Monday, March 30, 2020

5 Class Survey Responses

Over the past two weeks I've had to let go going to campus and spending time with my students in lectures and office hours.

 I can't let go of worrying about them.

 Before we can really try to move my classes online successfully I needed data, so I created a 5 question survey that I asked all my students to respond to by Friday 3/27. 

Each of my classes is the same size -- approximately 33 students - and I noticed immediately that some classes had much lower response rates.

About 40 of my students didn't respond, and I am assuming that they fall among those with the most limited access to technology and/or are dealing with profound unexpected changes right now and putting college classes on the back burner.

Overall I am concerned that about half of my students responded that they feel like their world is turned upside down.

Less than half of my students express confidence they have great technology and access to the internet.

Many of them have spotty internet, and share limited devices.

It's hard to put my time and energy to put into shifting platforms and trying to teaching online when it seems that less than half of my students have the resources right now to succeed, but I'm going to do it anyway.


Here are the surveys:

8am MWF Class - 24/33 responded: 

9:05 MWF Class : 31 out of 34 students responded

MWF 11:15 class - 15 out of 33 students responded

8am Tuesday/ Thursday: 18 out of 34 students responded

11am Tuesday/Thursday Class: 28 out of 34 Responded