Thursday, May 28, 2020

COVID Student Journal: I never thought it would turn into a pandemic this extravagant

(Student Submission Spring 2020)

The months of March and April have been and absolute catastrophe, the world seems like it is on pause and everything seems off in many ways. The epidemic of the coronavirus has changed the economy and the way of life super quickly. 

I remember being in class and hearing rumors from teachers that there may be a serious virus spreading. I didn’t think a whole lot about it at first because I never thought it would turn into a pandemic this extravagant. When I first heard colleges and all platforms of education were all going online, I didn’t know what to expect. Being at home with all this going on has made it difficult to focus on class and with it being all online I feel like it gives me a major disadvantage and it has been hard to stay focused. 

In the start of the virus spread there wasn’t many extreme rules. I was still hanging out with friends and having normal days it almost felt like summer. Once the month of April came around many lives completely changed. 

April was the start of coronatine, and this led to many small businesses and all restaurants put on pause. This epidemic has put all sports on pause and has made many athletes/ fans unhappy with seasons ending. My brother was affected by his last college baseball season being cut off and his recruitment opportunities have come to an end to further his baseball career. He is not the only one suffering athletically from the virus. Many athletes have gotten their freshmen years cut off due to this crazy virus. 

My parents have been fortunate as their jobs have not been extremely affected by this. My mom has had a hard time with real estate, due to the economy being so corrupt. I fortunately have qualified for my stimulus check and this has helped me become a little more financially stable during all this with no job opportunities.

 One thing I have been doing is insta-cart, which is a app that allows you to pick groceries for individuals that can’t leave their houses due to health concerns. This app provides great income and easy work for mainly younger individuals. As a bonus you can work your own hours and choose the orders that you think are worthy of doing. This app has helped me so much trying to earn extra money instead of being stuck at home with no source of income. I highly recommend this app and will continue to do it even after the pandemic is over.

 Right now, it is the end of April and it seems like the strict rules are slowly fading as small portions of business are starting to reopen. One of the biggest things I want to reopen would be the gyms because I miss working and having a good body. Now I am going to take you through my everyday life of quarantine. In March was the start of the pandemic and I was having boat days every other day. This made me not think a lot about virus as I feelings of enjoyment with friends. I went fishing a few days as well and living in the city of Sarasota with a boat made me feel like I was going to have things to do. Unfortunately, a few weeks later the boat ramps were closed, and I really felt bored.

 In the start of April, I was playing video games daily and trying to keep myself busy as I am losing my mind sitting in my house. Homework has been hard to think about even though I have time to do it. It's difficult when no one pushes you and you have no class to stay up to date on. 

Also, I have figured out that I will be attending a different school next year. I will be attending the State College of Florida and this is going to be a huge change knowing I am staying in my hometown for good. The only positive on that is I will be with all my friends.

 It has been on my mind everyday making me feel like I am not getting a full college experience. Another day to day activity I have been doing is poker and other card games. It has been addicting and fun to do with nothing else going on. 

My days also consist of waking up at noon knowing I have nothing to do. At this point it feels like a pattern for me and I hate getting used to it because it is extremely boring and unproductive. In my following years I want to start my life and hopefully find a career I am passionate about. My efforts towards school just haven't been there recently and it feels off. Every once in a while, I will hang out with a small group of friends. We get together to enjoy ourselves and play cards and keep ourselves company while the world is off. 

Every time I go on deliveries for my app all I see is people wearing masks and social distancing. One day I was in Publix and I coughed, I then saw people quickly walk away because they were freaked out. This is just overall a crazy time right now and I am itching for it to be over. When the epidemic is over my goals are to work hard, work out, and enjoy myself over the summer because it has been a long hard year for me as I have dealt with a few different issues in Tallahassee. 

I hope everyone stays safe and is doing okay. 

I hope families all around the country make it past this and the world resumes after this epidemic. My name is R. P.  and I wish everyone the best through this tough time period .