AMH 2020 Exam #3 Study Guide

Exam #3: 6 ID terms, one from each of the following sets.
Set 1
18th Amendment
Your Horse Has Diabetes
1924 National Origins Act
100% Americanism   

Bonus March 1932
  “Capitalism was saved in 8 days”
Dr. Francis Townsend
Social Security
”Share Our Wealth”

Set 3
Maginot Line
Munich Pact
Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact

Set 4
Window Stars
Women & War Job
Executive Order #9066
Double V Campaign
….Hitler AND Jim Crow

Set 5
Casablanca Conference
Tehran Conference
Yalta Conference
Potsdam Ultimatum

Set 6
The Long Telegram
Truman Doctrine
 Marshall Plan
Berlin Airlift