Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Dr. Upside Down Triangle: New Class, New Names

My Leadership class started today. It meets in a building I've never taught in before that is line with helpful signs to keep students from getting lost. After a restless night worrying about oversleeping and the million things that could go wrong, I get to campus hours early and find the classroom. Whew. Then I found the building where I needed to go to pick up a key, and headed back to the classroom.  This time I got lost and followed the helpful signs until I found the right staircase and doorway.

Once I got to class, I unlocked the door and waited. And waited.  Finally they showed up and, well, the rest is between us.  

I did give them a minor pretest, and -- like the rest of my classes -- I let them name me.

Here you go!

Loud Lady Ms. Express
Dr. Solandi
Professor Soldani
Dr. Soldani
Dr. Upside Down Triangle
(answer erased)
Dr. Melissa Soldani
Professor Lemon
Ms. Lamon
U a Teacher
Dr. Solidano
Mrs. Sumthin
Dr. Saldoni
Dr. Solani
Spunky prof who reminds me of my therapist
Cuban Professor Crisis
Auntie Brenda
Hyper Professor
Dr. Soldani
Mrs. Green Shirt