Sunday, May 3, 2020

COVID Journal: The One with Carol Baskin at the end

(From Student submissions to AMH2020 Spring 2020)
April 1, 2020
       Today is April’s 1st and we all wish this was an April fools joke, but sadly it’s not.Today is my day off work. Because of this pandemic and college being moved to online, I’ve had to take a step back and dedicate a day just to do school. Lord knows I need it. This transition to online classes has been smoother in some classes than others. I’ve still yet to hear from 2 of my classes so it's kind of up in the air if I will be continuing work in the class till the end of the semester or what I'll be doing. The new thing we are moving to are these zoom calls, and man do they throw me for a loop. Nearly 3/4 of the class don't even log and I completely understand. It's hard to wake up at 8am in the morning to log onto one of the calls and actually staying awake for the whole class is nearly impossible. Also early this morning governor Ron DeSantis issued a statewide stay at home order to try and stop the rapid spread of the virus but here in Tallahassee thing s feel kinda normal with everyone about and working. As of right now there are 189,510 cases in the US and 4,076 deaths Florida is responsible for 7,773 cases and 101 deaths and it's frightening this thing is just getting started.
April 2, 2020
       Well, today started off a lil differently. This morning I had to head to Lowes and pick up a few supplies for a job we have, and when I arrived at Lowe's, they had these huge pieces of plastic at each register to help protect their workers from coming into contact with customers. Also, every 6 feet they had small yellow boxes for you to stand in while you're waiting for checkout. The scary part is that I have to travel all over to different job sites so once I got done with my lowe's run I had to stop and fill my truck up and and would you believe that gas is down to $1.49 its unreal but it makes you kinda sad because as soon as it's affordable to be able to travel we have to stay at home because of all of this. But today, Florida hit a total of 9,008 cases. Which it’s crazy to think just how long it takes before it starts to infect loved ones around me.
April 3, 2020
            Well today is finally Friday and the weekend is so close I can taste it and today looked like it was gonna turn out to be a really good day I was gonna be working down at the beach even though it was gonna be at work it's still nice to be in the beach atmosphere and really makes you forget about what’s all going on. But around lunch time things took a turn for the worse I had been working under the house so I didn’t have my phone on me and when I crawled out and checked it during my 2 o clock break I saw that I had several missed calls from a buddy of mine when I called him back he struck me with some horrible  news. A good buddy of ours had passed in a motorcycle accident and his girlfriend was in critical condition and this just hit me like a ton of bricks because I had passed the accident this morning and all I can do was think about how this was an inconvenience   in my day slowing me down not knowing that was my friend. And really this hit home with me because I had grown up playing baseball with him being on the same teams and we also shared a passion that was duck hunting both of us where avid duck hunters and the last time I got to hunt with him was opening and if I would have just known something like this would have happened I would to get the chance just to hunt with again but we get so caught up in our everyday lives we forget the little things and maybe we should just call someone up and hear there voice.  
April 4,2020
       Well today I got some much needed therapy after the devastating news of my friends passing  me ,my dad and brother in law decided we would head down to the coast to do a little fishing and man was that a great stress relief it felt so nice to be able to put some normality to this crazy situation and practice some social distancing and wear out some sea trout that would later become our dinner. But there has been some buzz going around the boat ramps that they are thinking about closing them down because of people congregating on the islands and tying off to each other and partying.but today was nice it was the first time that things had started to feel normal and I had a sense of accomplishment since this is the first weekend I didn’t stay cooped up inside I can tell you this I sure am going to sleep good tonight.
April 5,2020
Today was kind of a chill day, not a whole lot going. I got up this morning and did a little turkey hunting and man, did those little suckers give me the slip all morning long. After being exhausted, I decided I would sit down and get working on some homework that had been stacking up for a while but other then that today was just filled with a lot of binge watching Netflix the new series tiger king is the funniest thing ever and I think it’s the only thing keeping these country sane at the moment .(p.s. carol Baskin killed her husband)