Thursday, May 28, 2020

COVID Student Journal: I saw employees escort someone out of the grocery store because they were trying to cough on people

(Student Submission Spring 2020)

Well grandson, the year 2020 started out as a good year just like every other year but suddenly problems started accumulating. I was younger at the time and didn’t really pay attention to the news like I should. One day when my mother was watching the news, I overheard the reporter saying that the virus was spreading across the world and we couldn’t control it. My mom and dad were panicking because me and my brother were away at college and they didn’t want us away from them if the governor was to shut the city down. I know it sounds boring but just wait until I get to the good part.

     The first day of quarantine I was pretty much a regular day to me because I rarely went places unless I had to, or I was working out at the gym or going to the grocery store. It was kind of crazy because people acted out of hand making it seem like they had never been outside before. One day when I was at the store waiting to go in, I saw employees  escort someone out of the grocery store because they were trying to cough on people. At the time people were very scared because there were so many people that had contracted the virus. Everyday hundreds of people died from it and the total cases steadily increased. So, you can understand why people didn’t find it a funny matter to cough on someone.

     The man was saying that he was just joking and that’s what got him really kicked out of the store. Your lucky that you were not born around this time. We had to make so many adjustments to the stores and how you enter them. You have to stand on these taped X’s that were on the ground. I didn’t like it because sometimes it would very hot outside and there would be a long line especially for Walmart and Sam’s. Other than that, there wasn’t much to do because it wasn’t safe to be in large groups and we couldn’t go out of state.

     So many things had to change in order to treat the people that contracted the virus. For starters the government shutdown the cities and made to where people couldn’t come back from the place they were at that time. I felt bad for families who were separated due to the shutdown because the president said it could be months before they could return back to their homes. Everyday the news was updating and stating things that contradicted itself from the previous news. It was sad because you had people who acted as if the virus couldn’t affect them and chose to neglect the social distancing. This put themselves and many others at risk.

     Listen to me when I tell you grandson that there are some nasty people in the world who don’t care about their own wellbeing.  Many videos were being made of people going into stores and licking toilet seats and other items.  I was wondering what could have been going through their heads to think it was going to be funny to people who are losing their loved ones to the virus. Think if I thought it was cool to do what they did and somehow contracted the virus, then you wouldn’t be here. The first couple of days the news told us that the elderly were the only ones susceptible to the virus and it was safer for them to stay inside. While that was true it wasn’t the entire truth. They were making it seem as if the youth couldn’t contract it, but later many cases popped up of younger people getting sick. Each day the city got more and more deserted, so it was kind of a good thing because there was less traffic.

     Your great, great grandmother was not going to let us get sick, so she started looking up videos on how to make a mask. We had already been waiting on the N95 mask that she ordered but somehow, they were stolen. So much was going on in a short amount of time, they made curfews and you were charged a fee if you were out past that specific time. Oh yeah and don’t let me forget you pretty much had to wash your hands after every time you touched something. I even lost my job because only certain people were allowed to work. We were dealing with millions of people who were unemployed and still had to try to make ends meet.

     Those days were long and boring, but we made them more entertaining by creating games and watching movies. The virus helped our family come closer than they ever were before because you didn’t know who was going to get sick. As the cases built up in the hospitals, I worried about my sister’s safety of being a nurse because you did not know who had due to some people being asymptomatic. Luckily, she got tested the day they found out someone had it in there building. It was a good day because she tested negative for the virus and it was Sunday, so my mom cooked a big Sunday dinner. I know I said a mouth full so I will end it here by saying I am thankful for our family I love you deeply.