weights were painted and the whole rack was painted just to cover all the rust. So i might be going to get a tetanus shot pretty soon. On a good note the weight room or as we call it “The Shed” is probably the most badass place i've ever worked out at, there is no air conditioning its hot and humid and you can feel your body getting stronger and skinnier.

Everyday since we finished the weight room I have pretty much been on the same routine. Wake up at 10:30, eat, drink a bottle of pre-workout, go to my friends, throw, lift, run, and then come home shower and play video games.  Life in quarantine is hard but it's pretty easy, school is kinda boring you just sit behind a computer screen not learning much on your own but forcing information into your own head, and me not knowing how to teach it's kinda hard for me to  learn on my own. But life throws you curveballs sometime and you have to sit back and hit that bitch out the park.