Thursday, May 28, 2020

COVID Student Journal: I had qualified for nationals and I was excited

(Student Submission Spring 2020)

As the year 2020 came I would not expect none of the most horrible thing to happen in my life. I got completed blindsided by what is about to happen. Coming back to school for a new year and I was so ready for track I knew I was going to have a great track season. 

At first it was a video going viral of someone eating an alive bat at a restaurant. A few days later a virus started going around but people were not taking it seriously at first until it started killing a bunch of people. 

When it came to the US I wasn’t going to expect my track season to end the way it did I had qualified for nationals and I was excited because the season didn’t start yet all the hard work I put in was like are you serious just to have my season end and couldn’t run my first track meet what was coming up and it was 2 days away when they canceled it.

 I was so upset at that point that and I at least wanted to run at least 1 track meet before they canceled it. 

As more and more people started getting the virus it was getting crazier and crazier. Then in the US people started dying and stores started closing and people panicking and buying stuff at stores until there is nothing there. Soon they started making everyone stay inside so no more people can get the virus and that means some people can not work and wont be having any money to be taking care of their kids or stuff like that. 

As the weeks been going by schools started to close so they switched it to online classes so that everyone cam still be doing their work. But not everyone could because not everyone has internet. Having to switch to online is different than coming to school I like being in the class so I can ask questions when I need to or when I am confused about something. But one thing I like is that for online classes is that you can go ahead on your work which I like but I what till the last minute to do which I should not. 

Ever since I had to stay home for the virus, I have been training still to become a better track runner. Since I cannot compete every 2 weeks I would go and challenge myself to see how fast I am getting. I’m working out like every day because I have to much time on my hands and I like to work out so I’m happy that the 2 things I like I can do more and spend time getting my body for the next season and I will be prepared.

 I have been eating too much lately feels like I am getting fat, but it is a great time to be spending time with my family more and I would not expect to be with them this long.