Thursday, May 28, 2020

COVID Student Journal: The good outweighs the bad.

(Student submission Spring 2020)

Day 1 of Coronavirus crisis was a big transition. First, I went home to my family in Alabama. First day we tried to buy as much water as we could. Many stores were running out of food and drinks. However, this has become more serious thing then everyone thought. Every morning we consider of putting our mask on before we leave the house to protect ourselves from the virus.

Basically, being on lockdown really forces you to be bored in the house. Continuing there are some positives and negatives because I get to see my family. However, throughout the day I try to stay active and keep my mind positive. Considering school going into online classes could be stressful because some face to face classes are not meant to be online. Besides that, I been trying to become a healthy person

I am usually a person that sleeps in all the time. This has changed ever since I came home.  Bananas are becoming my thing early in the mornings. Exercising and running have turned into an everyday thing. It makes me feel better on the inside and out. Since I been on quarantine, I realized how important exercising is to my health.

However, as day 3 came my parents begin to panic more and buy groceries. My other family members were panicking and buying a lot of groceries as well. We start staying in the house for 24 hours which sucked. It was like a complete lockdown, but our state was the last to be on lockdown. If you do not know I'm originally from Alabama.

Day 4 ended up being a repeat of things as the coronavirus crisis got closer. Every day I tried to find new thing to do inside the house. Considering I live in a small town it was absolutely a ghost town. Only time I went outside that day was to take the trash out. Every day the virus gets worse and our lives got more boring.

Day 5 still on quarantine and news still telling worse news. I moved around more and visit some old family and friends. Also got out and started my mile run with a mask. In contrast nothing really has changed, and weather was cloudy. It is nothing new though because Alabama weather is bipolar.

Many people since I been home have been taking it seriously. As day 6 started we got our first case in the city. In contrast on the positive side they were not from Alabama. So, with that person being from Georgia gave everyone a sigh of relief. Everyone kept living their regular lives until further notice.

Day 7 another case came into the city. It was pretty much a scare because that person was from Georgia.  So, no one from our city has it at this time, but this made more people quit jobs and file for unemployment. Many people got more serious about it even though no one had it yet. Continuing day 8 remained the same as 7 with two major cases.

Day 9 became more of a problem for the state of Alabama. Alabama was reaching 50 cases. Considering that we were the last state to get it that was horrifying. I ate fried chicken everyday of quarantine it seems like. Greasy foods really had me backed up lol.

Day 10 the first case that comes from Dothan, Alabama. It was elderly person around their seventy’s. Researchers said it came from a nursing home. The virus is crazy because it comes out of nowhere. Considering if ten people get it in this city it is crazy because population is so small.

Day 11 another case of the coronavirus rises in my city. However, it came from the same exact nursing home. As I talk to people, they were saying only older sickly people were getting it. Some were saying more blacks were getting it around the country then Caucasians. However, this taking a toll on everyone in the community. Everyone had a different perspective on the virus that talked too, and cases were has gotten worse around the country.

Next day people around the city were staying in the house. I forgot to mention the government has not mention a stay at home order for the state. So, at this point you could do what you want. Our government believes it would not get worse and kept businesses open. In my opinion this was the worse idea a government could have ever made.

Day 13 more cases rises in the city. Also, the hospital has more people than what their telling. It was turning into more of a secretive thing. Every day I am trying to find a way to stay sanitize and clean. However, on the positive side I got to see my girlfriend more. Spending quality time with the ones that are important to you means a lot. Day 14 and 15 cases remain the same because their trying to keep secret to the community

Day 16 we had very bad weather. Considering it was cloudy all through the day that did not stop me from exercising. Me turning into a morning person shocked my parents. I needed this change personally because I really need a good detox from college. Eating unhealthily and going out really took a big part of my body.

Day 17 started with a good 2-mile run. Then I ate some breakfast grits eggs and bacon. Next took my vitamins to keep energy in my body. Also drinking lemon water to purify my body. Everything about this quarantine has not been bad. The good outweighs the bad.

Day 18 was more of the same as 17. Started with a good course meal and running 2 miles. Staying on my regular schedule. Pollen gets more into the air and my allergies worsen. In the country my allergies tend to mess up bad because of fields and farming.

Day 19 theirs more than 60 cases in our city. Continuing theirs ten tests waiting for results. Across the world there are over 2 million cases. The government made stay at home permanent unless you are essential. I continued to live my normal life and stay home. Day 20 was the same as day 19 nothing major has really happen.

Day 21 I went to check on family. Everyone in my family is doing well. I'm finishing up schoolwork for my classes. Each class is almost finish. Honestly got a couple more assignments and I will be done with semester. As the days gone by everyone is getting used to the quarantine life. The biggest things are checking on your love ones. If it's a time to cherish moments with grandparents and great aunts is now. Considering 2020 has been a rough year for everyone. As a family and as a universe everyone is coming together. I appreciate this opportunity to write this journal. This will be a time to remember and will go down history!!