Thursday, May 28, 2020

COVID Student Journal: Also in my spare time I have been devising an economic plan

(Student Submission Spring 2020)

Throughout the last few weeks in this epidemic or pandemic which ever one you want to call it have been rough and good in a sense. First the food. I understood that in early March all my favorite restaurants closed, shocking, I miss getting Buffalo wings and gator tales from Corner Pockets. I miss getting my usual Thursday barbeque from Mo-Betta Barbeque at the shell gas station at Capital Circle and Parkway, God I miss it so much. 

I do miss going to Geo’s on Mahan and getting my usual Buffalo Chicken Dip and doing my usual 12 songs of karaoke till closing time, “Fool Hearted Memory” by George Strait, and “The Grand Tour”, “The Door” by George Jones, I miss it so much, I still practice in my truck everyday waiting for it to open back up to impress all the drunk hotties, if you know what I mean? Wink, wink! 

I have been deprived of any entertainment such as movies or concerts of any kind, A person can only rewatch the office all the way through so many times, and I am still hoping college football to come back and desperately waiting. In my free time I have been listening to my records so that haven’t had a needle through them in a long time, just listening to the smooth strings of The Nashville sound of the late 60’s and 70’s, George Jones, that man had the perfect hair, perfect voice, and style, nobody can touch him, not even Taylor Swift. 

I have been playing a lot of video games on my old Xbox 360 and on my Gaming laptop, only so much with 8 GBs of ram, and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphic card. I had redone the networking on my house with all new cat6 ethernet cables and new clamps which took a while, all my electronics are hard wired to my Wi-Fi router, I have recorded a few new records that have been added to my collection. That how you preserve an album without ruining the quality of the record. It is a simple way to listen to record without actually listening to it at all. PRESERVATION!!! 

Also in my spare time I have been devising an economic plan because I am considering running for President in 2036 because at that time I will be 37 years old and I will just be old enough to run, can I count on your vote this very late future November. I wondered that many people who don’t agree with trumps tax cut policy don't understand the correlation between TAX RATES AND TAX REVENUE. See when taxes are high the commonsense thinking is that if it cost more to make something than we won't produce as much or at all because we try to eliminate our losses that affect salaries benefits etc... I understand that Reagan used tax cuts on the rich especially the so-called Investing class, people who are willing and able to spend half of their net worth to a company as an investor or owner to help curve inflation, and get the economy working again. 

When taxes are low the economy booms because people can get more things with less money and that is a major key “ transactions” with more transaction more tax revenue, at a higher tax rate the economy slows down due to more cost for commodities and the that means less “transactions” and less tax revenue it sounds backwards, but it is true. My only change would be to instead cuts taxes on the middle class and lower, because YES, the business’s drive the economy but the consumer plays a much bigger role in it also. So, it we cut taxes on just the middle class and lower, the consumer will have more money in their pockets and more likely to spend it on commodities, phones, clothes, new truck tires, and etc.. more transactions more tax revenue. 

Next is regulations, Yes some regulations are needed to eliminate people scamming people out of money I am all for that, but I want to get rid of excessive government regulations Regulations that are set by two or three government agencies that cancel each other out. And this makes hell for the business owner and manager trying to follow the rules, and not get penalized, but still trying to run a business. So not taking hazard stickers off of chemicals not that, just getting rid of EXCESSIVE Government regulations. 

Also this might seem excessive but my first day in office I would use executive order to make a federal Law of any case that has any proof of Adultery or infidelity , like any person who obviously cheated on their spouse, that is an automatic fine of 100,000 $ yes that seems harsh. But the divorce rate is 54% and that is ridiculous, and this will teach people who cheat or the next time they cheat on their spouse they might remember that fine they payed and more than likely not cheat and maybe the divorce rate may go down and less broken homes due to divorce this goes for men and women, and those that are on the fence.

So yeah this is all that has happened. I know this didn’t follow the rubric of 21-30 days, but I couldn’t lie. I also viewed this as an extra credit and since I was passing your class, I felt I didn’t need to do it, and Now it has done it. I hope you enjoy. I would also hope that you wouldn’t penalize my grade based political views as that is a form of discrimination and I know you are NOT that type of person but I had to say just to be sure. I enjoyed being in your class I will visit you in the fall hopefully this virus mess is over by then.